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  21.The part was very young,practically an infant.那个角色年龄很小,实际上是个婴儿。Practically(speaking) 实际上,从实际来讲

  Practically,you are fit for teaching not fit for administrating.


  22.Just the same I'll bet Mark's thirty.再小也一样,我敢肯定马克有30岁了。(角色的年龄再小,也改变不了我的看法,我仍然认为他实际年龄大些。)

  all/just the same:in spite of this仍然,依然,照样,又如:

  He may have done some stupid things,but we respect him just the same.


  We didn't understand the jokes,but laughed with all others all the same.


  23.(A little shocked.)She's not giving a party!(感到惊讶)她不是在搞什么聚会吧!(兰蒂觉得紧接着葬礼之后,桑德拉就搞这种社交性的聚会很不妥当。)


  ——You don't mean you're leaving for good?


  ——Of course not.I surely will return after the job is done.


  ——You admitted having cheated in examinations?




  24.No.She just invited some friends to come in afterwards to have a few drinks and talk about what a great guy Scotty was,and everything.


  1)have a few drinks喝点饮料/酒

  2)and everything:其他等等,又如:

  They talk about their work,dreams and everything.


  She calls her parents every evening to see how they are and everything.


  25.After all,Scotty Woodrow was practically a landmark,or something.Think of it.He's been a star for forty years.


  1)after all:毕竟(通常用于句首,导出原因,)又如:

  How can we expect Jim to do so much? After all he's only 15.


  I thought you might find what's wrong with the PC.After all you've worked with Legend.


  2)(come to ) think of it:真的,想想看,想起来了(用来表示突然回忆起或记起一件事),又如:

  Come to think of it,we haven't seen Jack for twenty years.


  Think of it,I've never been to the Great Wall even after living in Beijing for three years.


  Come to think of it,he did say that he wasn't coming back for supper.


  26.It makes me very humble to think of a guy like Scotty.想起斯格蒂这样的人,我感到自己很渺小。

  When I think of what Scotty has achieved,I feel small and inadequate.

  Humble:having or showing a modest opinion of oneself;low in rank or position;谦恭的,谦逊的;微贱的,卑下的

  He is very humble to his superiors.他对上级非常谦恭。

  A man of humble birth出身卑贱的人,a humble occupation卑下的职业。

  27.You know we could crash.我们可以未经邀请擅自出席。

  We could just go there as if we were invited.

  you know口头上用来强调下面要讲的话,或引起人们对下面要讲的话的注意。

  crash:= gatecrash,go to a party or other social event without being invited未经邀请擅自出席。(在西方这是有失身份的事。)

  28.Who'd know the difference? 谁会知道内情?(谁会看出我们没有被邀请?)

  the difference(between being invited and not being invited)邀请的与未被邀请的有什么不同

  29.How would we feel afterwards,when we had to shake hands with Mrs.Woodrow?就算我们毫不脸红地进了大门,可是之后我们不得不和伍德罗太太握手时不觉得心虚吗?

  1)would此句是一修辞性疑问句,隐含一个虚拟条件句if we crashed

  2)shake hands with和……握手

  30.Everyone would just take it for granted we'd been invited.I mean,we've both just as prominent as Sandra and Don,or any of the others.


  1)take it for granted认为……是理所当然的

  He took it for granted that his parents sent him to school他认为父母供他上学是理所当然的。

  2)I mean用来引出解释上句所说内容的理由的句子,又如:

  I didn't know our meeting had been put off until next week.

  I mean,nobody told me.


  I mean也可用来纠正刚说过的话,或者把已经说过的话说得更明确些。如:

  The chairman is leaving for Nanning tomorrow-I mean for Nanjing.主任明天动身去南宁,不,我是说是去南京。

  The new library is to open on Tuesday-I mean next Tuesday.新图书馆定于星期二开馆,是下星期二。

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