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  30.Today an appearance on a television talk show is the ultimate proof of “making it ”;in America.——Today,if you are invited as a guest on a TV talk show,you definitely have proved yourself successful in America.今天在电视台的一个脱口秀节目上一露脸就绝对能证明你在美国“一举成名了”。

  Make it:(informal)to be successful in one's career;to succeed,to win acceptance达到预定目标,顺利度过一段困难时期;成功;及时到达。

  When he won the prize,he realized that he had made it. 得了奖,他意识到自己成功了。

  He's been in some 30 films,but he's never made it as a great actor.他演了三十多部电影,可是从来没有红起来。

  The train leaves at 3,it's 2:30 now,I am afraid I can't make it.火车是3点开,现在已经两点半了,恐怕我赶不上了。

  31.Celebrities do not appear on such a program because of an actual desire-or ability-to talk,but simply to gain recognition,and prove,merely by showing up,that they are “somebody.”—Celebrities often appear on talk shows,not because they really want to talk,or because they have something to say,but simply because they want tobecome famous and to show that they are important.


  注意not…because (of ) to do sth.的结构中,否定的部分是because (of ),而不是appear.

  I didn't see the film because you recommended it.I wanted to see Henry Fonda.


  The children didn't do it to please their parents,but simply to enjoy themselves.


  show up:( informal ) to appear;to arrive,often after a delay到场;露面

  He didn't show up at his sister's wedding. 他居然没有在他妹妹的婚礼上露面。

  I wonder if he will show up at all. 真不知道他还会不会来。

  We all thought he had been killed in the plane crash,but three days later he showed up safe and sound.


  Only three of people we had invited didn't show up at the party.


  32.Most hosts are grateful just to get someone who will fill the room with sound.——Most hosts are more than happy as long as the guests keep talking.多数主持人只要有人说话,让演播室老有声音就很满意了。

  fill…with…:to make…full of…用——装满

  Would you fill these bottles with water,please?请把这些瓶子灌满水好吗?

  Each time I went to see her,my grandma would fill my pockets with sweets.



  The room is filled with an unpleasant smell. 这屋子里有股难闻的味。

  The supermarket is filled with shoppers at weekends. 每逢周末这家超市总是挤满了购物的人。


  She filled her days with trivial tasks. 她整天忙于处理琐碎的事务。

  The thought filled me with pleasure. 这个想法使我感到高兴。

  I'm filled with gratitude to all those who have helped me. 我对帮助过我的人充满感激之情。

  Her heart was filled with happiness at the party her students organized in her honor.


  He was filled with pity for the poor girl.他对那个可怜的女孩子充满怜悯之情。

  The sound of the music filled me with memories.音乐声使我沉浸在回忆之中。

  fill 也可作不及物动词:

  The market filled rapidly. 市场很快挤满了人。

  fill 表示to become full of:Laughter filled the hall. 笑声响彻整个大厅。

  When the young lady refused to pay for the shoes she had ordered,unhappiness filled the poor shoemaker's house.


  33.… a ratings nightmare.

  … a terrible thing for the show,for it wouldn't attract many ratings:the popularity of a television of radio programme as measured by the number of people viewing or listening 对收视率来说是可怕的事34.This kind of attitude rewards smooth,insincere talk,and makes hesitancy look like stupidity.——Talk show coordinators are concerned about whether the guest talks fluently.They don't care whether he/she talks sensibly and intelligently.By doing so,they actually encourage and praise talk show guests who speak fluently but insincerely and make viewers believe those who don't speak fluently are stupid people.这种看法结果是鼓励了口若悬河的空话,而把迟疑看作是愚笨。


  He was rewarded with a three-week-holiday for his achievements.由于他的成就,他被奖励了三个星期的假期。


  I am sure that all your hard work will be rewarded.我相信你的辛苦工作一定会得到丰硕的结果。

  35.he'd be dragging his bottom in the ratings.

  Today,if he were invited to speak on a talk show,he wouldn't be able to attract a large number of viewers.

  Drag one's bottom 可能是由习语drag one's heels/feet(故意拖延,磨洋工)而来。


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