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  31.…but this caused him no inconvenience,because he made up for it miraculously in his last ten minutes.不过,这到没有给他造成不便,因为他在下班前的10分钟之内奇迹般地把还没做的事都干完了。

  …but this caused no problems because he finished all that he had to do in the last ten minutes,by using his miraculous power.

  make up for sth:补偿,弥补

  His hard work makes up for his lack of intelligence.他的勤奋工作弥补了他的不聪明。

  I had to study harder to make up for the time I missed in school when I was ill.我得努力学习,把我生病时缺的课补上。

  32. As the day passed,his state of mind passed from wonder to delight .就在这一天之内,他的思想状况由惊讶变成了喜悦。

  pass from…to/into…:change from one state or condition to another由一种状况转变为另一种状况

  During the debate,their attitudes towards the project passed from disagreement to approval. 在辩论中,他们对这项目的态度从不赞成到同意。

  33. He intended,among other things,to increase his personal property by acts of creation,and called into existence a number of nice things 除其它事情外,他还打算使用他的造物之举来增加他的私人财产,并真地创造出了几件好东西。

  among others/other things 用来从一群人或一群事物中列举一两个

  Gu Xiulian,vice chairperson of the Standing Committee of the NPC,among others,attended the reception in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between China and Japan.全国人大常委会副主席顾秀莲和其它人一起出席了纪念中日建交30周年的招待会。

  At the recent press conference,the spokesman of the foreign ministry talked,among other things,about China-Germany relations.在最近一次记者招待会上,那位外交部发言人特别谈到了中德关系。

  call sth. into existence:ask sth to be created 指令造出……

  The magician said he was able to call anything into existence.那魔术师说他能变出任何东西。

  bring sth into existence/being:cause sth to exist;create,establish 创造;建立

  A new committee has been brought into existence to address the non-performing loans in the state-owned banks.成立了一个新的委员会来处理国有银行的呆帐。

  34. But he could see that the gift required caution and watchfulness.不过他明白,对这个天赋他必须小心,必须保持警惕。

  But he knew that his unusual power should be used very carefully,and he should keep them secret,otherwise it might cause trouble.

  35. He struck a match and saw that this beautiful miracles was indeed accomplished. 他划了根火柴,发现那个美妙的奇迹确实创造出来了。

  accomplish:强调通过坚韧不把的努力完成一项使命或达到某一目标。 强调完成全部任务的过程,不强调完成的手段和方法。

  He accomplished a great deal in his short life 在他短暂的一生里,他取得了很大成就。


  despite repeated experiments,so far,no noticeable results have achieved 尽管多次试验,但到目前为止,还没有取得显著的结果。

  36.He could think of no answer but the truth.“I was working a miracle.”他想不出别的答复,只好以实情相告。

  He had to tell the truth. As he couldn't find a better answer to convince the policeman,he had no choice but to tell him that he was performing a miracle.

  work,perform,create,…a miracle 创造奇迹

  37.Don't talk rot.别胡说八道

  Don't talk nonsense.

  38.He realized that he had given himself away 他意识到他露了馅。

  He realized that he had betrayed himself.

  give oneself away:to reveal *******./sth./oneself intentionally or without meaning to;

  betray ******./sth.暴露了他人或自己(的真实情况或身份);出卖了

  It never occurred to him that his close friend would give him away.他决没想到他的最好朋友会把他出卖。

  Please don't give my secret away. 别洩露我的秘密。

  39. I've had enough of this.我已经受够了。

  I can't put up with your ridicule any more.

  have had enough of sth.:to want no more of,to be enable or unwilling to tolerate

  sth./********. any more.再也不能忍受……

  he's had enough of his boss ordering him about and decided to quit.他再也不愿受老板那样的支使而决定不干了。

  I have had enough of her gossips.我听够了她的搬弄是非的话。

  40.…nor did he trouble to see what had become of his flowering stick.也没有费神去看看那根开花的拐杖到底怎么了。

  ……not did he bother to find out what had happened to his walking stick that had turned into a rosebush.

  not trouble to do sth:not do sth because it needs too much effort没有特意去做

  The interviewer even did not trouble to look at my resume. 给我面试的那个人甚至不屑看一下我的简历。

  You need not trouble to answer this.你不需要特意地回答这个问题。

  what has/had become of sth./********:what has happened to sth./********.后来怎样

  What has become of the project that had cause so much controversy?那个争论得很激烈的项目后来怎样了?

  What has become of the student who dropped out of school? 那个退学的学生后来怎样了?


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