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  7.Now,the question is:do you pay up or stand by your principle?现在的问题是:你是按数付钱,还是坚持你的原则?

  1)pay up:hand money to sb.向某人交钱,一般指“支付一切欠款”,此处指“向索贿者交付他想要的数目”。

  Unless you pay up,they'll cut off your gas supply.


  2)stand by sth.:be faithful to a promise,decision,principle,etc.遵守诺言,信守决定,坚持原则等。

  又如:Once a decision is made,you've got to stand by it.


  I'll stand by every word I've said no matter what happens.


  8.Some time ago the British car manufacturer,the British car manufacturer,British Leyland,was accused of operating a“slush fund”,and of other questionable practices such as paying agents and purchasers with padded commission,offering additional discounts and making payments to numbered bank accounts in Switzerland.—(The British car manufacturer was said to have used a“slush fund”and other dishonest ways of doing business.These include paying their business partners(agents or buyers)commissions of more than depositing money into numbered,i.e.secret accounts in Swiss banks.) 被指控设有一笔用来支付非法事项的款子以及搞其他不正当做法,如向代理商和买方支付高额回扣、提供附加折扣以及向瑞士银行某些具体账号存款等。

  1)Be accused of (doing)sth.被指控

  The manager was accused of taking bribes.


  2)slush fund:a fund used to make illegal or questionable payments/a sum of money kept for illegal purposes,esp.in politics.Slush is literally melting,often dirty snow



  3)questionable practices:dishonest ways of doing things不正当做法

  4)agent:a person whose job is to act for,or manage the affairs of other people in business代理商

  5)commission:an amount of money that is paid to sb.for selling goods and which increases with the amount of goods回扣,佣金

  padded commissions:commissions that are higher than the normal amount/rate比率超常的回扣。正常的回扣是合法的,如5%,如果回扣过高如20%就不正常,padded的愿意是“填满了……的”。

  6)discount:a reduction in the cost of goods that you offer agents or buyers折扣

  7)numbered bank account:a bank account that is given a special number and not the name of the depositor


  9.The company rejected these allegations and they were later withdrawn.这家公司驳回这些指控,后来这些指控被撤消。

  1)Reject 拒绝,抵制;驳回,否决

  The board of Directors rejected my request of quitting.

  董事会拒绝了我的辞职请求。 The court rejected her appeal.法院驳回了她的上诉。

  2)withdrawn 撤消,撤回,退出;取回,提取

  The demand was withdrawn at the meeting.


  I'm running out of money,I'll withdraw some from my bank account.


  10.Who were prepared to say in private.他们私下会这样说。

  1)be prepared to do sth.:准备做……;愿意做……,又如:They're prepared to have a try though the chances of success are very small.尽管成功的可能不大,他们准备试一试。

  2)in private:私下,与之相对应的是in public(公开)。 The two drivers reached an agreement in private.这两个司机私下里达成了协议。

  11.“Look,we're in a wheeling-dealing business.”——(“Look,in the business world,we're faced with a lot of complicated deals,so we have to use whatever means to gain profits.”/“In the business world,the competition is very fierce.”)看,我们所干的事竞争异常激烈,往往需要不择手段。

  1)wheel and deal:(usually used in the progressive tenses wheeling and dealing) to do a lot of complicated deals in business or politics,often in a dishonest way /wheeling-dealing:(口语)在政治活动或生意中为了打垮对手而必须不择手段的。

  2)business 此处既可作“生意”解,也可作“事业”解。Go into business下海,经商;business hours营业时间;come down to business言归正传,着手做,it's none of your business不关你的事

  12.Every year we're selling more than a £ 1,000 million worth of cars abroad.If we spend a few million greasing the palms of some of the buyers,who's hurt? ——(It is worthwhile to bribe some of our buyers with a few million so as to secure contracts worth £ 1,000 million.)每年我们在海外要卖出价值10亿英镑的汽车,要是我们花上几百万贿赂买方,对我们的利益毫无损害。我们不这么做。别人也会干的。

  1)……worth of sth.:价值……的……,又如:¥2,000 worth of chemical fertilizer价值2,000元人民币的化肥 $5,000 worth of books价值5,000美元的书 spend (an amount of money) doing sth.:花……钱用来做……,又如:They spent ¥50,000 fixing their apartment.他们花了5万元人民币修理单元住房。

  2)grease sb.'s palm:(old-fashioned,informal) to give sb.money in a secret or dishonest way in order to persuade them to do sth.for your benefit;to pay bribes ;give sb.money in order to persuade them to do something dishonest for one向某人行贿。 Cf.oil the wheels:(informal) to make things go more smoothly,esp.in business,sometimes by offering people illegal gifts or money

  3)Who's hurt?:We won't be hurt in the least.对我们来说,这只不过是小菜一碟。这是个修辞性疑问句,表示强调所说的话。 If we didn't do it……would do it注意此句包含一个虚拟条件句。

  14.It is difficult to resist the impression that bribery and other questionable payments are on the increase.Indeed,they seem to have become a fact of commercial life.—(It is not difficult to see that bribery and other dishonest payments are becoming more and more widespread.In fact,bribery has become something we have to face and accept in business activities.)行贿和其他不正当的送钱的情况越来越多,这种印象很难磨灭。的确,这种情况好像已经成了商界无可争辩的事实。

  1)Resist 抵制 Many people couldn't resist the temptation of money and desire.许多人无法抵制金钱和权力的诱惑。

  2)on the increase

  3)a fact of life:a true thing that that cannot ignored,even if it is unpleasant.无可争辩的事实。

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