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  14.I think this makes a man out of a boy sooner than almost anything else.我觉得没有别的事情能使一个少年更快地成长为一个男子汉了。The day I got my first week's earnings,I suddenly found myself grown up.I felt I was no longer a mere boy,but quite a man.I came to belicre tghat hardships can help a boy mature quickly./This perhaps is the best way to enable a boy to recognize his responsibility for his family.

  makes ……out of用……制造出,造就出

  eg:Ten years of hard work made an old woman out of a young girl.


  15 It iseverything to feel that you are useful.—You feel great when you are useful to your family and to society./To find yourself useful to the family and society gives yor the greatest satisfaction you can ever feel.感到自己是个有用的人那才叫棒。

  everything:the most important thing最重要的事。

  eg:What he said is not everything.


  eg:Money isn't everything.


  16.Millions of dollars have since passed through my hands.But the genuine satisfaction I hadfrim that one dollar and twenty cents outweighs any subsequent pleasure in money making.—The satisfaction I got from the one dollar and twenty cents was far greater than any pleasure I felt in making money later on.从那以后有成百万的美元经过我的手,可是以后赚的任何一笔钱给我带来的欢欣,都远远比不上那1美元20美分使我体验到的满足感。

  since adv:since I received that one dollar and twenty cents.

  outweigh:be greater or more important than更大,更重要,又如:

  eg:Many people believe that the benefits of TV far outweigh the harm it might do to children.


  注:Outwin胜出,outscore 得分超过,outmatch战胜

  17 itrepresented a week of very hard work——so hard that it might have been described asslavery if it hadn't been for its aim and end.这1美元20美分代表一个星期十分艰苦的劳动,要不是因为干活的目的是挣钱帮父母养家,那活真可以称为奴隶般的劳动。


  eg:She will represent our class to go to the English Speech Contest.



  as slavery是that从句中主语it的补足语。

  describe sth./ sb.as:称……为……

  eg:The place is described as a paradise.


  eg:I wouldn't describe the meeting as successful.


  aim and end:目的。这里aim与end的意思相近。英语有些约定俗成的短语由两上意思很近的词组成

  eg:fair and square(公平合理)

  eg:the stresses and strains紧张压力。

  18.It was a terrible task for a lad of twelve to rise every morning,except Sunday,go to the factory while it was still dark,and not be released until after darkness came again in the evening,forty minutes'break only being allowed at noon—Working in the factory was a terrible experience for a child of twelve.I was kept there from early in the morning to late in the eveningj ,with a lunch break of only forty minutes.(In American history,child labour wasunscrupulously explited by the industrial capitalists in the early 1900's.) 除星期日之外,每天天不亮就要起床去工厂,直到晚上天黑下来才让离开,中午只给40分钟的时间休息,这对一个12岁的孩子来说,担子真是太重了。这个由45个词组成的句子主要是主语长而复杂。句子的主语是三个并列的不定式短语:1)to rise…… Sunday;2)(to)go to the factory;3)not(to)be released.两个时间从句中:1) while it was still dark修饰go to the factory;2)until after darkness came again in the evening修饰not be released.for引出三个不定式的逻辑主语a lad of twelve.It是全句的形式主语。 until after作连接词,after可有可无。 Forty minutes' break only being allowed at noon是独立主格分词结构,作状语修饰三个不定式短语,说明从早到晚只有40分钟的休息。注意作者用be released(释放出来)形容他的一天在工厂里干活,到收工时感觉就像从监狱或笼子里放出来一样。

  release:to allow a person or an animal to come out of a place;to set them free释放出来

  eg:He was just released from prison.


  eg:He was released from hospital yesterday.



  19.something within always told me that this aware last.我的内心有一种力量时时激励我:这种情况不会,也不可能,更不应该持续下去。


  eg:I firmly believe that racial discrimination should be eliminated.It can be and will be.


  20 But here for a time it was even worse than in the cotton factory,because I was set to firethe boiler in the cellar and run the small steam engine which drove the machinery.可是在这里,有一段时间情况比棉纺厂更糟,因为我既要烧地下室的锅炉,还要看管那台驱动机器的小蒸汽机。

  be set to do sth.:被派做……

  eg:He was set to clean the corridor.


  be set to sth.还有“决意做……”的意思

  eg:She was set to win the championship.



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