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  1. Mr. Fotheringay suddenly decided to consult Mr. Maydig,…

  佛泽林盖突然决定找梅迪格先生咨询一下 ……

  consult: 向 …… 请教,咨询,查阅(字典);与 …… 商量

  You should consult with Mary about it. 你该和玛丽商量那件事。

  2.What I want to know is whether what I am going to do with it is a miracle or not.


  do with : 处置,对付

  I don't know what to do with these used books. 我不知道如何处置这些用过的旧书。

  do with 与 can 连用 : 忍受 , 满意

  I can't do with children’s cry. 我无法忍受孩子的哭。

  3.…and presently he ventured to lean over the table and smell the violets.


  venture to do : 大胆去做,冒昧去做,(正式)鼓起勇气去做

  Very few people venture to go out at night in a snow storm.


  He decided to venture all his money on the scheme.


  He ventured his life to rescue the drowning woman.


  4.Just told it—and there you are .


  I just said what I wanted to happen and this is t he result

  There you are : 在解释或演示某件事时,用来表示事情很简单。

  You just put the food in it, switch on and press the button and there you are.


  5.…I knew no more that I could do things like that than you did. 我跟你一样,也不知道我还能作这样的事。

  I knew that I could do such things as little as you did./ I was as ignorant of my miraculous powers as you were.

  no more…than/not…any more than 与 …… 一样(不) ……

  I know no more about the British history than a ten-year old schoolboy.

  关于英国历史,我的知识和一个 10 岁的孩子一样不多。

  He is no more fit to be a minister than a pupil of grade two in a primary school.


  6.Mr. Maydig had followed all these changes with small cries.


  Each time Fotheringay worked a miracle, Mr. Maydig cried out in wonder.

  7.What I am in need of advice for most is about Winch… 我最需要得到的咨询是有关温契的事 ……

  I am most in need of your advice about what I shall do about Winch

  in need of 需要

  We are badly in need of water. 我们极需要水。

  The house is in need of decoration. 这房子需要装修。

  8.But we'll leave Winch for a little ……We’ll deal with Witch a bit later. Let's discuss more important questions.


  leave ******************/sth. for a little/while… 把 …… 先搁下(不谈,不处置)

  Let's leave our dispute about the matter for a while.


  9.And so, urged by Mr. Maydig, Mr. Fotheringay began to work miracles.


  urge ****************** on: encourage ******************. to do sth. 力 劝,催促,怂恿 ………( 开始或继续做 …。)

  Urged on by his parents, he decided to participate in the Math Olympic competition.


  The man's ambition urged him on to success.


  10………their sense of power grew, their imagination increased, and their ambition enlarged. 俩人的权力感扩张,想象力加强,野心膨胀。

  They became more ambitious and more keenly aware of what Mr. Fotheringay's magic power could achieve; they thought of working greater miracles.

  11.Mr. Myadig waved the Witch difficulty away , and made a series of wonderful proposal.


  wave sth away/aside 驳回(建议,主张,观点等)

  He was so absorbed in his success that he waved all suggestions away.


  He waved aside all our objections.

  他驳回 我们 所有的反对意见。

  proposal/plan/suggestion   proposal 指的是正式提出的建议或意见,以供参考、接受或实施或拒绝予以考虑 .

  China's proposal for the establishment of a free trade zone was greeted by the Southeast Asian countries.

  中国 有关 成立自由贸易区的提议得到东南亚国家的欢迎。

  suggestion :意见,建议,提议,特指为了改进或解决某一问题而出建议,办法等,但不一定正确,仅供参考。

  He did it at the doctor's suggestion. 他是根据大夫的建议这么做的。

  plan : 计划,规划,方案

  Our plan has been approved by the school authorities.


  12……The small hours found Mr. Maydig and Mr. Fotheringay outside under the moon. 凌晨时分梅迪格先生和佛泽林盖先生已来到室外月光之下,佛泽林盖先生对自己的伟大不再发憷。Shortly after midnight, Mr. Fotheringay and Mr. Maydig went outside under the moon.

  small hours: shortly after midnight, the very early morning.

  ( a time/event) find ******************. +adj/prep phrase/doing (主要用于书面语)  在 …… 时某人处于某种状况,或正在做 ……。

  witness/ see ( a place/period of time)witness/see (an event/change………) 也有类似的用法

  The past 30 years witnessed great development of friendly relations between China and African countries.

  在过去 30 年里中国和非洲国家的友好关系得到巨大的发展。

  Night found him lying o n the ground.


  13.…got to be at business by night .我明天八点钟还要上班呢。I am afraid I have to go back home. I have to start work by eight.

  at business 上班 / on business 因公出差 / out of business 停业,失业,没有生意

  I have to be at busines s by 9 o'clock. 我得 9 点前上班。

  He went to Britain on business. 他因公赴英国。

  Continuous spread of SARS could put many tourist agencies out of business . SARS 的继续流行会使许多旅行社关门歇业。

  must ( can , may ) be doing: 情态动词 + 动词进行式表示“应当正在 ……。 想必正在 ……”

  It's past ten. I must be going home. 已过 10 点了,我该走了。

  They can't be using the room now. 他们现在不可能在用这间房间。

  14. …full of the sweetness of unlimited power. 看到自己有了无边能量,他感到真是妙不可言。… enjoying the delight one feels of being able to do whatever one wants.

  15.That's a bit tall . 这可有点离谱。That would be going too far./ That would be a little too difficult.

  tall: (informal) difficult, impossible (口语)过分夸大的,离谱的

  a tall order/story/tale 苛刻的要求,艰难的任务 / 离谱的故事,吹牛

  16.It isn't as if we were doing harm…… 我们这样做又不是干坏事。No harm would be done.

  It isn't (is) as if… 好像是

  It isn't as if you did not know the matter. 你又不是不知道这件事的。

  They talked so warmly with each other; it was as if they had known each other for many years.


  17.Immediately he was flying head over heels through the air at the rate of dozens of miles a minute.


  head over heels 头向下,头向前

  He jump into the water head over heels . 他头向下地跳进水里。

  He was head over heels in debt. 他深深陷入债务中。

  18.He thought in a second, and willed. “Let me down safe and sound .” 他想了一会儿,又说,“让我平安落地吧。”

  safe and sound/safe and well: out of danger and unharmed. 平安;完全

  When he returned home after an absence of one month, he found everything was safe and sound at home.


  Don't worry. The boys will return safe and sound.


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