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  Book 1 lesson 1

  1 text

  1 well above average

  2 One of the most important things I’ve learned is how much there is to learn, and how much I don’t yet know.

  3 Sometimes I think how grateful I would be today if I had learned more back then about what really matters.

  4 Every student should regularly experience the “Aha!”

  5 While you learn a little bit about many subjects, make sure you learn a great deal about one or two. It hardly matters what the subject is, as long as it deeply interests you, and you place it in broader human context.

  6 But don’t get trapped by the first subject that interests you, or the first ting you find yourself good at.

  7 Discuss ideas in depth with friends. It’s much braver to ask questions even when there’s a prospect of ridicule than to suppress your questions and become deadened to the world around you.

  8 Many conversations are a kind of competition that rarely leads to discovery on either side.

  9 The only embarrassment is in not learning from your mistakes.

  10 This is a deflation of our pretensions, to be sure, but it is also the opening up to our view of a vast and awesome universe.

  11 In a world as tightly connected as ours is, don’t restrict your attention to American or Western culture.

  2 phrase

  1 above\below average.  Well的用法 He is no longer young. He is well over fifty. It’s well past midnight, I think it’s time you went home.

  2 back then

  3 some 与数字连用 大约 Some 80 students have taken the course.

  4 deficiencies 不足 缺乏

  5 more + 名词短语 + than + 名词短语:与其说……不如说…。  For him, music is more a way of life than an interest.

  6 the + 形容词最高级 + of + 名词 的用法 the greatest of philosophers in ancient Greece. The best of my father’s friends. The most intelligent of his students.

  7 it + 否定词 + matter(s) + wh- 的用法 It doesn’t matter how you do the job as long as you do it well. It hardly matters how you do it, as long as you do the job well and complete it on time.

  8 gateway to

  9 as well as you can

  10 on the part of sb.\on sb.’s part:  There is no need for any more explanation on my part. There must be some misunderstanding on their part.

  11 confine…。to:  They managed to confine the disease to a small area.

  12 deaden sb. to sth.

  become deadened to sth

  13 leave + 宾语 + 宾补(形容词 分词等):使…。处于某种状况

  He left all the windows open for half an hour. The news left everybody depressed.

  14 far form:      The result of the match is far from (being) satisfactory. It was obvious that what he said was far from the truth.

  15 open up to:    The policy of reform and opening up to the outside world. 改革开放政策

  16 no more than:  She had no more than a banana for lunch. He went to New York with no more than 2 dollars in his pocket.

  17 exposure to:接触…。感受…。的熏陶,受到…的影响

  Too much exposure to the sun might cause skin diseases.  Living in Europe for a year, he gained some exposure to western culture.

  18 there is something to\in :  There’s something to what he’s just said.

  19 be capable of sth.\doing sth.:  He is capable of doing the work of three men. In times of crisis, man is capable of doing things that seem beyond his strength.

  20 do sth and you will

  21 take (a) delight in sth\doing sth:以…。为乐  The old man takes great delight in his granddaughter. He never takes delight in other people’s failures.

  3 interpretation

  1 The collapse of the big newly-built bridge led to a criminal prosecution against an engineer and two local government officials.

  2 At the opening ceremony, the municipal government will provide food and drink for more than 1,000 guests.

  3 As long as we can get a little rest, it doesn’t matter where we go.

  4 Poultry are very easily infected by this disease.

  Book 1 lesson 2

  1 text

  1 If next you were asked to list people who are generally admired by society, who some how seem bigger than life, you might come up with an entirely different list.

  2 By definition, heroes and heroines are men and women distinguished by uncommon courage, achievements, and self-sacrifice made most often for the benefit of others—they are people against whom we measure others.

  3 ………heroes and heroines are hard to come by.

  4 we have latched onto cultural icons……

  5 But nothing becomes an icon more than a tragic and early death…

  6 “The hero was distinguished by his accomplishment; the celebrity by his image or trademark.

  7 The shift from hero-worship to celebrity-worship occurred around the turn of the century.

  8 Slowly, the focus of public attention began to shift away from knowing what such people did to knowing what they looked like.

  9 With the arrival of television, the faces of the stars became as familiar as those we saw across the breakfast table.

  10 Today an appearance on a television talk show is the ultimate proof of “making it” in America.

  11 Most hosts are grateful just to get someone who will fill the room with sound.

  12 This kind of attitude rewards smooth, insincere talk, and makes hesitancy look like stupidity.

  13 He might have been first in the hearts of his countrymen, but today he’d be dragging his bottom in the ratings.

  2 phrase

  1 bigger\larger than life: My disappointment was bigger than life.

  2 come up with:提出 想出 No one could find a solution to the problem, but finally Bill came up with an idea. The scientist came up with a good plan for using solar energy.

  3 rather than: 不是…。(而是),与其…。(不如)

  4 in short

  5 by definition: By dictionary definition, an icon is a person or a thing regarded as symbol of something.

  6 be distinguished(from……)by : 由于…而有别(于……) He is distinguished from his twin brother by a mole on his back.

  7 measure…against:对照……来评价………  He constantly measures his performance against that of the best goalkeeper in the country.

  8 come by

  9 be beyond sb.

  10 bereft of

  11 latch onto\on to sb\sth

  12 people who are simply famous for being famous      people well-known for their well-knownness

  13 in part

  14 more than a ……death: Nothing pleases the professor more than his students’ achievement.

  15 become : 适合, 与…相称  Purple becomes her.    Don’t be rude , Jack. It doesn’t become you.

  16 personal habits

  17 shift (away) from…to…:由…转移到…

  18 make it:  I believe he’s got the talent to make it.  He dreamed of going to college all his life, but never made it.

  19 be sure to do sth.: 一定要…;肯定会…。  With your talent, your are sure to make it.

  Be sure to take the medicine before you go to bed.  Be sure to read the text before class.

  20 reward

  3  interpretation

  1 They are always measuring their own work against the standard set for the professionals’ work.

  2 Plainclothes policemen were waiting in the dark for the burglars to show up.

  3 At sundown, the strong cold wind has shifted form the southeast to the northwest.

  4 Many people have come to realize the side-effect from the use of cellular phones in public.

  5 All the people who came to watch the football game were very excited.

  6 Tow months is needed to finish this work.(被动语态)

  Book 1 lesson 3

  1 text

  1 If you are not moving ahead, you are falling behind. This attitude results in a nation of people committed to researching, experimenting and exploring.

  2 Time is one of the two elements that Americans save carefully, the other being labor.

  3 “we are slaves to nothing but the clock,”

  4 Many people have a rather acute sense of the shortness of each lifetime. Once the sands have run our of a person’s hourglass, they cannot be replaced. We want every minute to count.

  5 Don’t take it personally.

  6 Many of us have what might be called “a short fuse.”

  7 …。be this in terms of pleasure, work value, or rest.

  8 much less do they take them out for dinner, or around on the golf course while they develop a sense of trust and rapport.

  9 We seek out evidence of past performance rather than evaluate a business colleague through social courtesies.

  10 bur in the business world we almost always have other appointments following hard on the heels of whatever we are doing.

  11 …especially given our traffic-filled streets.

  12 In some countries no major business is carried on without eye contact, requiring face-to-face conversation.

  13 Unless a certain amount of time is allowed to elapse, it seems in their eyes as if the task being considered were insignificant, not worthy of proper respect.

  14 Usually, the more important a task is, the more capital, energy, and attention will be poured into it in order to “get it moving.”

  2 phrase

  1 be committed to: From then on, I was committed to shedding the weight and getting into shape.

  2 be slave to\of: 受…。的支配或影响  An ancient Greek philosopher once said that the rich man was slave to his money.  Quite a number of girls are slaves of fashion.

  3 account for sth.:对……作出解释  The boy could not account for the time he spent away from school.

  4 charge(sb. money) for sth: 向(某人)收取…的费用  They charge $10 for a haircut there.

  The hotel doesn’t charge for breakfast.

  Charge sb. money(for sth.):(因…。)向某人收取费用 The watch-repairer charged Lao Li 200 yuan for his service.

  5 count: 有价值,有重要意义 We don’t have much water left, so make every drop count.

  Strength, skill and willpower count equally in sports.

  6 attach importance/significance/value, etc. to:认为…重要

  We attach great importance to the good relations between our tow countries.  People seem to attach too much importance to his opinion.

  7 have a short fuse

  8 slip away: leave quickly  She slipped away ten minutes after the film began.

  Time’s slipping away.

  9 in terms of:在…。方面, 就…。而论

  10 go with sth.: be included with or as apart of sth. 包括,…。是其一部分

  The car goes with the job.

  11 over:在做…的时候  Let’s discuss the matter over dinner.  They exchanged information over a cup of tea.

  12 small talk 闲谈,聊天

  13 much less:  They wouldn’t even take any souvenir, much less money.

  She was so tired that she did not want to speak, much less sing.

  Much less 在句首时,要倒装

  14 seek out 努力寻找,找出

  15 rather than:    She is shy rather than proud.

  We attach or importance to what he is rather than what his parents are.

  16 lay out 设计,规划(建筑物等)

  17 (hard)on the heels of: happening very soon after    Famine came hard on the heels of flood.

  18 work(hard) at : 在………上(狠)下工夫

  19 given prep. : 考虑到………    Given his age, he’s done well.

  Given that there was so little money available for the project, they’ve done a good job.

  20 有increasing的句子里,一般用进行时,表示行为在当前一段时间里正在发生。

  In China , an increasing number of children are learning to play the piano.

  21 in a matter of moments: 一会儿工夫。    A matter of + 名词,表示量少

  The taxi arrived in a matter of minutes.    They think the war will be over in a matter of months.

  22 it seems as if/as though:看起来好象  It seems as if she doesn’t like the watch I gave her.

  23 being considered: 正在被考虑

  24 worthy of : 值得  He is a man worthy of trust.

  25 be felt to do/to be:(人们)觉得………(往往不正确)

  Garbage collecting is generally felt to be less honorable than many other jobs.

  26 give sith. Added weight: 使…更重要

  27 take sth as a sign of : 把………看成是………的标志

  Don’t take our patience as a sigh of weakness.

  28 get sth doing:(有意识地)使得…  Wait until I get the machine running.

  3 interpretation

  1 The engineers have discussed the plan in depth. Once the project starts, it will be moving ahead smoothly.

  2 Today, if you know nothing about computers, you can hardly carry on with anything.

  3 Shakespeare’s achievement in literature is worthy of great praise.

  4 Everybody wants to bring his family to this get-together.

  5 That committee could not reach an agreement on this issue.


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