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  34.Obviously he was checking 很明显他是在与盖世太保总部核实。



  check against,检查,核对

  eg:They are checking the machine against the instruction.他们正对着说明书检查这台机器。

  check in登记,报到

  eg:They checked in at Beijing Hotel.他们在北京饭店办理登记手续。

  check out,办清手续后离开,付帐后离开

  eg:They must pay for the charge before they check out.他们在办理手续离开之前必须先付费。

  check up(on) 检查

  eg:The manager is checking up the work.经理在检查工作。

  35.At the customsthere was literally a herd of officials.—— Note the derogative use of the phrase“a herd of officials”,showing the author's hatred for Nazi officials because “herd” is the collective noun for animals.注意“a herd of officials”的贬义用法,表明作者对纳粹的仇恨。

  the customs(复数指海关)go into the customs报关

  How long will it take us to go into the Customs.我们报关需要多长时间。

  36.I was free at last to the ticket counter to check my luggage.—— At last I was through with the customs,and could go to check my luggage.After that there would be no more hazards/danger to encounter.我终于没事了,可以去托运行李了。

  be free to do sth.:不受限制做……;得到允许做……

  eg:You are free to express yourselves at the meeting.你们在会上可以畅所欲言。

  eg:All students who have returned from abroad are free to come and go.从海外归国的留学生来去自由。

  eg:In this family the children are free to decide what they would like to do.


  check one's luggage (AmE) check in one's luggage (BrE)

  eg:to leave one's luggage at the ticket counter so it can be put on a plane 托运行李

  eg:Any luggage over 5 kilos must be checked.超过五公斤的行李都要托运。

  37.“Where to?”a Lufthansa man aasked.“目的地?”一个汉莎航空公司的工作人员问道。


  38.The thought ofthe German airline delivering my diaries to me safely in Portugal,beyond the reach ofthe last German official who could seize them,extremely pleased me.——(I was very pleased/It satisfied me greatly to think that it was the German airline that would take my diaries out of Berlin safely to Portugal,where no German official would be able to seize them.)由汉莎这个德国航空公司把我的日记平安发给我送到葡萄牙,再也没有任何德国军官可以没收了,想到这里我感 到万分得意。

  the (very)thought of (doing) sth.:(表示“想到……引起某人的强烈的情感”)一想到……

  eg:The thought of seeing his old friend excited him.

  The thought of being promoted as the department manager made him stay up late last night.

  eg:The very thought of going home filled him with warmth. 想到回家浑身温暖。(going home表示he的行为。)

  eg:The very thought of his aging parents living alone made him sad.

  一想到他年迈的双亲自己单过他感到难受。(living alone不是he的行为,而是his parents的行为。)

  beyond the reach of sb./ sb.'s reach:手所够不到的地方;超越……的职权、控制、能力等

  eg:All dangerous things should be placed beyond children's reach.一切危险品都要放在孩子们够不到的地方。

  eg:Finally he found salesmanship was beyond his reach.最后他终于发现他搞不了推销。

  39.The airport tower kept postponingthe departure of our plane.The departure of our plane was put off again and again.

  Keep doing:反复做,不停地做   postpone:to put off推迟

  eg:He decided to postpone his visit until the following day.他决定把访问推迟到第二天。

  40.But I had to do something to relievethe tension.——但我必须做些什么来放松自己。

  eg:I had to do something to make me relaxed.

  relieve the pain/the pressure减轻痛苦/压力

  relieve sb.of sth.:to take away sth.(usually unpleasant feeling or a difficult task)from sb.

  eg:A baby-sitter will relieve you of the burden of taking care of your children all day.


  eg:A porter relieved her of the three large cases.搬运工替她搬了三个大箱子,省了她的事。

  41.I started to glance at the morning papers I had bought automatically on arriving at the airport.我开始浏览到达机场时无意买的那些晨报。

  glance at/ over/ through:read sth.quickly or not thoroughly浏览

  eg:Would you glance at the newspaper story about the event?你把个事件的这篇新闻报道浏览一遍好吗?

  eg:I've just glanced through the book,and think it's worth being translated into Chinese.


  On arriving:as soon as they arrived,on seeing,on getting home,

  eg:Finally he found salesmanship was beyond his reach.最后他终于发现他搞不了推销。

  42.“I don't have to read any ofthis trash anymore I thought.我想:”我再也不必读这些陈词滥调了!“

  don't have to:needn't; not any more不再……

  this trash:这里指纳粹德国的报纸宣传希特勒的纳粹思想、德国军队的“伟大胜利”等等。在柏林期间,为了了解动态,为了从字里行间捕捉信息,作者不得不阅读这些报纸。

  43……I wouldn't have to put up withanything more in the great Third Reich.—— 我再也不必忍受那个伟大的第三帝国的一切了。

  put up with:to accept an unpleasant situation or person without complaining忍受

  eg:I can't put up with their quarrelling anymore.我再也受不了他们的争吵了。



  44.I had only to hold out this one more day,and the whole nightmare for me would be over,though it would go on and on for millions of others.I had just one more day to endure,and then for me the nightmare would come to an end.However,for millions of other people the nightmare would continue.我只要再把这一天忍过去,噩梦就会过去了,可是对于千千万万的人来说,噩梦还要继续下去。

  hold out:坚持,不退让    nightmare:a terrible experience噩梦    on and on:without stopping没有停顿

  eg:The rain went on and on,as if it would never stop.

  雨没完没了地下着,好像永远也不会停止似的。 这里and引出的从句表示结果。

  45.We had survived the Nazi horror and its mindless suppression of the human spirit.我们幸免于纳粹的恐怖和灭绝人性的镇压。

  Mindless suppression of the human spirit:suppression of anything contrary to the Nazi ideology and the killing of

  people because they were different,esp.Jews and Gypsies灭绝人性的镇压

  46.Even for the great mass of Germans who supported HitlerI felt a sort of sorrow.They did not seem to realize what the poison of Nazism was doing to them.—— Deeply poisoned by the Nazi ideology,they didn't seem to know what harm it was doing to their minds.即使是对众多支持希特勒的德国人我也感到某种悲哀。他们似乎并没有认识到纳粹主义这个毒物对他们的蛊惑。

  Adolf Hilter:阿道夫?希特勒(1889.4.20——1945.4.30),纳粹德国元首,第二次世界大战的头号战犯,1933年任总理,1934年后称元首,对内实行法西斯专政,对外进行侵略和扩张,发动了第二次世界大战。他命令在欧洲建立起许多灭绝人类的集中营,在德国和德军占领区估计有450万至550万犹太人惨遭杀害,其他民族死于他的屠刀之下者也不计其数。在苏军攻打柏林之际,他于1945年4月30日凌晨自尽。

  The poison of Nazism:here Nazi ideology is compared to poison

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