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  Use the verb+ noun or adj. + noun collocation

  养家糊口 to be a breadwinner吸取教训 to draw a lesson赡养家庭 to support the family提供材料 to supply the material驱动机器 to drive the machinery缓解痛苦 to relieve somebody of pain记录帐目 to keep accounts消除贫穷 to abolish poverty教训某人 to teach somebody a lesson家庭会议 family council职业女性 professional woman珍贵财富 precious fortune

  use the “useful expressions”

  1 眼见敌人的导弹把村庄炸成一片废墟,村民们都气炸了肺。

  Seeing the enemy's missiles blowing the village to pieces, all the villagers were burning with anger.

  2 他注意到那个中年人给一家电视公司开了一张150英镑的支票。

  He noticed that the middle-aged man made out a 150-pound check for a television company.

  3 他从一生经历中体会到,友谊和爱比金钱重要的多。

  He has leant from his life time experience that friendship and love count for much more than money.

  4 去年夏天,他在一所乡间村舍住了一个月,远离城市的喧闹。

  Last summer, he had been living in a countryside cottage for one month, free from the noise and excitement in the city.

  5 为了保护大自然这一共同利益,许多政府联起手来清除化学工业带来的有毒污染。

  In the common interest of protecting the nature, a lot of governments have been united to abolish the poisonous pollution caused by chemical industry.

  6 委员会决定明年的会议在西安举行。

  The committee has resolved that the next year's conference be held in Xi'an.

  7 天亮时,他发现自己躺在一个山谷底处。

  At dawn, he found himself lying at the bottom of a valley.

  8 许多人为“希望工程”捐款,是因为他们深切同情农村里上不起学的孩子们。

  Many people make donation for the Project Hope, because they deeply sympathize with the children in the rural areas who can't afford to go to school.

  9 高考来临之际,考生家长们都在尽力减轻孩子的精神负担。

  With the coming of College Entrance Examination, the parents of the examinees are trying their best to relieve their children of the mental burden.

  Use serve,bear and work.

  1 他已经为这个广告公司工作6年了。

  He has served this advertising company for six years.

  2 电梯现在不运行,他只好爬上11层楼。

  The lift is not working at the moment, and he has to climb up to the 11th floor.

  3 看来他的阿谀奉承这次不能奏效了。

  It seems that his flattery won't work this time.

  4 我80岁的爷爷无法忍受北方的严冬。

  My 80-year-old grandfather can not bear the severe winter in the North.

  5 他父亲在10年前是中国驻英国的大使。

  His father served as Chinese ambassador to Britain ten years ago.

  6 在屋子的角落里有一张矮桌子当电视架使用。

  There is a low table in the corner of the room which can serve for a TV rack.

  7 那家名流聚集的餐馆的饭菜很一般。

  The celebrity-packed restaurant serves mediocre food.

  8 这部移动电话看起来不时髦,可能满足我的需要。

  The mobile phone doesn't look fashionable, but it serves me very well.

  9 如果出了问题,你就得承担责任。

  If there is anything wrong, you have to bear the responsibility.

  10 我不忍心看到老人受到他们亲生子女的虐待。

  I can't bear to see old people being maltreated by their own children.

  11 我们多年的努力现在终于开花结果了。

  Our years of effort has finally borne fruit now.

  12 如果这种药没有效果,那么你只好动手术了。

  If this kind of medicine doesn't work, you will have to have an peration.

  Translate the following sentences into English,using adjectives or adjective phrases.

  1 你见过比这更拥挤的超市吗?

  Have you ever seen a supermarket more crowded than this one?

  2 我认为你最好跟有关人事谈谈这个问题。

  I think you'd better talk about this matter to the person concerned.

  3 那些在事故中受伤的人都已送往医院。

  Those injured in the accident have already been sent to the hospital.

  4 我从来没碰到过你这样不讲道理的人。

  I've never met such an unreasonable person as you.

  5 在场的每一个人都认为这是个好建议。

  Everyone present regards it as a good proposition.

  Translate the following sentences into English,using each,every,many,much,some,and any.

  1 每一个想获得证书的同学都必须通过这个考试。

  Every student who wants to get a certificate must pass the exam.

  2 你看电视太多,花在运动上面的时间太少。

  You spend too much time watching TV and too little time doing exercises.

  3 他所说的大部分同意,但不是都同意

  I agree with much of what he said, but not all.

  4 饭店里还有三个经济房间,每一个都有卫生间。

  There are three economy rooms in the hotel, each having its own toilet.

  5 在英国的变化无常的天气是一个谈论得很多的话题。

  In England, the changeable weather is a topic which is much talked about.

  6 我们的同胞在受苦受难我们怎么能坐这里什么也不干?

  How can we sit here doing nothing while our brothers and sisters are suffering so much?

  7 只要下午5点钟之前把这活干完,你怎么干都行。

  As long as you finish this work before 5 o'clock, you many do it any way you like.

  8 在我们镇里,他的菜园长出的西红柿比谁家的都甜。

  In our town, the tomatoes grown out of his garden are sweeter than those from any other garden.


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