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  Use the verb +noun or adj.+ noun collocation.

  面对事实 to face the face收到请柬 to get an invitation接受邀请 to accept an invitation举办聚会 to give a party找出办法 to find a way食物中毒 food poisoning穿上衣服 to get into a dress抚养孩子 to raise a child发酸的牛奶 变rotten milk质的鸡蛋 rotten eggs名人 famous person腐肉 rotten meat

  use the “useful expression”

  1 电脑问世以来,世界发生、了巨大变化。

  Since computers came on the scene, the world has changed greatly.

  2 为了本国儿童的利益,她愿做任何事情。

  She is willing to do anything in the interests of the children in her country.

  3 我的事业对我来说十分宝贵

  my career means much to me.

  4 玛丽16岁就开始当护士。

  Mary started out as a nurse when she was sixteen

  5 清洁工努力同在他工作区居住的人们搞好关系。

  The cleaner tries to get on well with the people living in his working area.

  6 年轻姑娘不化妆时才显得最美。

  A young girl looks her best when she doesn't make up.

  7 这个电视节目风格活泼,很受年轻人的欢迎。

  This TV program has a lively style and appeals to young people.

  8 部队一接到命令,立即开始行动。

  The troops jumped into action as soon as they got the order.

  9 巴德先生找到了一个好办法,能让警察轻易识别出那个通缉犯——把他的头发染成绿色。

  Mr. Budd has found a way for the police to recognize the wanted criminal easily-to dye his hair green.

  10 我要是能不去参加那个乏味的晚宴就好了。

  It's be good if I can get out of that boring evening banquet.

  Use face,call and lie.

  1 那所学校面对着一个美丽的公园。

  The school is facing a beautiful garden.

  2 我们发现他坐在椅子上打盹,他大腿上有一本书敞开着。

  We found him dozing in a chair, with a book lying open on his laps.

  3 那个国家的政府面临着高失业率要应付。

  The government of that country is now faced with a high unemployment rate.

  4 我正在看一封家信,突然听到有人从外面叫我。

  When I was reading a letter from home, suddenly I heard someone calling me from outside.

  5 我决不会把那种事称为英雄行为。

  We'll never call that a heroic deed.

  6 我们的国家男子足球队必须面对再次被挤出奥运会的现实。

  Our national football team has to face the fact that they have been pushed out the Olympic Games again.

  7 不管在何处,他每周都至少要给父母亲打一次电话。

  Wherever he is, he will can his parents at least once a week.

  8 我觉得把一位值得尊敬的教授称为“老科布尔”不太好。

  I don't think it proper to call a respectable professor “Old Kobul”。

  9 他们不幸的婚姻的症结在于互相缺乏信任。

  The crucial reason of their unfortunate marriage lies in the lack of mutual trust between them.

  10 他们的武器工厂坐落在群山峻岭之中。

  Their arms factory lies in range of high mountains.

  Translate the following sentences into English.

  1 浪费时间就等于浪费生命。

  Wasting time is as good as wasting life.

  2 保护与我们同在地球上的生灵在某种程度上就是保持生态平衡。

  To protect the other creatures living on the earth like us is , in a way, to keep the balance of nature.

  3 所有家长都希望自己的孩子成为对社会有用的成员。

  All parents hope that their children can become contributing members to the society.

  4 那些年他所做的一切就是找出治愈那个怪病的办法。

  All he did in those years was to find a way to cure that strange disease.

  5 你尽快把你的坏牙拔掉,越快对你的健康越有利。

  Have your bad tooth pulled out as soon as possible; the sooner, the better it will do to your health.

  6 他觉的什么东西落到了他头上,后来发生了什么事就不知道了。

  He felt something falling on his head, and then he knew nothing about what happened later.

  7 只要你在,请随时向我报告那个国家所发生的一切。

  As long as you are there, please inform us of what is happening in that country at all times.

  8 你怎么能要求一个6岁的孩子一上午坐在计算机旁学习也不休息一下?

  How can you expect a six-year-old child to sit by the computer studying the whole morning without a break?

  9 我警告过你别卷入这种事情对吗?

  I have warned you not to get involved in such matters, haven't I?

  10 我的梦想就是有朝一日去西藏看看。

  My dream is to visit Tibet someday.

  Translate the following sentences into English using more or most.

  1 你别在意他的话,那不过是一个玩笑罢了。

  Don't mind what he said; it's no more than a joke.

  2 校长的这次欧洲之行不光是观光渡假。

  The principal's trip to Europe this time involves more than sightseeing.

  3 他不是银行家,也不是商人,他是一位经济学家。

  He is no more a banker than a businessman; he is an economist.

  4 上海最近几年完全变了样,这座城市给我的印象好极了。

  Shanghai has changed completely in recent years. The city leaves me a most good impression.

  5 看到他现在这个样子,与其说我难过,还不如说我生气。

  Seeing what he is like now, I am more angry than sad.

  6 看到自己的国家强盛起来是最让人高兴的。

  It is most happy to see one's own country becoming stronger.

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