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  Subject-Verb Agreement (II)



  Ten seconds of silence appears very awkward on television.

  A thousand dollars a month is more than I can afford.

  Four years I too long for me to wait.

  Sixty miles is a short run in a car.

  2) 当主语是表示数目、时间、重量、距离等的复数名词时,如该名词所表示的数量看作单个个体,其后的动词用复数。

  The past three weeks were the hardest time in his life.

  Hundreds of buildings were put up in the city last year.

  Five kilos of apples are placed into the basket.

  3) 当主语为“分数或百分数+of+名词”时,其后的动词形式依照of后名词的单复数形式来定。

  Three-fourths of the surface of the earth is sea.

  Three-fourths of the people do not agree with the president.

  One-fourth of the region is underdeveloped.

  Thirty percent of the oil in that country is imported.

  Ten percent of the eggs have gone bad.

  Fifty percent of the land in that region has been used to build factories.

  4)当主语为sheep, fish, deer, aircraft, means, steelworks 等单数与复数同形的词时,动词的形式以名词单、复数意义为准。

  An American aircraft was brought down by the anti-aircraft fire.

  Three aircraft are reported missing.

  Various means have been tried to solve the problem.

  Two steelworks were built ten years ago.

  Ten fish have been caught today.

  One sheep was killed by a wolf.


  1) 代词all表示可数的人或物时,其后的动词用复数形式。

  All were hungry and desperate for food.

  All who have seen the film love it.

  All of them enjoyed themselves at the party.

  2) 代词all表示不可数的名词时,其后的动词用单数。

  All is going well.

  All is quite in the middle of the night.

  All you have to do now is wait.

  All that glitters is not gold.

  All of his money is gone.

  3) 形容词 all+可数名词时,其后的动词用复数形式。

  All roads lead to Rome.

  All the people taking part in the race were over 60 years old.

  All things are difficult when we begin to do them.

  4) 形容词all+不可数名词时,其后的动词用单数形式。

  All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

  Not all food is good to eat.

  Translate the following into English

  1.use the verb + noun or adj. + noun collocation

  实现目标 to achieve goals 崇拜英雄 to worship heroes and heroines

  崇拜金钱 to worship money 受到赏识 to gain recognition

  获得自信 to gain self-confidence 保持沉默 to keep silence

  打破沉默 to break the silence 推卸责任 to shake of responsibility

  引起注意 to attract attention 分清敌友 to distinguish between friends and enemies

  加快速度 to pick up speed 透露秘密 to disclose a secret

  塑造历史 to shape history 塑造未来 to shape the future

  开创生活 to start a new life 缓解贫穷 to ease poverty

  取得进展 to make advances 现任总统 current president

  工作重心 the main emphasis of the work 新颖观点 original ideas

  真诚愿望 sincere wishes

  2.use the “useful expressions”


  On our way to Zhengzhou, we passed through a village which had been destroyed by the flood.


  That unusual experience has turned Bob into a patient and tolerant person.


  With his hair dyed bright green, that person looks like a clown.


  They are always measuring their own work against the standard set for the professionals'work.


  Plainclothes policemen were waiting in the dark for the burglars to show up.


  The kindness of Mrs. Jones filled the boy with hope and gratitude.


  The private lives of those superstars are often commented on by tabloids.


  This girl is distinguished from her classmates for her uncommon willpower.


  At sundown, the strong cold wind has shifted from the southeast to the northwest.


  The highest scholarship went to a postgraduate majoring in physics.


  Anderson's fairy tales are known for their profound morals.


  Many people have come to realize the side-effect from the use of cellular phones in public.

  3.use make, recognize and define.


  As universally recognized by the international community, the People's Republic of China stands for the whole China.


  When she was a child, her parents taught her to be prepared for making self-sacrifice for the benefit of the motherland.


  We immediately recognize our English teacher who was then playing the role of Romeo on the stage.


  The reserved manner of the British people makes them appear arrogant.


  Different people define human rights in very different ways.


  My friend George was highly praised for his original ideas, and his achievement made my efforts appear insignificant.


  Mr. Liu, will you please clearly define the purposes of your organization?


  Our compassion for others and our passion to study make our lives more meaningful.


  My sister is pop music fan, and yet she didn't actually recognized the song that I hummed just now.


  By definition, cultural icons are generally those famous television personalities, fashion models, professional athletes and movie stars who are most highly publicized by the media.

  Translate the following sentences into English.


  None oof the students are willing to go for an outing this weekend.


  All the people who came to watch the football game were very excited.

  3)有1/4 的房屋没被利用起来。

  One-fourth of the houses are yet to be used.


  Twenty-five percent of their salaries is used to buy food and clothing.


  Five kilos of tropical fruit such as bananas and pineapple costs a lot here.


  The past ten weeks were the happiest weeks so far.


  All that he said is hard to believe.


  Only twenty percent of the applicants get the chance to be interviewed.

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