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  I. 用国际音标注出下列单词中划线字母或字母组合的读音。(每小题0.5分,共10分)

  1. occupy

  2. patience

  3. afford

  4. rhythm

  5. computer

  6. issue

  7. urge

  8. assure

  9. campaign

  10. shrewd

  11. coast

  12. admission

  13. suffer

  14. voyage

  15. entire

  16. doubt

  17. declare

  18. sign

  II. 词汇选择填空(从每小题的A、B、C、D四个答案中选出一个正确答案,对原文不得作任何改动。每小题1分,共20分)

  1. The majority of our students have never _____ the life of these native people.

  A. heard

  B. heard about

  C. heard of

  D. listened to

  2. You _______ go home now. It's getting late.

  A. would rather

  B. had rather

  C. would better

  D. had better

  3. I have ______ my shopping yet.

  A. done

  B. got

  C. make

  D. taken

  4. His father can get any ______ apart from his pay.

  A. money

  B. wages

  C. income

  D. salary

  5. I could just ______ a car in the distance, but I could not see what colour it was.

  A. see to

  B. clear up

  C. make out

  D. look at

  6. He can't find money for life necessities, ______ such luxuries as wine and tobacco.

  A. leave alone

  B. let alone

  C. let well along

  D. leave well alone

  7. The young people have a lot to _________ in the future.

  A. hope

  B. wish

  C. ambitious

  D. look forward to

  8. She was _____ to wait for over and hour.

  A. made

  B. taken

  C. had

  D. done

  9. How long is this cold weather going to ________.

  A. take

  B. last

  C. stay

  D. be

  10. I have so _______ time to enjoy myself.

  A. little

  B. a little

  C. few

  D. a few

  11. She ______ her mother's side of the family.

  A. take up

  B. takes for

  C. takes after

  D. takes over

  12. _______ had we entered the room when the telephone rang.

  A. Almost

  B. No sooner

  C. Hardly

  D. Just

  13. I should like to have you _____ my parents.

  A. met

  B. meet

  C. meeting

  D. to meet

  14. I heard somebody ________ at the door.

  A. knocked

  B. to knock

  C. knock

  D. knocking

  15. She helped her grandmother ________ the car.

  A. into

  B. on

  C. in

  D. to

  16. There have been quite a number of road ________ today because of yesterday's snowstorm.

  A. incidents

  B. accidents

  C. accidental

  D. incidental

  17. The monitor has ________ us of tomorrow's meeting.

  A. told

  B. said

  C. informed

  D. reported

  18. The child was knocked ________ by a passing car.

  A. on

  B. at

  C. in

  D. down

  19. I'm sorry to have ______ you waiting for a long time.

  A. kept

  B. made

  C. got

  D. let

  20. I was born in Tianjing, but I've made Beijing me ________.

  A. home

  B. family

  C. house

  D. room

  III. 语法选择填空 (每小题的A、B、C、D四个答案中,选出一个正确答案,对原文不得作任何改动。 每小题1分,共20分)

  1. If I had hurried, I _______ the plane.

  A. could catch

  B. would catch

  C. should catch

  D. would have caught

  2. In the boy's room _______ a bed and two chairs.

  A. there are

  B. there is

  C. there have

  D. there has

  3. _______ a wonderful photo you took!

  A. What

  B. How

  C. What is

  D. How is

  4. “I love to swim in summer”。 “ __________”。

  A. So I do

  B. I do too

  C. So do I

  D. Such do I

  5. She regretted paying ________ for the bookcase.

  A. twice as much

  B. as twice much

  C. much as twice

  D. as much twice

  6. He is said _________ two trips to Beijing in the last ten years.

  A. to make

  B. to have made

  C. to have been making

  D. to be making

  7. ______ is believing.

  A. Seeing

  B. Seen

  C. To be seeing

  D. To see

  8. Both what I say and ______ are right.

  A. my thoughts

  B. what I think

  C. what I though

  D. my thinking

  9. Either coffee or _______ is fine with me.

  A. drinking tea

  B. drink tea

  C. to drink tea

  D. tea

  10. I was Jane ________ bought a dictionary from a second - hand book store yesterday.

  A. who

  B. which

  C. that

  D. whom

  11. Seldom _______ this road flooded.

  A. have I seen

  B. I have seen

  C. I saw

  D. I had seen

  12. Under his arm _______ a great album.

  A. was he carrying

  B. he was carrying

  C. did he carry

  D. had he carried

  13. ________ I like about her is her liveliness.

  A. That

  B. How

  C. What

  D. Which

  14. I hope she will make _______ progress as you.

  A. as so

  B. as much

  C. much as

  D. so as

  15. If the rain ______, we'll be able to go to the zoo.

  A. stops

  B. stop

  C. will stop

  D. is stopping

  16. Had you worked harder at college, you _______ a better job.

  A. could get

  B. could have got

  C. would get

  D. would have got

  17. She works ______ she were well - trained.

  A. like

  B. likely

  C. as if

  D. seem

  18. ________ I should fail again, I will not give up the experiment.

  A. Even so

  B. Although

  C. Even if

  D. Though

  19. The directors will meet tomorrow, ________ the schedule is changed.

  A. if

  B. but

  C. unless

  D. or

  20. He gave up _______ on medical advice.

  A. smoking

  B. to smoke

  C. smoke

  D. to being smoke

  IV. 在下列短文的空格内填入适当的词,每格只能填一个词。 (每空格0.5分, 共10分)

  Last night I was driving from Harrisburg to Lewisburg, PA. , a distance of about 80 miles. It was late at one point along an open highway, I came to a crossroads with a traffic ______1. I was alone on the road by now but as I approached the light, it ______2 red, and I braked to a halt. I looked left, right, and behind me. Nothing. No car, no suggestion of headlights, but there I sat, waiting _____3 the light to change, the only human being, for at least a mile _____4 and direction.

  I started wondering why I refused _____5 run the light. I was not afraid _____6 being arrested, because there was obviously ______7 cop anywhere around and there certainly would have been no danger in going _____8 it.

  Later that night, after I'd met with a group in Lewisburg, and climbed ______9 bed near midnight, the question of why I'd stopped for that light came ______10 to me. I ______11 I stopped because it's part of a contract we ______12, and we trust each ______13 to honor it. We don't go through ______14 lights. Like most of us. I'm more adp to be restrained ______15 doing something bad by the social covention that disapproves of it ______16 by any law _____17 it.

  It's amazing _____18 we ever trust each other to do the ______19 thing, isn't it? And we do, too. ______20 is our first inclination.

  V. 根据所学课文的内容,用适当的答案完成下列句子 (每小题2分,共20分)

  1. The fast train has changed Japan in two ways: __________________.

  2. The official languages in Hong Kong are _____________.

  3. A Shanghai - registered ship bound for London stops at Singapore for supplies because ___________.

  4. Write down six members among Member States of the EC ___________.

  5. Europe's Largest port is ___________.

  6. Mozat died in 1971, so 2001 was _____________.

  7. The function of the Suez Canal is __________________.

  8. Japan's post - war decades have been an age of ________________.

  9. Europeans hope that ___________.

  10. These days the Americans complain that ________________.

  VI. 将下列句子译成英语 (每小题2分,共20分)

  1. 虽然疼痛难忍,他还是强作笑颜。

  2. 她一向喜爱古典音乐。

  3. 这家旅馆装有现代化的设施。

  4. 人人都应为国家的前途担忧。

  5. 这辆车车况良好。

  6. 没有人能对他的讲话提出疑问。

  7. 年轻的女孩们都身着盛装去赴宴。

  8. 他的成就为她赢得了尊敬与爱戴。

  9. 他的大房子座落在街道的尽头。

  10. 我对她不够熟悉不好求她帮忙。


  I. 略。


  1. B

  2. D

  3. A

  4. C

  5. C

  6. B

  7. D

  8. A

  9. B

  10. A

  11. C

  12. C

  13. B

  14. D

  15. A

  16. B

  17. C

  18. D

  19. A

  20. A


  1. D

  2. B

  3. A

  4. C

  5. A

  6. B

  7. D

  8. B

  9. D

  10. C

  11. A

  12. B

  13. C

  14. B

  15. A

  16. D

  17. C

  18. C

  19. C

  20. A


  1. light

  2. turned

  3. for

  4. in

  5. to

  6. of

  7. no

  8. through

  9. into

  10. back

  11. think

  12. have

  13. other

  14. red

  15. from

  16. than

  17. against

  18. that

  19. right

  20. Trust


  1. it has created a huge city by linking Tokyo and Osaka and people have started using the fast train as a daily routine, thus creation a new tempo of life.

  2. both English and Chinese.

  3. No passenger ship can carry s supply from Shanghai to London.

  4. France, Germang, Italy, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Greece, Spain, Belginm, Denmark, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Portugal.

  5. Rotterdam.

  6. the 300th anniversary of his death

  7. to provide a shorter passage from Europe to Asia.

  8. rapid economic growth

  9. a truly United States of Europe will emerge one day.

  10. Some Japanese get things done by understand means.


  1. Although he was in great pain, he forced a smile.

  2. She has always been fond of classic music.

  3. The hotel is fitted up with modern comforts.

  4. Everybody should be concerned about the future of their country.

  5. This car is in good condition.

  6. Nobody can possibly doubt what he says.

  7. The young girls were all dressed up for the occasion.

  8. His success earned him respect and admiration.

  9. His big house stood at the end of the street.

  10. I do not know her well enough to ask her for help.


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