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  L8 The Model Millionaire

  1.……and found Trevor sitting by himself in the smoking room drinking.


  Smoking room:(俱乐部内)为吸烟的成员所设饮酒、谈话的场所。


  eg:——Would you like some sherry?  您想喝点雪利酒吗?

  eg:——No thanks.I don't drink.   谢谢,我不喝酒。

  eg:Xiao Han neither smokes nor drinks.   小韩既不抽烟,也不喝酒。

  eg:He drinks too much.    他饮酒太多。

  eg:He was so thirsty that he drank two bottles of mineral water.   他太渴了,喝了两瓶矿泉水。

  2.“Well ,Alan,did you finish the picture all right?” “艾伦,你的画画完了吗?”

  all right:in a satisfactory manner; satisfactorily(副词)以满意的方式;(形容词)令人满意的

  eg:Are you getting along all right with your college friends?你和大学里的朋友关系还行吗?

  eg:I think her performance is quite all right.我觉得她的表演相当令人满意。

  All right在不同的场合用不同的语调表达不同的意思,学生要根据上下文确定其意思。

  3.“I shall .probably find him waitingfor me when I go home,but,of course,you are only joking.”我回到家没准会看到他 在等我呢。不过,你只不过是开玩笑罢了。(休吉责备特里沃不应该把住址告诉乞丐,怕乞丐到他家里去找他,继而他觉得他的朋 友不可能 把自己的地址告诉那乞丐。)


  eg:If you shall meet him,please let him know I want him.万一你见到他,告诉他,我有事找他。


  4.Poor old fellow! I wish I could do something for him.哎,那老头真可怜,我真希望我能帮帮他。( 休吉的确有一副好心肠,他不再追问朋友是否真的把他的一切告诉了那乞丐,却立刻想起了那老头如何可怜。)

  wish:虚拟语气,表示愿望eg:I wish I had a million yuan.我要是有一百万就好了。

  eg:I wish I could fly.我要是会飞就好了。

  eg:He wished he had passed all the exams. 他要是通过了所有的考试该有多好啊。

  5.I think it terrible that any one should be so miserable.一个人居然会那么悲惨真是太不幸了。


  eg:It is strange/a pity/odd……that ……should……

  eg:It is strange that he should know the answer. 真奇怪,他竟然知道答案。

  eg:It is a pity that he should fail the exam.真遗憾,他竟没有通过考试。

  6.“I have got heaps of old clothes at home-do you think he would care for any of them?Why,his rags were falling to bits.” ……I have got a lot of old clothes at home-do you think he would like to have any of them?Well,his clothes were almost rags.我家里有很多旧衣服,你认为他会喜欢吗?唉,他的衣服已经破得不成样了。

  heap of:(informal) a large quantity of(非正式)大量的,许多

  heaps of time/trouble/experience无数时间/麻烦/经历

  would(用于句首,比较委婉说法) Would you (like to) do……

  fall:being to be sth.(系动词)开始变成……

  eg:fall asleep睡着    fall ill 生病   fall silent静了下来   fall victim成了受害者

  to bits:into small pieces成了碎片

  eg: She tore the letter to bits without even reading it.那封信她没有看就撕成了碎片。

  eg:The ancient book fell to bits as soon as it was taken out of the grave.那部古书

  7.“But he looks splendid in them,” said Trevor.“不过他穿着那身衣服看起来棒极了,”特里沃说。

  In:穿着The girl in red is Mary.穿红色衣服的那个女孩是玛丽。

  8.I should never want to paint him in a frock coat for anything 他要是身着长礼服,我说什么也不会画他。

  not/never……for anything:(口语)决不,肯定不 

  eg:The old man wouldn't leave his home village for anything. 


  eg:This time I wouldn’t give in for anything.   这回我决不妥协。

  eg:The man said that he would never sell that Rembrandt painting for anything.


  eg:He says he will never give up smoking for anything.他说他决不会戒烟。


  9.“……you painters are a heartless lot”你们画家真是一帮铁石心肠的人。……you painters are a group of people who have no sympathy for others/the poor.

  heartless unkind,without pity铁石心肠的


  eg:The Grounds were a handsome lot. 


  eg:Luckily for me ,Mother and Father held out against the lot of them.


  10.“An artist's heart is his head,” replied Trevor; “and besides,our business is to show the world as we see it,not to make it better……”—— “An artist is guided by his judgement not by his emotions,” said Trevor; “and besides,our work is to present the world honestly,not to improve it……” 艺术家的心肠是他的头脑。(艺术家受理智而不受感情的支配。 heart代表感情,head代表理智。)我们的任务是反映客观世界,而不是美化世界。(这几句话都反映了王尔德的艺术观点。)


  It's none of your business.这不关你的   

  Mind your own business.少管闲事。

  Let's come down to business.我们言归正传吧。

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