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  38.She has thus established herself as near-royalty to Randy and Carole.___(By revealing her close relations with the great star,she suddenly becomes important in the eyes of Randy and Carole.)(This is a humuorous and exaggerated remark.)他的那部获奖电影确立了他导演的声誉。这样,对兰蒂和卡罗来说,她几乎成了皇室成员。

  1)establish sb./sth./oneself (in sth.)(as sth.):to succeed in doing sth.and achieve respect or a secure position as a result of this

  He has established himself as the leading candidate in the governor election in California.


  His award-winning film established his reputation as a director.


  39.Mrs.Woodrow's secretary said I could bring my family,but now that Vincent has left me and taken the car,I'll have to take a taxi.



  2)now that既然

  Now that you are here,please stay with us.既然你来了,就和我们呆在一起吧。

  40.Well,I have to be getting ready now…All the big names in Hollywood will be there.I want look my best.(On this important occasion,I want to look as smart as possible.)呃,我得去准备了……好莱坞的大人物都要去,我要昼打扮得漂亮点。

  1)have to be getting ready是现在进行时,表示马上就要做某事,又如:

  It's getting late.I must be going now.


  2)big names:famous people名人。

  3)Look one's/its best:to look as beautiful,attractive,etc,as possible

  The scenery looks its best in autumn;look as smart,attractive,beautiful,healthy,tidy,etc.as possible尽量显得漂亮、健康、整洁等,又如:


  The children look their best on the traditional festival.


  The park looks its best in autumn when the leaves turn red,yellow and brown.


  41.Uh…Muriel,you don't want to go to the services all alone!呃,缪里尔你不愿意自己一个人去参加葬礼吧?


  all alone独自一个人

  42.Oh,I don't mind.哦,我到不在乎(一个人独自去)。

  I don't mind:I don't mind going there all alone.

  43.Look,Muriel,why don't we all go together? I mean…well,of course,Randy and I are invited,too,but we'd be glad to go long with you…as your family,you know.Well,after all,you're one of us,Muriel.


  1)Why don't we do……?/why not do…用来提出建议,又如:

  Why not ask our teacher for help?为什么不请我们的老师来帮忙呢?

  Why don't we all come to my office and talk at length about the matter?


  I'm tired.Why don't we trim the Christmas tree tomorrow?


  2)go along with sb.as……:以……的身份和……一起去……

  He went along with the city residents as a common citizen to give his vote.他以一个普通公民的身份和市民们参加了这次投票。

  3)这里after all用来导出一引起理由,解释刚刚说过的话,又如:

  Why don't we ask Xiao Liu to take the matter to the president?After all,

  she's worked with him for two years.


  44.Appears to examine the idea.看起来好像在考虑这个建议。

  He appears very excited.他看起来好像很兴奋。

  45.I'll drive us all there in the Cadillac.我开卡迪拉克把咱们三个一起拉去。


  46.This idea appeals to her—(She likes the idea.)这个主意投合她之所好。

  appeal to:to please,attract or interest对……有吸引力;投其所好,又如:

  Dancing has never appealed to me.


  Such forms of entertainment as disco and karaoke appeal only to young people.


  It is almost impossible to make a TV program appeal to viewers of all ages.


  appeal to sb for/to do sth.为……呼吁;要求

  The public appeals to the government to take measures to protect the environment .公众呼吁政府应当采取措施来保护环境。

  appeal to上诉

  Both the plaintiff and the defendant have the right to appeal to the higher court.原告和被告都有权向上级法院上诉。


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