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  16.Maybe I had just better begin to flush them down the toilet.Maybe I had better tear them to pieces and throw them into the toilet and flush them down.或许我最好还是现在就动手,把日记扔进马桶冲掉。

  flush sth.down the toilet:用抽水马桶冲掉

  eg:Mary accidentally flushed her ring down the toilet.玛丽不小心把她的戒指掉到抽水马桶里给冲走了。

  17.On the other hand ……I calculatedthat the secret police would seize the General Staff maps.  我估计秘密警察会没收那些军用地图。

  19.The they would look at the layers of my broadcast scripts and I would point tothe censors' stamps of approvalon each page.他们会检查那一摞摞的广播稿,那我就会指着每一页上检查官所盖的批准的印章。

  point to指向,指着

  eg:He pointed to the box and asked,“whose it is?”他指着这个箱子问,这是谁的?


  eg:Some contracts need not only be signed by the two sides but also be approvedby some leaders in charge.


  20.That would be this make a Gestapo official sit up and take notice The censors' stamps of approval would immediately

  make sb.sit up (and take notice):(口语) 使……吃惊,使……吓一跳;使警觉,引起……的注意

  eg:The strange noise made all of us sit up and take notice.那奇怪的声音使我们都警觉起来。

  eg:A few strange personal ads in the paper made Bob Sugg sit up and take notice,and he helped smell out a series of burglaries.报纸上几则蹊跷的个人启事引起了鲍勃?萨格的注意,他协助(警方)查出了一系列入室盗窃案。

  21.It would give me prestige in his eyes,or at least make me less suspectforeigner though I was.—— This would make me look important in his eyes,or at least reduce his suspicion even though I was a foreign journalist.尽管我是外国人这也会让他对我刮目相看,至少也能减少他对我的猜疑。


  prestige:the respect and importance a person,organization,or profession has,because of their high     position in society,or the quality of their work威信,威望,声誉

  eg:He is a man of high international prestige.他是一个有着很高国际威望的人。

  suspect adj:信不过的;可疑的。the suspected:嫌疑犯

  foreigner though I was:though I was a foreigner,是正式的用法。

  22.I was going to gamble on their inspection ending there,before they dug deeper to my diaries.—— The success of my plan would depend on their stopping the inspection when they saw the stamped broadcast scripts and not going further to find what was beneath the scripts.But this was a great risk to take.我要把宝押在他们的检查到此为止上,而不再往下翻到我的日记。

  gamble on sth./ doing sth.:希望成功而冒着失败的危险做……,压赌注

  eg:You shouldn't gamble on one exams.你不应该把命运压在一次考试上。

  eg:He called for another vote,gambling on getting more support.


  eg:You shouldn't gamble on the supply of spare parts arriving promptly.

  你可不能把赌注全押在零件能立即到位这一点上。在这个句型中,gamble后面的动名词表示的是主语的行为(如getting more support),如果不是就需要在动名词的前面加上一个名词短语作其逻辑主语,如their inspection和 the supply of spare parts.它们的行为分别是 ending和 arriving.

  23.The feared Gestapo,I knew,was really not very efficient.It was true that the Gestapo were much feared.But they were not as competent as they were thought to be.我知道那些令人畏惧的盖世太保并非真的很能干。(注意挖苦的口吻。)


  24.Everything at Gestapo headquarters worked out as I had planned.在秘密警察总部,一切都按照我的计划顺利进行。

  work out:develop in a specific way按……发展;产生结果;成功

  eg: Their experiment worked out differently 他们实验产生了不同的结果。

  eg:Things did not work out as well as we expected.情况的发展不如我们预料的那样好。

  eg:Their marriage did not work out.他们的婚姻并不成功。

  25.They had been very valuable to me in reporting the army's great victories.I realized I shouldn't take out General Staff maps.这些地图对我报道军队的伟大胜利非常有用。我认识到我不应该把军用地图带出德国。(对付盖世太保作者采用了两个手法,一是假意赞扬,二是主动“认错”,二者均十分奏效。)

  valuable to对……有价值,有用

  eg:These materials are valuable to him in studying the ancient culture.这些资料对他研究古代文化非常有价值。

  26.every page,as you see,stamped for approval by the High Command and two ministries.你看,每一页都盖有最高指挥部和两个部门的批准印章。

  every page stamped……在every page与stamped之间省略了has been.

  the High Command:the Supreme Command of the German Armed Forces德国武装力量最高指挥部的简称。

  27.I could see they were impressed.I could see that the stamps of approval made them look at me with some respect.

  impress:to feel great admiration for留下印象

  impress upon/on one's mind/memory把…印在脑海/记忆中

  eg:I'm very impressed with the new airport.新机场给我的印象很好。

  eg:What impressed me most is the beautiful scenery and the kind people there.


  eg:He impressed what the teacher said to him upon his mind.他把老师对他说的话记在脑海中。


  eg:What's your first impression about the city?你对这个城市的第一印象如何?

  28.They put their hands in a little deeper,each man now looking intoa suitcase.Soon they would reach the diaries.  他们两人把手往深处伸去,一人检查一个箱子,很快他们就会摸到日记。

  each man now looking into a suitcase为独立主格分词结构,做伴随状语。

  look into调查,检查

  eg:A group was organized to look into the case.成立一个小组来调查这个案件。

  29.Furthermore,several people can confer What a fool!—— When their hands almost reached my diaries,I regretted having taken this risk and blamed myself for getting myself into this critical situation/delivering myself into the hands of the Gestapo officials.What a foolish thing I had done,I thought to myself.我觉得我浑身开始冒汗,我这是自投罗网,真是个大傻瓜!

  (in a) jam:a difficult or uncomfortable situation处境困境   

  eg:We are in a real jam.我们的麻烦大了。

  be/ get (oneself) into a jam:(使自己)处境困境或尴尬。

  30.“All the way to Paris,” I said.“A great army it was,and a great story for me.It will go down in history!”“This great army provided me with a lot things to report.What it has accomplished is going to be recorded in history.” “一直追踪报道到巴黎。”我说。“真是一支了不起的军队,对我来说是极好的新闻素材。这支军队的业绩将会载入史册。”(又是一番假 意赞扬的话使情况有了转机。)

  all the way/ the whole way:during the entire journey;during the whole period of a time一路上;自始至终

  eg:In order to catch the 8.20 bus,he ran all the wafy to the stop.


  eg:The defendant kept silent all the way through the trial.被告在审判过程中自始至终没有开口。

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