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  1.Many years ago trying to help people with every kind of trouble left me with one sure conviction …多年以前, 帮助人们解决各种各样问题的过程使我深信,……

  Trying to help people with every kind of trouble caused me to believe one thing firmly…

  help ******************. with… 帮助某人做 ……

  Could you help me with the cooking? 你能帮我做饭吗?


  trust信任,信赖 某人时,你便是依靠于他。 Pupils put their trust in their teachers. 小学生们都信赖他们的老师

  faith 信任,信念,表示对某人或某时非常信任, 而这却可能是无法提供证据的。I have faith in this medicine. 我相信这种药。

  belief相信,信念,信仰, 指虽然没有确切的证据,但还是认为某事物是真实的,从而在思想上予以接受,该词使用范围很广,可涉及到观点、理论、哲学、宗教信仰甚至等。 He has a strong belief in Buddhism. 他深信佛教。

  conviction 深信,确信; 信念, 是指一种强烈的信念。He joined the Communist Party on the basis of his conviction that communism will prevail through the world. 他加入共产党是基于他坚信共产主义将在全世界胜利。

  2.in case after case the difficulty could have been overcome—or might never have arisen- 在一个个事例中,如果人们相互以礼相待,问题完全可能会得到解决,或许根本不会出现。

  sth after sth 用来表示某事频繁发生

  Year after year the Government refused to provide more funds for education. 一年又一年,政府拒绝给教育增加投资。

  sth after sth 用来表示某事频繁发生

  Year after year the Government refused to provide more funds for education.一年又一年,政府拒绝给教育增加投资。

  Case after case I found some young people from broken families addicted themselves to drugs.在一个个事例中,我发现一些来自破裂家庭的年轻人吸毒。

  3. Courtesy, politeness, good manners——call it what you will, the supply never seems to equal the demand. 礼貌也好,客气,或文明举止也好,无论你称它什么,其供应总是小于需求。

  Whether you call it courtesy, or politeness, or good manner, people's need for it always far greater than they show. (people practice less courtesy than they should.)

  equal: v.与……相等

  be equal to: adj.与……平等,与……相等

  Your achievements are equal to his.你取得和他一样的成就。

  I am not equal to the position. 我不能胜任这个职位。

  He equals me in strength but not in intelligence.他和我的力气一样大,但他的智力不如我。

  4. It's not so much what my hu******************and says,“ a tearful wife confides, ”as the way he says it…。一位泪流满面的妻子向我透露说,“(使我伤心的)倒不是我丈夫说的那些话,而是他说话的态度,……

  A wife in tears told me ,“What made me so sad was not what he said, but the rude way he said it…”

  not so much…as… 不是 …… 而是 ……

  He works hard not so much to impress his boss as to give his ability into full play. 他努力工作, 不是为了给他的上司留下好印象,而是为了能够充分发挥他的才能。

  Good manner depends not so much on how we look at ourselves as on how we look at other people. 良好的举止不取决于我们如何看待自己,而是如何看待别人。

  5.Such complaints are not limited to people who sit in my study: 这种抱怨不仅是那些坐到我书房里和我谈心的人才有

  be limited to/limit sth to .: 把限制在 …… 之内

  Your composition is limited to 200 words. 你的作文字数限制在 200 字内。

  We must limit the expense to 100 yuan. 我们必须把开支限制在 100 元内。

  6.Human being everywhere hunger for courtesy. 世界上的人们渴望受到礼遇

  hunger for sth: have a strong desire for sth. 渴望得到 ……

  People in the war-torn areas hunger for peace. 遭受战争破坏地区的人民渴望和平。

  I hunger fo r true love, but I find it hard to get. 我渴望真爱,但我发现真爱很难得到。

  7.Good manners,“ said Ralph Waldo Emerson,” are the happy way of doing things.“ 爱默生说:”礼貌是愉快行事的方式。“

  Good manners are the suitable/ appropriate way of doing things

  happy: (of words, ideas, behaviour,etc.)

  well suited to the situation; pleasing happy choice of words恰当的选词

  happy combination of colours 色彩搭配恰当

  8.And the reverse is equally true. Bad manners can ruin a day——or wreck a friendship. 反之一样,(不讲礼貌是不愉快地办事),不文明的举止可以破坏一天的心境,或许还会毁掉友情。

  Bad manners bring about entirely different results. (Bad manners are the unhappy way of doing things.) You will feel unhappy if you are treated impolitely. Bad manner can ruin a friendship.

  the reverse (of sth.): the things that is the contrary or opposite to what happens/applies 相反的情况

  She did the reverse o f what I told her. 我告诉她怎么做,但她却做得与我告诉她的相反。

  9……courtesy is often nothing more than a highly developed sense of fair play. 强烈的公平意识当然是一个要素,文明举止往往只不过是高层次的公平意识。

  Courtesy in its highly developed form is often just equal treatment for both or all sides involved.

  nothing more than : only; hardly different from 只不过是 ……, 不是别的而是 ………

  To their disappointment, what they discovered was nothing more than cheap stones. 使他们大为失望,他们所发现的东西只不过是一些没有什么价值的石头。

  fair play : ( in the text) equal treatment for both or all sides involved 公平、公正地行事

  10. ……I'll put up with yours the rest of the way. 剩下的路,还是让我跟在你的后面吃尘土吧。

  The rest of the way I'll endure the dust caused by your car.

  put up with: 忍受

  I left the party without telling the host, for I couldn't put up with these snobbish people. 我没有告诉主人就离开了晚会,我无法忍受那些势利小人。

  If I were you, I should not put up with her arrogance. 如果我是你,我是无法忍受她的狂妄。

  11. There was a man with manners, and an innate sense of fair play. 这真是一位有礼貌的人,一位天生有着公平意识的人。

  What a courteous man! He had good manner and, by nature, he was a man with a sense of fair play.

  There is a… 用来表示赞许

  Take the pill, there is a good boy. 乖孩子,把药吃了。

  innate : (of a quality, feeling, etc.) in one's nature; possessed from birth 天生的

  12…。to see into the mind or heart of someone else, to understand the pain or unhappiness there to do something to minimize it 这一品质能使人深入他人的思想和内心世界,理解他们的感情深处的痛苦或不幸,并尽力使之减缓。

  …to understand the innermost feeling of another person——what he is thinking or feeling deep down——in other words, the pain or unhappiness he keeps to himself and to help him the best way you can.

  see into : understand or have knowledge of 理解,调查

  A writer should be able to see into t he mind of ordinary people. 作家应该理解普通老百姓的思想。

  The manager promised to see into the matter himself. 经理答应亲自调查此事。

  mind : a person's thoughts 思想

  heart : a person's emotions感情

  此处 there 指 in the mind or heart of someone else

  13. …he feigned a great effort to open the bottle without success. 他假装使出大劲儿,还是没有拧开瓶盖。

  He pretended that he had to use a great effort to open the bottle, but he failed.

  feign sth./that (正式)假装……

  When his mother came in, he feigned that he was reading a book. 当他妈进来时,他假装在读书。

  14.What impelled the boy to take so much trouble to spare the feelings of a stranger? Courtesy, compassionate courtesy 是什么促使这个年轻人不厌其烦地这么做?是礼貌,基于同情心的礼貌。(为了不让一个陌生人感到自己无用而难堪)

  Why did the boy take a lot of trouble so that a stranger wouldn't feel embarrassed?

  impel ******************. to do /to sth 促使 … 干 …

  What impelled him to accept the dirty job? 什么使他接受这么脏的工作?

  The increasing inflation impelled the government to extreme measures. 日益严重的通货膨胀迫使政府采取了一些极端的措施。

  take the trouble to do sth. 费劲去做 ……

  In order to exercise her fingers, the old woman took the trouble to wash clothes by herself. 为了练她的手指,老妇人不怕麻烦自己洗衣服。

  spare ******************. from sth. : to prevent ******************. from having an unpleasant experience 使人免受 …… (不愿意之事)

  To spare her embarrassment , don't ask her about her parent’s devoice. 为了不使她难堪,别问她有关她父母离婚的事。

  15 …the capacity to treat all people alike regardless of all status or importance 能够不管人们的社会地位的高低或是起作用的大小,对所有的人都一视同仁。

  the capacity to treat all people equally whether they are socially important people or just ordinary citizens.

  treat ******************. alike : 一视同仁

  Teachers should treat all students , clever or slow, alike. 老师应该对所有的学生,不管是聪明的还是苯的,一视同仁。


  like 用作形容词时,表示“相似的”,在句子里可作定语。 We have like attitudes towards the matter. 我们在这件事上的观点大致相同。

  alike 词性为形容词和副词,用作形容词时,表示“相同的,相似的”,但在句子里只能做表语。 The two sisters look exactly alike.

  regardless of :paying no attention to 不顾

  Regardless of danger , he climbed the tower all alone. 不顾危险,他独自一人爬那个塔。

  He bought her girl friend whatever she wanted regardless of the expenses. 不管花多少钱,他给他女朋友买她所要的任何东西。

  16. Even when you have doubts about some people, act as if they are worthy of your best manners.既使对有些人你不太有把握(他们是否值得你的礼遇),也要以礼相待,就向他们值得你这样对待他们一样。 Even when you are not sure whether some people deserve your good manners, treat them as if they do.

  have doubt about ******************./sth 对 … 有怀疑

  I had little doubt that we would earn profits from the project. 我毫不怀疑我们这个项目能盈利。

  worthy of 值得

  The new method is worthy of trying. 新方法值得一试。

  His heroic deeds are worthy of all praises. 他的英雄行为值得大大表扬。


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