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  1. Take over Bos'n!

  take over (from sb.) : 接管,接替 落伍、落在后面

  eg: A competent young woman took over from Mr. White as the CEO of the company last year.


  eg: Who's going to take over the running of the park when Mr. Liu retires?


  eg: Who's going to take over the running of the park when Mr. Liu retires?


  2. Hour after hour kept the gun pointed at tothe other nine men.

  kept the gun pointed at:

  eg: He kept the door locked 他一直锁着门 eg: Keep sb. covered一直瞄准某人

  3. From the lifeboat' s stern, where I'd sat most of the twenty days our drifting, I could keep them a covered

  cover: to continue aiming a gun at, so that they cannot attack you 瞄准,控制在范围之内

  eg: Cover her while I phone the police.   把枪对准她让她别动,我去叫警察来

  3. If I had to shoot at such close quarters.

  at/from close quarters/range:很近

  eg: The boys love to watch the aircraft take off and land at close quarters


  eg:The birds were photographed at close range这些小鸟是近距离拍摄下来的。

  eg:The victim had been shot at close range/quarters被害者遭到近距离枪杀。

  4. But in the way they all glared I could see hoe they'd come to hate my guts.

  glare at: 怒目而视

  eg:He did not shout or swear, but just glared at me silently.他没有大喊,也没有叫骂,而是一言不发,愤怒地盯着我

  5. hold out forever!

  hold out: 抵抗,坚持

  eg: The whole village held out until the last man


  eg: The refugees held out against the severe cold winter. 难民们熬过了那年冬天的严寒

  7. Very soon now I'ddoze off and the instant that happened they'd jump on the little water that was left.

  doze off: 打盹,小息

  eg:The lecture was so boring that the audience began to doze off.讲座太乏味,听众开始打盹了

  8. Yet I could see in their bloodshot eyes that they'd gladly kill me for those few drops

  gladly: willingly:

  eg:She would gladly pay more to travel by air  她情愿多花钱乘飞机旅行

  eg:I'm running out of money this month. Could you please land me some


  9. As a man I didn'tcount any more.

  count: to be of value or importance 有价值,有意义

  eg: First impressions of people do count 人们的最初印象确实重要

  eg: We have only a few bullets left ,so make each one count


  eg:Such men do not count for anything 这种人毫不足取。

  10  I was just the gun that kept them away from the water they craved

  crave (for): 渴望

  eg:The 15-year-old boy craves (for) a room of his own.那个15岁的少年渴望有一间属于自己的屋子。

  eg: At the age of thirty, he had everything he had craved in his childhood.


  11.And with their tongue swollen and their cheeks sunken, they were half crazy……

  Half: used before an adjective describing an extreme quality, as a way of

  emphasizing and exaggerating sth.用于表示极端状况的形容词前,强调并夸大某种情况,有点儿

  eg: After a hard day's work, the poor girl was half dead with tiredness.


  eg: Give me something to eat. I'm half starved.  快给我点东西吃,我都要饿死了

  eg: When she returned home she found the door half open.  回到家她发现门半开着。

  12. The way I judge it we must be some two hundred miles

  The way I judge it:样子,方式

  eg:I like the way she smiles.我喜欢她笑的样子。

  eg:I don't like the way he speaks to his boss   我不喜欢他对上司说话的样子

  13. Now that.the storms were over, the Atlantic swells were long and easy,and the morning sun was hot-so hot it scorched your skin.

  Now that:既然,由于

  eg: Now that you want to know the truth, I'll tell you about it. 既然你想知道真相,那我就告诉你。

  14.My own tongue was thick enough to stop my throat


  eg:Let's stop the hole with some rags.  用破布把那个洞堵上吧。

  15. I'd have given the rest of my life for a single gulp of water.

  I'd have given此句省略了虚拟条件句if I could allow myself to do so要是我能让自己这么做的话

  16. As long as we could look forward to getting a drink later, there was something to live for.

  look forward to:期待,期盼

  eg : Children are looking forward to the coming of holidays   孩子们在期盼着假日的到来

  17. If I'd given in to the curses we'd have emptied the last canteen days ago.

  give in to: 屈服于……

  The authorities have shown no signs of giving in to the hijackers' demands


  Parents should not often give in to their children's demands.当对子女的要求言听计从

  Liu Hu-lan would rather die than give in. 刘胡兰宁死不屈。

  18. in fact, he'd slept through most of the night——and Ienvied him

  envy sb. sth:因……羡慕或嫉妒某人

  eg:I envy Xiao Li his large vocabulary.    我羡慕小李词汇量那么大

  eg:We envy the old man his good health.   我们都羡慕那位老人身体好

  19. We'll ration the rest of the water tonight


  eg:Owing to the energy crisis, the city authorities decided to ration oil.


  eg: young people today can hardly imagine why food had to be rationed in those days.


  20.Couldn't he understand that if we waited until night the few drops wouldn't be sweated out of us so fast?

  Couldn't 这是个否定疑问句,表示责备

  eg: Can't you stop making noises?  难道你不能停止吵闹吗?

  eg:Couldn't you ask about it yourself?  你难道自己就不会问一下吗?

  21. But Barrett was beyond all reasoning

  beyond : 超出,出乎;为…所不能及

  eg : That's going beyond a joke  这快超出玩笑的范围了

  eg: He lives beyond his income. 他的生活月月超支。

  eg:It's quite beyond my understanding  这是我完全无法理解的

  22. His mind had already on instinct

  cracked with: 疯狂,愚蠢

  23. I'd grabbed my gun on instinct


  eg:He put his hands to cover his eyes on instinct when he saw the strong light


  24. But I was in command here——that was the difference

  in command: in charge

  eg: Who in command here? You or me?  谁是这里管事的人?是你还是我?

  eg: The police took command of the situation and arrested all the trouble-makers.


  25. Each of the others could afford to think only of himself; I had to think of them all……


  eg: He could not afford to offend his boss.  他得罪不起老板。

  eg:He could not afford to buy a bike then, but now he can afford to buy a car.


  26.I hated him all the more because he'd slept .

  all the more/better:更加,又如

  eg:I like her all the more after that   从那件事后我更加喜欢她了

  27. I slept the dayaway.

  away: used to emphasize a continuous action

  eg: Yesterday, they danced the night away.  昨天他们跳舞跳了一夜。

  He worked the morning away without knowing it.  他不知不觉干了一上午。

  28. So we were in our twenty-first night adrift-the night in which the tramp Croton finally picked us up……

  pick up : 拿起,捡起

  eg:Often he stopped to pick some small berries 他常常停下来摘浆果

  eg:The whole family help pick cotton in the harvest season.在收获的季节里,全家人都参加摘棉花。

  29. I've been holding off these apes all day.

  hold off:与……保持距离;防备

  eg: The guards managed to hold the fans off until the pop star left. 保安挡住了歌迷让那位歌星离开。

  eg: Let's hold off buying until we know more.  还是等了解一下情况再买吧。


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