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  Translate the following.

  实现美梦 to realize beautiful dreams 大发脾气 to lose one's temper失去记忆 to lose one's memory寻求安慰 to seek comfort来根香烟 to give **. a cigarette保持安静 to keep quiet怜悯某人 to pity **.统治世界 to rule the world证券交易 stock exchange transactions等身画像 life-size portrait手工劳动 manual work恶意的玩笑 practical jokes忧伤的表情 sad expressions 褴褛的衣衫 torn clothes淡淡的笑容 a faint smile** to make money股市 stock markets股东 shareholder

  use the “useful expressions”

  1 模范护士海伦工作既讲效率又有耐心,严格却富有爱心,深受小病人们的喜爱。

  Helen, the model nurse, is efficient but patient, strict but caring, and is very popular with her young patients.

  2 部队断了粮,只能靠野果和树皮充饥。

  Running our of grain, the army had to live on wild fruit and tree bark.

  3 因售后服务好,奇迹牌洗衣机销路很旺。

  The Legend washing machine has a great sale on account of its after-sale service.

  4 由于那部电影大获成功,它的插曲也很受欢迎。

  Since that film scores a great success, its interlude songs are also much sought after.

  5 杨教授搬家时,把许多书给了学生。

  When Professor Yang was moving house, he gave away many of his books to his students.

  6 乔治喜欢把自己的过失归咎于别人。

  George likes blaming others for anything be himself has done wrong.

  7 仅仅过了半年,他就厌倦了公司职员的工作。

  Only after half a year, he was tired of working as a clerk in the company.

  8 我的教授不许我在圣诞节期间在实验室工作。

  My professor would not hear of my working in the laboratory during Chiristmas.

  9 我现在不能作出任何承担,但是我会考虑这件事的。

  I cannot give any commitment at the moment, but I will see about it.

  10 他破产了,只得求助于朋友的资助。

  He went bankrupt and had to go to his friends for financial help.

  Use find, talk and get

  1 在我桌上我发现了一个寻呼机。是你的吗?

  I found a beeper on my desk. Is that yours?

  2 平安到达后请给我来个电话。

  Please gibe me a phone call when you get to the place safe.

  3 我已经替你找到了一套带有家具的公寓。

  I have already found a furnished apartment for you

  4 关于如何改善雇员的工作条件,他们谈了几个小时。

  They talked for hours about how to improve the employees' working conditions

  5 你去超市时能把我买两个柯达胶卷吗?

  Would you please get two Kodak roll films for me when you go to the supermarket?

  6 我发现住在乡下是一种很有趣的经历。

  I find that living in the countryside is an interesting experience.

  7 你得想办法找人把漏水的龙头修好。

  You have to find someone who can fix the dripping tap.

  8 我到家,发现爷爷在自言自语。

  When I got home, I found my grandpa was talking to himself.

  9 老师告诉他他儿子在考试中作弊,他很生气。

  When the teacher told him that his son cheated at the exam, he was very angry.

  10 同事门到达之前,他就把一切都准备好了。

  Before his colleague arrived, he had got everything ready.


  Doctor find that those who drink a little very day are more healthy than those who never drink.


  There is no point in talking,so let's go into action!

  Translate the following sentences into English ,using object complement.

  1 我今天必须让人给我修电脑。

  I have to have my computer repaired today.

  2 你为什么劝她去做那件事?

  Why did you persuade her to do that thing?

  3 妈妈发现孩子在自行车上熟睡着。

  The mother found her child sleeping soundly on the bike

  4 我没注意到他在大厅等我 .

  I didn't notice him waiting for me in the hall.

  5 他们把我们当贵宾招待。

  They treated me as a distinguished guest.

  6 他自我介绍说他是从英国来的音乐家。

  He introduced himself to me as a musician from Britain.

  7 孩子们总是把他们的父母看成是世界上最了不起的人。

  Children always consider their parents are the greatest people in the world.

  8 他努力想说明自己的观点。

  He tried to make his ideas clear.

  Translate the following sentences into English,using noun clauses.

  1 没有人问我们谁该来干这个工作。

  Nobody asked us which one of us should do this work.

  2 他最喜欢的事情就是跟人家开玩笑。

  What he enjoys most is making fun of others.

  3 家就是你的家人和朋友在的地方。

  Your home is where your family had friends are.

  4 你最喜欢那个候选人就投哪个候选人的票。

  You may vote whichever of the candidates you like best.

  5 不管是谁跟你说的这件事,都是在撒谎。

  Whoever told you this was lying


  Whether I take part in the discussion or not is another matter.


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