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  主要的装船单据shipping documents包括:海运提单 ocean bill of lading, 商业发票 commercial invoice, 和保险单 insurance policy等。

  辅助单据包括:特定国家所需要的单据,如海关发票customs invoice、领事发票consular invoice、原产地证明书certificate of origin等;以及附属于商业发票的单据,如包装单packing list、重量体积单weight and measurement list、检验证明书certificate of inspection、其他单据other documents.


  1. Shipping Instructions装运须知

  2. your letter dated 19th August in connection with the above subject有关上述主题的来信

  3. irrevocable letter of Credit No. 7634, amounting to 3,500, 第7634号保兑的、不可撤销的信用证计3,500英镑,

  4. to be opened through the District Bank通过地方银行开出

  5. arrange shipment of the goods booked by us with the least possible delay尽速安排装运我方所订货物

  6. the local shipping company 本地轮船公司

  7. We await your shipping advice. 我们等待你方装运通知。

  8. to prove satisfactory to our customers使我们客户满意

  9. We can assure you that repeat orders in increased quantities will be placed. 我们可以保证将大量续订。

  10. close co-operation in this respect在这一方面的密切合作

  11. to call your attention to the fact that…… 提请你方注意……

  12. up to the present moment到目前为止

  13. the shipment under the captioned contract装运标题合同项下货物

  14. an early delivery早日交货

  15. As your prompt attention to shipment is most desirable to all parties concerned有关各方面都殷切希望你方立即办理装运

  16. shipping advice装运通知

  17. the season is rapidly approaching销售季节很快临近

  18. our buyers are badly in need of the goods我方买主急需该货

  19. to effect shipment as soon as possible尽早装运

  20. to catch the brisk demand at the start of the season在销售旺季开始时赶到

  21. any delay in shipping our order对我方定货装运的任何延误

  22. to involve us in no small difficulty使我们陷入不小的困境

  23. your cooperation你方的合作

  24. We have completed the above shipment in accordance with the stipulations set forth in the captioned Letter of Credit. 我们已按照标题信用证的规定将上述货物装运完毕。

  25. one set of duplicate shipping documents装运单据副本一套

  26. to take delivery of the goods when they duly arrive at your port在货物到达时及时提货

  27. Invoice in duplicate发票一式二份

  28. Packing List装箱单

  29. Non-negotiable Bill of Lading提单副本一份

  30. Insurance Policy保险单

  31. Survey Report品质检验书

  32. We trust the above shipment will reach you in sound condition. 我方希望上述船货将完好地抵达你处。


  1. 海洋运输险(Marine Insurance)险别的英文表达

  海洋运输险(Marine Insurance)的险别是保险公司根据货物在运输途中可能遭受到的自然灾害和意外事故的种类、造成损失的程度和情况而和被保险人约定的应承担各种不同责任的规定。

  中国人民保险公司(The People‘s Insurance Company of China)制订的中国保险条款(China Insurance Clauses, C.I.C. / CIC) 中的海洋运输货物保险条款(Ocean Marine Cargo Clauses)包括3个基本险别:平安险F.P.A. (Free From Particular Average),水渍险W.P.A.(With Particular Average), 以及一切险(All Risks)。


  附加险(Extraneous Risks)有一般附加险和特殊附加险(Special Additional Risks)之分。

  目前,我国办理的一般附加险有11种,均为包括risk这个词构成的词组:偷窃、提货不着险T.P.N.D. (Theft, Pilferage & Non-Delivery Risks), 淡水雨淋险(Fresh and/or Rain Water Damage Risks), 短量险(Shortage Risk 或Risk of Shortage),混杂、沾污险(Intermixture & Contamination Risks),渗漏险(Leakage Risk 或Risk of Leakage),碰损、破碎险(Clash & Breakage Risks),串味险(Taint of Odour Risk),受潮受热险(Sweating and/or Heating Damage Risks),锈损险(Risk of Rusting),钩损险(Hook Damage Risk),包装破裂险(Breakage of packing Damage Risk)。

  目前我国开办的特殊附加险(Special Additional Risks)有:战争险(War Risks),罢工险(Strikes, Riots and Civil Commotions),仓面险(On Deck Risk),进口关税险(Import Duty),拒收险(Rejection),黄曲霉素险(Aflatoxion),交货不到险(Failure to Delivery),出口货物到香港(包括九龙在内)或澳门存仓火险责任扩展条款(Fire Risk Extension Clause for Storage of Cargo at destination Hong Kong including Kowloon, or Macao)等。

  注意,在外贸函电中说到各个险别时,除all risks和war risk以外,risk (s) 这个词一般省略不写。如:The goods are to be insured against leakage. 此货需要保渗漏险。

  2. 有关海洋运输险(Marine Insurance)保险的基本词汇与基本句型


  insurance作为“投保”解时,可以作名词用,也可以作动词用。做名词用时,与其连用的动词有arrange, cover, effect, provide, take out等。

  说明保险情况时:表示所保的货物,后接on; 表示投保的险别,后接against; 表示保险金额,后接 for; 表示保险费或保险费率,后接at.。比如:We have covered insurance on the 100 metric tons of wool for 100% of the invoice value against all risks.我们已经将100公吨羊毛按发票金额的100%投保一切险。

  Insurance 作动词用时,一般是及物动词,如:Please insure the goods against all risks and war risk.请将此货投保一切险及战争险。 Insurance也可以用作不及物动词,如:Please insure against breakage.请投保破碎险。

  此外,过去分词也可以用作定语构成一些常用词组,如:insured amount (= insurance amount) 保险金额,insured goods 投保的货物,等。


  A. 按CIF条件成交,投保基本险:

  Insurance to be effected by the sellers for xx% of invoice value against FPA. 由卖方按发票金额XX%投保平安险。

  Insurance to be effected by the sellers for xx% of invoice value against WPA. 由卖方按发票金额XX%投保水渍险。

  Insurance to be effected by the sellers for xx% of invoice value against All Risks. 由卖方按发票金额XX%投保一切险。

  B. 按CIF条件成交,投保附加险:

  Insurance to be effected by the sellers for xx% of invoice value against WPA and War Risks. 由卖方按发票金额XX%投保水渍险及战争险。

  Insurance to be effected by the sellers for xx% of invoice value against WPA Theft, Pilferage and Non-Delivery and War Risks. 由卖方按发票金额XX%投保水渍险、偷窃、提货不着险及战争险。

  Insurance to be effected by the sellers for xx% of invoice value against All Risks and War Risks. 由卖方按发票金额XX%投保一切险及战争险。

  C. 按CFR或FOB条件成交,由卖方代办保险:

  Insurance to be effected by the sellers for xx% of invoice value against XXX Risks, premium to be for buyer‘s account. 由买方委托卖方按发票金额XX%投保XXX险,保险费由买方负担。

  D. 按CFR或FOB条件成交,由买方自办保险:

  Insurance to be effected by Buyer. 保险由买方自理

  E. 其他规定,如:

  加保短量险,不包括途耗,添加下列字句:……including the risk of shortage in weight but excluding natural loss.

  有免赔率,添加下列字句:……including the risk of shortage in weight in excess of 0.X%.

  货运港口,买方要求保险负责到内陆城市,添加下列字句:Insurance to be covered up to XXX subject to warehouse to warehouse. 保险责任按仓至仓条款负责到XXX(内陆城市名)为止。

  3. 重要表达式

  1. in regard to insurance有关保险事宜

  2. Generally we cover insurance WPA & War Risk. 我们一般投保水渍险和战争险。

  3. definite instructions from our clients顾客明确指示。

  4. to cover All Risks投保一切险

  5. to provide coverage at a slightly higher premium以稍高的保费代保此险

  6. Breakage is a special risk. 破碎险是一种特别险

  7. an extra premium额外保费

  8. The present rate现行保险费率

  9. Value to be insured保险金额

  10. to insure shipments to you for 1O% above invoice value为装运给你方的货物按发票金额另加百分之十投保


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