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  Book 1 lesson 7

  1 text

  1 Romance is the privilege of the rich, not the profession of the unemployed.

  2 The poor should be practical and ordinary.

  3 Intellectually, we must admit, he was not of much importance.

  4 He was as popular with men as he was with women, and he had every quality except that of making money.

  5 He had gone on the Stock exchange for six months; but what was a butterfly to do among bulls and bears?

  6 Laura loved him and he was ready to kiss her shoestrings.

  7 Trevor was a painter. Indeed, few people are not nowadays. But he was also an artist, and artists are rather rare.

  8 When Hughie came in he found Trevor putting the finishing touches to a wonderful life-size picture of a beggar-man.

  9 Unless one is wealthy there is no use in being a charming fellow.

  10 He never said a clever or even an ill-natured thing in his life.

  11 That did not answer.

  12 ………was charmingly blamed for giving away a pound,

  2 phrase

  1 there/it is no use /good (in) doing sth

  Unless one is wealthy there is no use in being a charming fellow.

  2 popular with/among: liked, admired or enjoyed by

  This young teacher is very popular with the students.

  He is very competent lawyer, but not very popular with his fellows.

  3 live on

  4 go on

  5 tire of

  His interest in the stock exchange soon wore off, and tired of the business.

  The old man never tires of teaching others what they don’t know.

  6 make matters/things worse

  The earthquake left half the villagers homeless; the storm that followed made tings worse.

  7 lose one’s temper, lose one’s health, keep one’s temper

  8 between

  They opened a small bookstore between them.

  This couple has quite a lot in common between them.

  9 not hear of : not permit

  10 see about : deal with

  The tap is leaking; we must find a plumber to see about it.

  11 drop in

  Drop in whenever you come to see your parents.

  12 personally : as a person

  Personally she is a very charming girl, but intellectually she is below average.

  Personally还常常在句首表示as far as I am concerned, 就我个人而言

  Personally, I don’t like the film.

  13 seek(after)

  14 put/add the finishing touches(to sth)

  She got a few buttons and added the finishing touches to dress.

  She went over what she had written and put the finishing touches to the essay.

  15 make a picture of sb

  16 fell(about/around)(for sb/sth)

  He felt in his briefcase for a pen.

  In the dark, he felt around for the switch.

  The blind man felt along the wall for the staircase.

  17 slip : put sth somewhere

  3 interpretations

  1 The Legend washing machine has a great sale on account of its after-sale service.

  2 George like s blaming others for anything he himself has done wrong.

  3 My professor would not hear of my working in the laboratory during Christmas.

  4 I cannot give any commitment at he moment, but I will see about it.

  5 He went bankrupt and had to got his friends for financial help.

  Book 1 lesson 8

  1 text

  1 “Finished and framed, my boy!”

  2 I think it is terrible that any one should be so miserable.

  3 What you call rags I call romance. What seems poverty to you is charm to me.

  4 “An artist’s heart is his head,”

  5 ………, our business is to show the world as we see it, not to make it better.

  6 He has a house in every capital, has his dinner off gold plate, and can prevent Russia going to war when he wishes.

  7 …and he sank into an arm-chair the picture of dismay.

  8 “I think you ought to have told me, Alan,” said Hughie in a bad temper, “and not have let me make such a fool of myself.”

  9 “Millionaire models,” remarked Alan, “are rare enough; but model millionaires are rarer still!”

  2 phrase

  1 all right : in a satisfactory manner; satisfactorily

  Are you getting along all right with your college friends?

  I think her performance is quite all right.

  2 care for/ care to do sth

  Would you care for some more coffee?

  If you’d care to go on a trip to Hawaii, I’ll arrange everything for you.

  3 fall : begin to be sth.          Fall asleep, fall ill, fall silent, fall victim.

  4 to bits : into small pieces

  5 not/never………for anything

  The old man wouldn’t leave his home village for anything.

  This time I wouldn’t give in for anything.

  The man said that he would never sell that picture for anything.

  6 lot

  The Grounds were a handsome lot.

  My father held out against the lot of them.

  7 heart, head

  8 mean to say : admit readily

  9 as you call him

  The situation in the country, as the president has pointed out, is improving.

  10 on earth/in the world

  11 that sort/kind of thing

  12 the picture of health/ innocence/ despair

  Wearing rags and holding out his hat for money, the old model was the picture of misery.

  13 burst into

  14 make a fool of oneself

  15 to begin with

  16 it never entered my mind/head that

  It never entered my mind that the much admired TV star was a secret agent.

  17 go about sth/doing sth

  It’s a difficult job. I don’t know how to go about it.

  18 give sth away

  He gave a lot of his books away to people who need but cannot afford them.

  19 in full dress

  20 in high spirits

  21 laughing to oneself, talk to oneself , think to oneself

  22 helpless with : unable to control a strong feeling one has

  23 for sb : on behalf of sb

  Let me say a few words for my school.

  24 have the honor of doing sth

  3 interpretations

  1 It is generally believed that the greatest shortcoming of many unemployed women is the lack of confidence.

  2 This is what I saw and heard in Tibet, and it’s very inspiring.

  3 Christ’s mother firmly believed that her son was born disabled, but not an idiot.

  Book 1 lesson 9

  1 text

  1 There was enough in them to get me hanged-if the Gestapo ever discovered them.

  2 It was risky, but life in the Third Reich had always been risky. It was worth a try.

  3 Wasn’t I tempting fate; how could these hard-nose Nazi detectives help but smell out the diaries beneath my broadcasts?

  4 Customs officials always felt better if they found something in your bags to seize, and so would these Gestapo officials.

  5 That would make a Gestapo official sit up and take notice. It would give me prestige in his eyes, or at least make me less suspect, foreigner though I was.

  6 Everything a Gestapo headquarters worked out as I had planned.

  7 I had deliberately got myself into this jam. What a fool!

  8 It will go down in history!

  9 I started to glance at the morning papers I had bought automatically on arriving at the airport.

  10 I wouldn’t have to put up with anything anymore in the great Third Reich.

  2 phrase

  1 be limited to

  His stay in the city is limited to 4 day a month.

  Their reading is limited to computer science and telecommunications.

  2 hold up

  The storm held up our flight for 40 minutes.

  They had been held up on the road by an accident so they were late.

  I do hope my application for leave won’t hold up too long.

  3 关系代词which 代表整个主句的意思

  He said he was busy, which was true.

  4 think sth over/think over that, when , how, etc.

  5 get(sth/sb) out of : move(sth/sb) out of

  The fire brigade managed to get all the children out of the burning building.

  We must get these rare animals out of the place before the flood.

  6 tempt fate/providence : take a risk

  7 can’t help but do sth

  He can’t help but reject the offer if there are strings attached.

  8 smell sth/sb out

  The dog smelt our drugs in the suitcase.

  9 make sb sit up (and take notice)

  The strange nose made all of us sit up and take notice.

  A few strange personal ads in the paper made Bob Sugg sit up and take notice, and he helped smell out a series of burglaries.

  Gamble on sth/doing sth

  He called for another vote, gambling on getting more support.

  10 work out : develop in a specific way

  Their experiment worked out differently.

  Things did not work out as well as we expected.

  11 be/get(oneself)into a jam

  12 all the way/the whole way : during the entire journey; during the whole period of a time

  13 make/go down in history

  14 be free to do sth

  15 the (very) thought of (doing) sth

  The very thought of going home fill ed him with warmth.

  16 beyond the reach of sb/sth

  All dangerous things should be placed beyond children’s reach.

  Finally he found salesmanship was beyond his reach.

  17 glance at/over/through : read sth quickly or not thorough

  18 on and on : without stopping

  The rain went on and on, as it would never stop.

  3 interpretations

  1 The traffic to the city had been held up for nearly one week by a big tunnel fire.

  2 The collapse of a bridge made the local government officials sit up and take notice. It also urged them to make the decision to inspect all the bridges being built.

  3 Everyone is concerned with the situation in that area, expecting to see how it will work out.

  4 The workers could hardly put up with the terrible management and the low efficiency in that factory.

  5 We are proud of the achievements we have made in our country in the past fifty years.

  6 Students good at thinking independently are difficult to teach but usually promising.

  7 It is indeed hard for a young man to be responsible for this big profect.



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