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  17. You may also be astonished to find out that they deserve your courtesy.你或许很可能惊奇地发现,他们确实值得你以礼相待。

  find: to discover unexpectedly or by chance

  I have not yet found the key I lost three days ago . 我没找到三天前掉的钥匙。

  find out: to discover through examination or enquiry

  We must find out the truth about the matter. 我们必须找出事情的真相。

  18.All skills require constant repetition to become second nature ; good manners are no exception . 一切技能都需要经常反复而后才能成为第二天性,礼貌也是如此。

  If you want to acquire a skill, you have to practice it again and again. It is the same with good manners, which you won't acquire unless you practice them constantly.

  second nature: something you have done so often that you do it almost without thinking. 第二天性、习性

  It has become a second nature to him to turn off all the lights before leaving the office. 离开办公室前把所有的灯都关了已成为他的习惯了。

  be no exception…is included in…不看成是例外,同样适用

  All residents must obey these traffic regulations. High-ranking officials are no exception.所有居民都要遵守这些交通规则。高级官员也不例外。

  All men between 18 and 35 without exception are expected to serve in the army.所有18到35岁的男人,都要服兵役,没有例外。

  19…。to concentrate on your performance in a specific area for about a week. ( …… )就是在一个星期左右的时间内,集中改进你在某一方面的具体表现。

  You can begin by guarding against one bad type of manner for about a week.


  Don't be absent-minded. Please concentrate your attention on the experiment.别开小差。把注意力集中在实验上。

  20.Or driving a car, why not watch yourself sternly for aggressive driving… 或是改进开车的举止,你可以严格监视自己是否开起车来很霸道 ……

  Why not…?用来提建议

  It's a fine day. Why not go to the Fragrant Hill? 天气很好。我们干吗不去香山? But why not write to Bob for help?干吗不给鲍勃写信请他帮帮忙?

  watch ******************./oneself/sth. for : to pay attention to sth. so that you notice it either

  because you don't want to miss it or because you want to avoid it 留心……以寻找……, 注意……以找出   They grew quiet and watched to see what would happen next.他们安静下来,注意将发生事么事。

  The company's sales department is watching the market for the opportunity to launch new products. 公司的销售部门正关注市场情况,看有否机会推出他们的新产品。

  21 . …… to refuse to let other people's bad manners goad you into retaliating in kind. (有一件不容易做到的而又很重要的事情,)就是对别人无礼貌的举止不要以牙还牙。

  … if other people are impolite, don't treat them in the same way.

  goad ******************./sth into (sth./doing sth.) 激起、激怒……做……

  His ambition goaded him on.他的雄心激励他前进。

  Young people are easily goaded into action, wise or foolish.年轻人容易受激采取行动,而不顾是否明智。

  in kind 用类似的方法

  She will be repaid in kind for her impoliteness.她对人不礼貌,人家也会对她不礼貌。

  The police were told not to respond in kind even when the demonstrators attacked them. 警察得到命令,即使示威者动手他们也不得还手。

  22. …but he'll be discourteous, stupid and blind——and that’s a combination I don't want to tangle with . (如果我开大灯,)他就不仅仅是不礼貌和愚蠢了,还看不见前方。三样加在一起,我不愿意招惹。

  ……he will not only remain discourteous and stupid, but also unable to see clearly the road ahead of him. I don't want my bad manners to cause an accident.

  tangle with ******************. about…argue, fight with ******************. (inf.) 与………吵架

  The wife often tangles with her hu******************and about trifle things.妻子经常与她丈夫为鸡毛蒜皮的事吵架。

  23. In the long run , the kind of person you are is the result of what you've been thinking over the past twenty or thirty years. 从长远的观点看,你的人品是你以往 20 年或 30 年的思想发展的结果。

  Your way of thinking determines what kind of person you are. If you are a self-centered person, you will surely be discourteous. On the other hand, if you think of other people's needs and feelings, you will be a considerate and courteous person.

  in the long run:从长远来看

  In the long run, what they have sacrificed for their children is worthwhile.从长远看,他们为孩子做出的牺牲是值得的。

  what you've been thinking…the way you’ve been thinking(all your life for a long time)

  24. …you train to be considerate of others, if you can acquire the habit of identifying with their problems…如果你培养自己为他人着想,如果你已经惯于理解并体谅他人的问题、愿望和忧虑,(你就会自然而然地以礼待人。)

  considerate/be considerate of ******************. 体谅,为……着想,考虑……的需要愿望和感情

  it is considerate of ******************. to do sth.

  It is considerate of you to send my mother a pair of new glasses. She is losing her eyesight. 你想的太周到了,给我妈寄了付眼镜去,她的视力变得不行了。

  We like Professor Li very much, for she is a very considerate teacher.我们很喜欢李教授,她很能体谅学生。

  identify with ******************./sth.: feel you understand them or their feelings and ideas 理解、体谅……

  He can well identify with the problems of the unemployed; he has been without a job.他完全能够理解失业人员的困难,他也失业了。

  25.Nowhere is thinking courteous more important than in marriage. 理性的礼貌在婚姻中比在其他任何方面都更为重要。 Conscious courtesy is more important in marriage than anywhere else.

  In marriage relationship, the most important thing is to be courteous to your hu******************and or wife.

  26. In the intimacy of the home it is easy to displace disappointment or frustration or anger onto the nearest person, and that person is often a hu******************and or wife. 在家庭这个亲昵的环境中,(人们)很容易把失意、沮丧或气愤向最亲近的人发泄,此人往往不是丈夫就是妻子。

  When you are disappointed or frustrated or angry, you are likely to take it out on your hu******************and or wife because home is the place where you think you don't have to suppress emotions.

  displace sth. onto ******************./sth. : shift sth. onto ******************./sth. 把……(由)转移到……身上

  Why do you displace your anger on me? I have nothing to do with the matter.你为什么把气出到我头上?我与这件事毫无关系。

  27. When you feel your anger getting out of control…。 当你感到忍不着要发火, ……

  be/get out of control: be/become impossible to manage 失去控制

  get/bring sth. under control 使……得以控制,遏制住……

  The car went out of control and ran into the tree.车失去了控制,撞到一棵树上。

  The government has to take measures to bring the inflation under control. 政府必须采取措施, 以遏止通货膨胀。

  28.I knew that if they could impose just ten minutes of good manners on themselves, the worst of the storm would blow over : 我知道要是他们能够克制自己,坚持十分钟的礼貌,火气大体上就会平息。

  If they force themselves to behave politely for ten minutes, both the hu******************and and wife would calm down, and no big quarrel would take place.

  impose sth. on ******************./sth 把………强加于……。;使……交税,受罚

  You should not impose your view on us. 你不应该把你的观点强加在我们头上。

  Occupation of Iraq does not mean that the U.S. has the right to impose its will on the Iraqi people. 占领伊拉克并不意味美国有权把它的意愿强加在伊拉克人民头上。

  blow over: go away without having a serious effect (暴风雨等)停止,平息; (问题、不愉快的事情)被淡忘

  The scandal blew over quickly. 丑闻很快被淡忘了。

  My hu******************and and I have frequent quarrels, but they soon blow over. 我和我的丈经常吵架,但是吵架很快就忘了。

  29. …… you must be able to accept courtesy, receive it gladly, rejoice when it comes your way . 礼貌还包括能够接受他人对你的文明举止,受到礼遇要高高兴兴,当它不期而至时要以喜悦表示欢迎。

  come one's way: get or experience sth. unexpectedly or by chance (事情)被某人碰上

  Actually I didn't look for the job. It came my way. 事实上,这份工作不是我刻意去找的,而是碰巧得到的。

  Such opportunities never come my way. 我从来就没碰上过这种机会。

  accept 愿意接受 /receive 收到

  I received an invitation last night, but I didn't accept it.

  30.…some people are suspicious of gr acious treatment. They suspect the other person of having some ulterior motive. 有些人对别人的善待怀有疑心,他们怀疑别人有什么不可告人的动机。

  be suspicious of/about ******************./sth.对某人或某物、某事起疑心

  She suddenly became kind to us, and we were suspicious of her intention. 她突然对我们好起来了,我们对她的意图有怀疑。

  suspect ******************. of sth./doing sth. 怀疑某人做……

  He was suspected of taking bribes. 他被怀疑受贿。

  31. But some of the most precious gift in life come with no strings attached . 可是生活中的有些最宝贵的赠品却是不带有任何附加条件的。

  But some of the precious things we enjoy in life such as a beautiful day, a sunset, or be pleasant smell of a rose are gifts from nature, offered to every one of us unconditionally.

  with no strings attached : without imposing any condition on the recipient 没有附带条件的

  China gives aids to developing countries with no strings attached.中国对发展中国家的援助是不附带任何条件的。

  32. Those are the world's courtesies to us,offered with love and without thought of reward of return,这些都是大自然对我们的恩惠,以爱心赠与我们,毫不考虑是否会有奖赏或回报。

  These things are generously given by Nature. She gives them away with love, expecting nothing in return.

  33. Good manner are,or should be like that. 礼貌也是如此,或者说应该如此。

  Good manners should also be offered without thought of reward or return.

  34. In the end,it all come down to how you regard people… 最终,礼貌的实质是你如何看待人 ……

  Finally,it can be summed up as a simple matter of your attitudes towards people…

  come down to sth…。 be a simple matter可归结为……。

  This matter comes down to what road to take in our modernization drive.这个问题归根结底是我们在努力实现现代化的过程中走那条路的的问题。

  The whole matter comes down to a competition for human resources. 整个问题可以归结到是对人才的竞争。

  35. The only constant, daily, effective solution is politeness——which is the golden rule in action. 唯一能经常、每天使用的有效办法就是以礼待人这个行为准则。

  Politeness is the only effective behaviour we can show readily day after day. This is an important principle to follow so that we shall succeed in what we're doing.

  golden rule: an important thing to remember to do in order to be successful.金科玉律

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