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  1. …。It was asserting the impossibility of miracles that he discovered his extraordinarypowers.正是在他斩钉截铁地说奇迹不可能发生的时候,他发现了自己的特异功能。

  …was saying / stating clearly and forcefully that there were no such things as miracles.

  assert vt.断言;(坚决)主张,维护

  He asserted his judgment to be right. 他断言自己的判断是对的。

  miracle: a surprising and welcome act or event which does not follow the known law

  of nature and is therefore thought to be caused by God 奇迹

  power: a particular ability of the body or mind能力,才能;体力,精力

  special: 特别的, 格外的when writing a composition, he pays special attention to the correctness of grammar.写作文时,他特别注意语法的正确。

  extraordinary: 非凡的, 异乎寻常的He had acquired an extraordinary command of the English language.他对英语语言的掌握非凡的好。

  2. Toddy Beamish opposed everything he said by a monotonous but effective “So you say,” and drove him to the limit of his patience. 无论他说什么,托德。 比米什都说同一句单调却又很起作用的话加以反对:“这可是你说的,”这真使他忍无可忍。

  Whatever he said, Toddy Beamish world disagree and say “ That's only what you say, in a dull and unchanging, but effective way; this made him so angry that he could no longer put up with it.

  So you say:是你这么说的(意思是:事实并非如此)

  drive ******************. + adj/prep. phrase/to do sth: cause or force ******************. to go into a specific unpleasant state or to do a specific thing…… 将某人逼入不悦的境地;迫使某人去做 …。

  Unemployment and the death of his wife drove him to desperation. 失业和他的妻子死去把他逼向绝望。

  Hunger drove him to steal. 饥饿使他去偷窃。

  the limit of one's patience.忍无可忍,无法忍受

  The unceasing cries of the children almost drove me the limit of my patience. 孩子不停的哭声几乎使我无法忍受。

  3. Mr. Fotheringay determined to make an unusual effort 佛泽林盖先生决心作出点不寻常的事来。

  determine to do/ be determined to do决心 , 决定,决意,下定决心

  My mother is determined that I should enter business after graduation. 我母亲决意要我毕业后从商。

  I determined to continue to work in Tibet though my tenure was over. 尽管我的任期已满,我决定继续在西藏工作。

  make an effort to do: 努力,尽力

  Every effort should be made to improve the investment environment of Beijing. 应尽一切努力来改善北京的投资环境 .

  4. It's something contrary to the course of nature done by power of Will.奇迹是通过意志的力量产生违反自然规律的事物。

  A miracle is something caused by the will of God, which is impossible according to the ordinary laws of nature.

  contrary to: (介词) 违反,与……相反

  Contrary to our expectation, the Chinese football team lost all the games in the World Cup.与我们的期望相反,中国足球队在世界杯比赛中一场球也没赢。

  Contrary to popular belief, the film turned out to be a failure.与大众的看法相反,这部电影结果是个失败。

  on the contrary: 相反地(用来强调不同意前面所提到的观点)

  He was thought of useless. On the contrary, He proved to be useful. 人们都认为他这个人没用,恰恰相反,他被证明很有用。

  5.…that lamp, in the natural course of nature, couldn't burn like that upside down ,could it, Beamish?在通常自然规律情况下,那盏灯倒过来不会燃烧,是不是,比米什?

  According to the normal laws of nature, that lamp couldn't burn upside dowm.

  upside down: 颠倒的,倒置地

  John, you have hung the photo upside down . 约翰, 你把那盏灯挂倒了。

  。  When she entered the room , she found that the thief had turned the room upside down. 当她进入房间时,发现小偷把她的房间翻得乱七八糟。

  6.“And you?” said Fotheringay, “You don't mean to say…?” “那你说呢?”佛泽林盖说,“难道你的意思是说?”

  What do you say?/ What's your opinion? Said Fotheringay.

  7.it was enough to make anyone say “ Hullo!” the incredible was visible to them all. 这足以让任何人惊叫一声“哎呀”!令人难以置信的事就摆在大伙眼前。

  What happened following Mr. Fortheingay's command was something that puzzled everyone present. (All of them saw the unbelievable thing happen. The miracle occurred right before the eyes of everyone on the spot.)

  hullo: (Br.E) used to show that you are surprised or confused by sth.

  be visible to ******************. : can be seen by ******************.对…… 来说能看得见的

  Her anger at the insult was visible to everyone present.每一个在场的人都看出他的气愤。

  The house is barely visible behind the dense woods.在浓密的树林后面房子几乎看不见。

  8 . Mr. Cox, the landlord, was the first to speak and his remark was to the effect that Fotheringay was a fool. 店主科可斯先生首先开口,他的话大意是说佛泽林盖当众出丑了。

  He made a few remark meaning that Fotheringay had made a fool of himself.

  the first (the last) to do: 第一个(最后一个)做……

  She is always the first to arrive and the last to leave. 她总是第一个到,最后一个离开。

  to the effect: with the meaning, or giving the information that…。大意是……

  He gave a speech to the effect that appreciation of RMB would affect the growth of Chinese economy.他作了一个演讲,大意是人民币升值会影响中国经济的增长。

  She issued a statement to the effect that she would resign from the post.她发表了一个声明说她不会从那个位置上退下去。

  9. Fotheringay himself was astonished beyond measures at the thing that had occurred. 佛泽林盖对眼前所发生的事非常震惊。

  Fotheringay himself was extremely surprised at the thing that had happened.

  be astonished at:对……大为吃惊

  We were astonished at his sudden decision of resignation form the Board of Directors.我们对他突然决定退出董事会感到十分吃惊。

  beyond measure: 非常,……之极

  No one envied him, for he was popular beyond measure 没人妒忌他,他太受欢迎了。

  10.The subsequent conversation threw no light on the matter, and everyone accused Fotheringay of a silly trick. 接下来的谈话也没有弄清这到底是怎么一会事,大家都指责说是佛泽林盖搞的鬼把戏。

  Then the people in the bar talked about what had happened, but could not understand what caused the lamp to hang burning upside down. So they blame Fotheringay for playing a silly trick on them.

  throw /shed/cast light on/upon: make sth clearer使明白,把………理出头绪

  Discovery of the virus threw no light on the cause of SARS.新病毒的发现并没有使人们搞清楚SARS的起因。

  The new facts threw some lights on the matter.新的事实给这件事理出了一些头绪。

  throw /shed/cast light on/upon: make sth clearer 使明白,把 ……… 理出头绪

  Discovery of the virus threw no light on the cause of SARS. 新病毒的发现并没有使人们搞清楚 SARS 的起因。

  The new facts threw some lights on the matter. 新的事实给这件事理出了一些头绪。

  accuse ******************. of: 指控,指责

  He was accused of taking bribery. 他被指控受贿。

  She accused her father of having broken his word 她责备她父亲食言。

  11.He went home red-faced and hot. 他面红耳赤地回到家里,心情烦躁。

  He went home, feeling puzzled, confused and troubled.


  a white-haired lady/ a long-legged girl/ a grim-faced man…白发老妇/长腿姑娘 /脸色铁青的男人

  12.it accurred to him that at the precise moment he said the commanding words he had willed the thing he said 他猛然意识到在他说出那句命令的话的一瞬间,他已经凭意志力实现了他所说的事情。

  Suddenly he realized the moment he gave the command, he made the thing he said happened with his mental power.

  accurate: 正确无误的,侧重与事实无出入

  The police asked her to give an accurate account of the traffic accident.警察让她正确无误地讲述那次车祸。

  precise: 准确的,精确的,确切的,侧重极端准确,更强调细节的精确无误。

  All the parts of the watch must be assembled precisely. 表的每一个零件必须精确地装配。

  will sth. 用意念、意志做………try to make sth happen by using one's mental powers.

  The magician showed the audience how he willed the things they asked for.那魔术师给观众表演他如何用意念变出他们所要求的东西。

  13. …without being clear how this was done不明白他怎么能使那盏灯保持那种状态。

  …though he did not know what he should do to keep the lamp in the air.

  without being clear: not understanding 不明白,不懂

  We are not clear how SARS infects people.我们不明白SARS如何传染人的。

  He was perfectly clear what he should do under such a circumstance. 他很清楚在那种情况下他该做什么。

  14.He decided on another experiment. 他决定再试验一次。

  decide on : 就……做出决定,决定要………choose from two or more possibilities

  It is a difficult situation; I have to decided on every step.这是一个困难的处境,我必须对每一步行动做出决定。

  Has the list of the delegates for the NPC decided upon? 有否对人大代表的名单作出决定?

  15. He pointed to his candle and collected his mind . 他指着蜡烛,集中了意念。

  He pointed to his candle and concentrated his mind.

  collect one's mind/ one’ will 集中意念。

  16. He signed heavily, and began feeling in his pocket for a match.他沉重地叹了口气,并开始在口袋中摸火柴。

  …searching his pocket with his fingers to find a match.

  feel……… for sth 摸……找……

  I felt in my pocket for small coins.我摸我的口袋找硬币。

  17.…then it dawned upon him that miracles were possible even with matches.然后他豁然明白了,可以用创造奇迹的办法弄些火柴。

  ……then he realized that he could get himself matches by using his will power.

  dawn on/upon ******************.: become clear to ******************………(事物)变得(令人)明白

  The truth began to dawn upon him.他开始明白事实的真相了。

  It never dawned on her that the story might be a fabrication……她从来就没明白这个故事是编出来的。

  18.“Let there be a match in that hand,” he said. “那只手里来根火柴。”他说。

  let there be 是以let开始的祈使句的一种形式

  Let there be light.让世上有光明!

  19.…and then it occurred to him that he might have willed it to be lit. 忽然他意识到可以凭意志力把蜡烛点燃。

  occur to ******************. : come into one's mind 突然想到(主意等)

  It occurred to him that he could try another method. 他突然想到他可以用另一个办法。

  It never occurred to her that her marriage would end in devoice.她从未想到她的婚姻会以离婚而告终。

  20.He caught it up hastily, and it went out. 他急忙把蜡烛拿起来,可是蜡烛却灭了。

  go out : (火,灯等)灭了

  The light suddenly went out. 灯突然灭了。


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