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  Book 1 lesson 10

  1 text

  1 ………, small and thin as she was,, possessed a strength that ………

  2 She was a real find.

  3 It seemed that he had made a good match.

  4 The son had not invited the old mother to his wedding, but she went to the church and waited at the steps to see her son lead the “young lady” to the altar………

  5 “Does it pay to make sacrifices for children? The mother uses up her last strength, and he does not even know the meaning of loyalty.

  6 The old woman sat on a kitchen chair trembling and shaking,………

  7 These hands spoke of the stubbornness of mankind, of the will to work not only as one’s strength permits but beyond the limits of one’s power.

  8 She had been driven by an indomitable will to return the property to its rightful owners, to fulfill the task she had undertaken.

  9 Her soul passed into those spheres where all holy souls meet, regardless of the roles they played on this earth, in whatever tongue, of whatever religion. I cannot imagine paradise without this Gentile washwoman. I cannot even imagine a world where there is no reward for such effort.

  2 phrase

  1 sickly : often ill

  2 broken in body

  3 come from(sth)

  This story comes from The Arabian Nights.

  His love of math came from his grandfather’s influence.

  4 count out : count things(one by one)

  He counted out a thousand dollars in hundred-dollar bills and put them on the table.

  5 find

  She is a real find in the theatre.

  6 the poor and aged,  the poor and the aged

  7 be blessed with sth/sb : be fortunate in having sth./sb.

  We’re blessed with very loving and understanding parents.

  8 pay

  It pays to invest in education.

  It never pays to overindulge children.

  Lying doesn’t pay.

  9 use up

  We must not use up all our natural resources in our time, leaving nothing for the future generations.

  10 not know the meaning of

  He is a brave policeman, and never knows the meaning of fear.

  This boy doesn’t know the meaning of courtesy.

  11 from

  She was suffering form cold and hunger.

  He knew from experience that she wasn’t telling the truth.

  I guessed from his name that he was Japanese.

  12 speak of

  Barrett’s scarred face spoke of the fierce fights he had been in.

  The man’s eyes spoke of great suffering.

  13 tell of

  14 a wave of ,  a wave of anger , a wave of protest, a wave of violence, a crime wave

  15 stand on one’s own(two)feet : be independent and able to look after oneself

  16 live to be…

  17 god/heaven forbid

  18 What good is………?/what is the good of………?

  19 cross oneself

  20 be driven by………to do

  It was the life in him, unwilling to die, that drove him on.

  21 rightful

  3 interpretations

  1 The rare kindness and generosity with which my grandmother has been blessed make her respected by those who know her.

  2 I’m afraid your request is beyond the limits of his power.

  3 She had cancer when she was young, but recovered later and lived to be an advanced age.

  4 She decided to go to the evening school regardless of her parents’ strong objection.

  5 This is the book published in 1880s, which greatly influenced people’s view about the world.

  6 China expressed the hope that the talks about nuclear weapons control should be held recently.

  7 There is no denying the fact that he is guilty of murder.

  Book 1 lesson 11

  1 text

  1 The eldest son of parents who were themselves poor, I had, fortunately, to begin to perform some useful work in the world while still very young in order to earn an living and therefore came to understand even in early boyhood that my duty was to assist my parents and become, as soon as possible, a breadwinner in the family.

  2 What I could get to do, not what I desired, was the question.

  3 I resolved then that the wolf of poverty should be driven from our door some day.

  4 I think this makes a man out of a boy sooner than almost anything else. It is everything to feel that you are useful

  5 The responsibility of keeping the water right and of running the engine, and the danger of my mistaking a mistake and blowing the whole factory to pieces, caused too great a strain, and I often awoke and found myself sitting up in bed through the night, trying the steam-gauges.

  6 ………, and get more out of life.

  7 It is because I know how sweet and happy and pure the home of honest poverty is, how free it is from perplexing care, from social envy and emulations, how loving and how united its members my be in the common interest of supporting the family,…

  2 phrase

  1 serve : spend a period of time learning a trade/in a post/ in prison

  Franklin Roosevelt served 4 terms as U.S President.

  The man is serving a three-year sentence for bribery.

  2 help

  Xiao Li helped Professor Chen to carry those books to his office.

  3 The question is = The problem is

  4 no fewer than

  That cool summer, they sold no fewer than 70 air-conditioners.

  5 keep the wolf from the door

  6 that is/was how/why/what

  That’s why I’d left my mum and dad in the North, and came to London.

  7 I cannot/can’t tell you how/what

  I just can’t tell you how I felt when I heard the news.

  8 be of use : be useful

  9 everything : the most important thing

  10 outweigh : be greater or more important than

  Many people believe that the benefits of TV far outweigh the harm it might do to children.

  11 describe sth/sb as

  I wouldn’t describe the meeting as successful.

  12 aim and end,    fair and square

  13 something within always told me that this would not, could not, should not last.

  14 be set to do sth

  be set to sth

  She was set to win the championship.

  15 a point/matter/question of honor : something you feel you must do because of your moral principles

  It was a point of honor with the washwoman to return the wash to its rightful owner.

  16 relieve sb of

  The university assigned a part-time secretary to relieve Professor Smith’s assistant of some of his work.

  17 make out

  18 add(sth) up

  Add all the items up and see how much we have to pay.

  19 get sth out of sth

  She got a lot out of reading.

  I don’t understand what you’ve got out to this trash.

  He seems to have got a lot out of the course.

  20 as a rule

  21 in sb

  We’ve all found a good friend in Xiao Liu.

  We have a good centre forward in Xiao Wang.

  22 all in one

  To me, he is brother, friend and guardian all in one.

  In those days, that cave dwelling served as a study, a clinic and a conference room all in one.

  23 count for much/little : of much/little value or importance

  Empty promises count for little.

  Do diplomas count for anything on the job market?

  24 free from

  He wants to live in a small town free from noise pollution.

  Now that he’s retired he’s free from all responsibilities.

  25 sympathize with(sb/sth)

  I must tell you how much we sympathize with you on your loss.

  We always sympathize with just causes.

  26 spring from

  Where did your sister spring from? I thought she was in Europe.

  27 were not born to die

  28 be born to/into/of

  3 interpretations

  1 He has leant from his life time experience that friendship and love count for much more than money.

  2 In the common interest of protecting the nature, a lot of governments have been united to abolish the poisonous pollution caused by chemical industry.

  3 With the coming of the College Entrance Examination, the parents of the examinees are trying their best to relieve their children of the mental burden.

  4 Every student who wants to get a certificate must pass the exam.

  5 You spend too much time watching TV and too little time doing exercises.

  6 In England, the changeable weather is a topic which is much talked about.

  7 I agree with much of what he said, but not all.

  Book 1 lesson 12

  1 text

  1 Rachel Carson continued to feel that way for much of her life. “It was pleasant to believe,” she wrote later, “that much of Nature was forever beyond the tampering reach of man.

  2 It was comforting to suppose that the stream of life would flow on through time in whatever course God had given it-without interference by one of the drops in that stream-man.

  3 She wrote about it not only in formal academic reports but also in a book that informed and thrilled laymen around the world. The Sea Around Us, published in 1951, has been translated into more than thirty languages and was on the best-seller list for more than eighty consecutive weeks.

  4 The Sea Around Us was a delightful antidote to our ignorance.

  5 One might guess that at this time Carson the reader might have reminded Carson the scientist of some passages in Shakespeare’s most famous play.

  6 As a scientist, she learned with sadness that little in Nature is truly beyond the “tampering reach of man”

  2 phrase

  1 be/feel at(one’s)ease : be completely relaxed

  Hans felt most at ease with children.

  2 in a way

  3 aware of : realizing that

  When she became aware of the danger, she left the house immediately.

  Aware that

  From the way they talked, she became aware that they were keeping something from her.

  4 concerning prep: in connection with

  Even in dying, however, we still have choices concerning how we handle what is happening to us.

  5 stir up

  His speech stirred up racial hatred.

  6 fire sb : stimulate sb’s imagination; fill sb with a strong emotion

  7 be acquainted with/ acquaint sb/oneself with sth

  8 magic touch : excellent style

  9 share sth with sb : tell sb about sth

  She wouldn’t share her worries with anybody.

  I would like to share with you my experiences in the Middle East.

  10 aware

  My sister is politically very aware.

  He is an artistically aware person.

  Be/become aware that

  Then I looked up and became aware that everyone was staring at me silently.

  11 tend to do/be : be likely to do/be

  Overindulged children tend to be less creative than other children.

  In primary and secondary school, girls tend to work harder than boys.

  12 be recycled

  It’s more expensive to recycle used bottles than to make new ones. But it’s worthwhile for the protection of the environment.

  13 be dependent on

  14 know of

  15 pass on(from…。)to

  These fairy tales have passed on from generation to generation.

  Joe quickly passed the ball to Jim, who kicked it into the goal.

  16 persist in doing sth/in sth

  If you persist in jogging, you’ll shed some weight.

  Year after year, she persisted in training, and was at last admitted to the swimming team of the province.

  17 explode into : develop

  The border incident exploded into a war between the two countries.

  3 interpretations

  1 Not long after, Mr. Budd found out that his customer was the man on the police’s wanted list.

  2 how to bring up the only child properly has stirred up much controversy in China.

  3 Muscle protein will break down more quickly when one is doing strenuous exercises.

  Book 1 lesson 13

  1 text

  1 The father jumped to his feet, and ran to the bedroom, “Let’s go,” he snapped, “shelter drill!” Although they had had many rehearsals, his voice and bearing sent the youngsters dashing for the door without a word.

  2 “This is the hot one, son,” said his father tersely, “the real one.” He and the boy stared at each other a long moment, both knowing what must be done and each knowing the other would more than do his share, yet wondering still at the frightening fact that it must be done at all.

  3 Outside, the day was crisp and clear, typical of early fall.

  4 …。when the showdown comes,…

  5 “God created the family as the basic unit of society,” he reasoned. “That should make it plain that a man’s primary Christian duty is to protect his family.”

  6 He was stunned by her plea. What must I do? He asked himself in sheer agony. What man on earth could deny a child the chance to live?

  7 Then struck the first bomb, blinding them, burning them, blasting them into eternity.

  2 phrase

  1 cut sth/sb off

  The chairman cut the speaker off when he exceeded the time limit.

  After the earthquake, our water supply was cut off.

  2 heading this way : moving this way

  I saw Xiao Jiang a moment age. He was heading for the library.

  3 send sb/sth doing sth : make sb move sharply or quickly, often by force

  The explosion sent people running in all directions.

  The earth quaked and sent everything on the table crashing to the floor.

  The next instant he received a hard kick that sent him flying.

  4 send sb to the shelter/school/hospital/prison

  5 take sb to a place

  They decided to send their little daughter to school next year.

  The old man takes his grandson to school in the morning and brings him back in the afternoon.

  6 wonder at sth : be surprised and amazed about sth

  They all wondered at all that had happened when they were away.

  Wonder that

  We all wonder that our Chinese teacher at primary school is still teaching there.

  7 at all

  I don’t want to see the man at all.

  8 look sb in the eye(s)/face

  9 typical of

  It is typical of Americans to hop from job to job.

  10 see that : check

  The guard went from office to office to see that all were locked.

  11 square away : get ready; put in order

  He didn’t leave until everything was squared away.

  When every body was squared away, the teacher said, “let’s start off!”

  12 call oneself sth

  They call themselves servants of the people, but they are utterly indifferent to the people’s suffering.

  They call themselves vegetarians, but we often see them eating in a seafood restaurant.

  13 deny sth to sb/sb sth

  Many parents never deny their children anything.

  Children of poor families are often denied good education.

  14 nothing but : only

  15 a/some degree of

  16 make it plain(to sb) that……

  The interviewer made it plain that he was not interested in me.

  He kept on looking at his watch. That made it plain to us that he had no intention to continue the negotiation.

  17 take on : begin to have a particular quality or appearance

  The home environment suddenly takes on tremendous importance.

  18 break down sth

  In a foreign country, if you want to make friends, you have to break down the language barrier first.

  19 tick away/by

  20 what man on earth could………to live?

  3 interpretations

  1 You can’t call yourself a good accountant if you can’t keep account according to the auditors’ instructions.

  2 Seeing no need for summoning more witnesses for interrogation, the court intends to close the case soon.


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