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  15. you will miss smiles, brief conversations small courtesies with strangers

  miss sth: 发觉没有;觉得遗憾

  small courtesies : friendly smiles, saying hello, or whatever起码的客套

  16. Don't take it personally.——Don’t feel upset because this is their way with strangers. It is not directed against any particular person. They treat all strangers in the same way.

  take : 对待

  take sth./ sb. seriously 认真对待某物/某人

  take sth./ sb. lightly 轻率对待某物/某人

  take sth. personally  把某件事看成是针对某个人的

  take sth. badly/ calmly 对某件事的反应强烈/冷静

  eg : Unfortunately, no one took the child's words seriously.不幸的是谁也没有把那孩子的话当回事 .

  eg : To my surprise, his parents took the news calmly.   他的父母对这个消息反应十分冷静,使我感到惊讶。

  eg :We shouldn't take these young people lightly我们可不能小看那些年轻人

  eg : I'm afraid he took your remarks personally. 我想他认为你的那些话是说他的。

  17. This is because people value time highly

  value: 珍惜

  We must value the time at school. 我们一定要珍惜学校的时光

  18. This view of time affects the importance we attach to patience.


  e.g.: Alcohol affects a driver's concentration.酒能分散司机的注意力。

  e.g.: TV violence has a very bad effect on children 电视节目中的暴力行为对孩子会产生不良影响。

  attach: 认为——重要

  e.g.: We attach great importance to the training of basic language skills. 我们认为语言基本功的训练十分重要。

  e.g.: The Chinese government attaches much significance to the country's entry into the WTO.


  19. In the American system of values, patience is not a high priority.

  top/high/low priority:重要/次要问题

  e.g.: Women's issues are often seen as a low priority.妇女问题往往被看成是次要问题。

  e.g.: Population problem is seen as a high priority.人口问题被看成是一个重要问题。

  20.We begin to move restlessly about if we feel time isslipping awaywithout some return be this in terms of pleasure, work value, or rest.

  slip away: 很快离开;(时间)流逝

  eg: She could see her chances of victory slipping away. 她眼睁睁地看着就要失去快到手的胜利。

  without some return:没有什么回报

  eg:He helped the old man without some return.他帮助这个老人而不图什么回报。

  in terms of: 在——方面,就——而论

  eg: She is excellent in terms of oral English. 她在英语口语方面很好。

  21. Those coming from lands where time is looked upon differently may find this matter of pace to be one of their most difficult adjustments in both business and daily life.

  coming from: 分词短语作定语修饰those

  。22. They will miss the ritual socializing that goes with a welcoming cup of tea or coffee that may be traditional in their own country.——They will not be received with a show of welcome, courtesy, or friendliness, including a cup of tea or coffee which perhaps is customary in their home country.

  socializing: meeting people socially, for example, at a party参加社交活动

  23. We seek out evidence of past performance rather than evaluate a business colleague through social courtesies

  seek out:努力寻找,找出

  eg:The police sought out the person who had informed them of the road accident by phone.


  eg:They are seeking business opportunities abroad 他们正在寻找在海外开拓业务的机会

  24. Since we generally assess and probe professionally rather than socially, we start talking business very quickly.——Since we generally evaluate the worth of our business partner by his professional skills and competence instead of his social abilities, we do not waste time in socializing, but start talking business right away

  Business: 事务;事

  eg:Let's come( get )to business我们言归正传吧

  eg:know one's business精通自己所干的一行。

  25. but in the business world we almost always have other appointments following hard on the heels of whatever we are doing.

  follow (hard) on the heels of: happening very soon after紧接着,接踵而来,紧跟后面

  eg: Loud thunder comes hard on the heels of lightening. 巨大的雷声紧跟着闪电而来

  26.We therefore save most personal visiting for after work hours or for social weekend gatherings.


  eg:What's saved his strength for the end of the race 他把力气留到冲刺阶段。

  eg:Let's save the rest of the cake for supper. 我们把其余的蛋糕留到晚饭再吃吧

  27. To us the impersonality of electronic communication has little or no relation to the matter at hand

  the matter at hand:目前正做的事

  28. Mail is slow and uncertain.

  the official system of collecting, transporting and delivering letters and parcels: 邮政系统,邮件

  eg:While we can send Christmas cards via E-mail, we still have to send parcels by post/mail.(post: BrE;mail: AmE )我们能够以电子邮件的形式发圣诞卡,但还是得通过邮局寄包裹

  eg:I'm going to the department office to pick up my mail.我要去系办公室取邮件。

  29. Telephones save your feet and endless amounts of time.

  save(feet):to avoid or help to avoid sth. that is unpleasant or difficult

  eg: Scanners save us the trouble of typing. 扫描仪省去了我们打字的麻烦。

  eg: It saves both money and time to shop in supermarkets. 到超市购物既省钱又省时间

  30.Furthermore, several people canconfer together without moving from their desks

  confer(with sb.)(on/about sth.):交换意见;征求意见

  eg:She said she wished to confer with her advisers before announcing a big decision


  31.Unless a certain amount of time is allowed, felt to be given added weight by the passage of time.

  Be felt to do/to be : (人们)觉得

  eg:Dining out is often felt to be common today.


  32.Assignments are thus save your feet and endless amounts of time.

  save(feet):to avoid or help to avoid sth. that is unpleasant or difficult

  eg: Scanners save us the trouble of typing. 扫描仪省去了我们打字的麻烦。

  eg: It saves both money and time to shop in supermarkets.到超市购物既省钱又省时间。


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