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  点燃香烟 to light a cigarette 装上镜框 to frame a picture一堆旧衣 a heap of old clothes变成碎片 to fall in bits 情绪饱满 to be in high spirits自言自语 to say to oneself支付利息 to pay the interest捧腹大笑 to shake one's sides with laughter真诚道歉 sincere apologies满脸通红 one's face flushed bright red发表演说 to make a speech搓手 to rub one's hands together私事 private affairs

  1 愿意和我一起步行上山吗?

  Would you care for a walk up the hill with me?

  2 在地震中,我心爱的瓷瓶从橱柜里掉下来,摔的粉碎。

  During the earthquake, my favourite china bottle fell from the cupboard, breaking to bits.

  3 德国人入侵以后,我的老师死也不肯再教德文了。

  Since the invasion of the German, my teacher would never teach German for anything.

  4 在他们父亲的葬礼上,兄弟两个人为死者的钱财争论不休,当众出丑。

  At their father's funeral, the two brothers kept arguing with each other about the dead man's money, thus making fools of themselves.

  5 这份报告第一论点不明确,第二论据也不充分。

  To begin with, the argument of this report is not clear, and second, the grounds of the argument are not sufficient.

  6 在他最后的日子里,吉米虽然很虚弱,但依旧情绪饱满。

  Although Jimmy was very weak in his last days, he was still in high spirits.

  7 汤母无意伤害你,他只是实话实说罢了。

  Tom did not mean to hurt you; he was just telling the truth.

  8 当三位世界著名男高音出现在舞台上时,整个音乐大厅爆发出掌声。

  When the three internationally known tenors appeared on the stage, the entire concert hall burst into applause.

  9 在牛津大学当访问学者时,他有幸会见了不少的大科学家。

  During his stay at Oxford University as a visiting scholar, he had the honour to meet quite many great scientists.

  10 休吉叫了起来:“我绝对没有想到那老模特是个百万富翁。

  Hughie cried:“It never entered my mind that the old model was a millionaire.”

  1 我看了看四周,但在黑暗里我什么也看不见。

  I looked around, but I could see nothing in the darkness.

  2 他把这些年来所搜集的珍贵邮票拿给朋友看。

  He showed his friends the precious stamps which he has collected these years.

  3 我不明白你是什么意思。你为什么不告诉我真相?

  I don't understand what you meant. Why didn't you tell me the truth?

  4 她教了我好几次怎样使用这台新洗衣机,可我总记不住。

  She showed me how to use this new washing-machine for several times, but I still can not remember.

  5 他告诉我他第二天不能来开会,他要照顾生病的母亲。

  He told me that he couldn't attend the meeting the next day because he would have to look after his sick mother.

  6 这家人刚搬到这个镇子上来的时候,那位母亲叫孩子们天黑以后不要外出。

  When this family first moved to the town, the mother told her children not to go outdoors after dark.

  7 他坚持把我送到公共汽车总站。

  He insisted on seeing me to the bus tenminal

  8 下星期天这部电影还要在电视上重播。

  This film will be shown on TV next Sunday.

  9 老师可以看得出吉母对他的分数不是很高兴。

  The teacher may see Jim quite unhappy about his score.

  10 导游把客人领去看鲁迅出生的那个房间。

  The guide showed the tourists to the room where Luxun was born.

  11 许多城里人分不清水稻苗和杂草。

  Many urban people can not tell rice seedling from weeds.

  12 他摇了摇头,公开表示了他与经理的观点不同。

  He shook his head,openly showing his different point of view from his mananer.

  1 他太急于求成。

  He was too impatient for success.

  2 人们普遍认为许多下岗妇女的最大弱点就是缺少信心。

  It is generally believed that the greatest shortcoming of many unemployed women is the lack of confidence.

  3 大家高兴地发现,一切都很正常。

  To everybody's delight, everything is normal.

  4 这就是我对他投了反对票的原因。

  That is why I voted against him.

  5 我们认为这是一个危险的步骤。

  We believe that this is a dangerous step.

  6 玛力的问题就是她从不愿自立独立做事情。

  Mary's problem is that she is never willing to do things independently.

  7 我的位置在中国,那里正处在现代化过程中,急需有决心、有知识的人。

  My position is in China which is undergoing modernization and is badly in need of determined and well-educated persons.

  8 这就是我在西藏的所见所闻,令人深受鼓舞。

  This is what I saw and heard in Tibet, and it's very inspiring.

  9 伽利略不体面地离开家乡,多年以后他回来时是一位倍受敬仰的科学家。

  Galileo left his hometown in disgrace, any many years later when he returned, he was a much respected scientist.

  10 克里斯的母亲坚信,她的儿子生子生来残疾,但不是生来白痴。

  Christ's mother firmly believed that her son was born disabled, but not an idiot.


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