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  I Mulitple choice ( 40 points in all , 1 for each )

  1. which of the following is NOT regarded as one of the characteristics of Renaissance ?

  A. Exaltation of the man's pursuit of happiness in this life .

  B. Cultivation of the genuine flavor of ancient culture .

  C. Tolerance of human foibles

  D. Praise of man's efforts in having his soul delivered .

  2. The most significant intellectual movement of the Renaissance was __________ .

  A. the Reformation

  B. humanism

  C. the Italian revival

  D. geographical explorations

  3.What is the relationship between Claudius and Hamlet ?

  A. Cousins

  B. Uncle and nephew .

  C. Father-in-law and son-in-law .

  D. Father and son .

  4. Which of the following plays does not belong to Shakespeare's great tragedies ?

  A. Romeo and Juliet

  B. King Lear

  C. Hamlet

  D. Macbeth

  5. Which statement about the Elizabethan age is not ture ?

  A. It is the age of translation .

  B. It is the age of bourgeois revolution .

  C. It is the age of exploration .

  D. It is the age of the protestant reformation .

  6.Una in The Faerie Queene stands for _______ .

  A. chastity

  B. holiness

  C. truth

  D. error

  7. In Hamlet's soliloquy , when he says , “ To sleep , perchance to dream : ——ay, there's the rub . ” What is the primarily thinking about ?

  A.The bad dreams that have recently been troubling him .

  B. The fact that if dying is like going to sleep , then perhaps after death we have bad dreams .

  C. The sinful behavior of Gertrude , whose guilty dreams he would like to know .

  D. His desire to sleep so that he will not have to take vengeful action .

  8. __________ first made blank verse the principle instrument of English drama .

  A. Shakespeare

  B. Wyatt

  C. Sidney

  D. Marlowe

  9. “ the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune ” is an example of ______ .

  A. allegory

  B. simile

  C. metaphor

  D. irony

  10. In “ Not on thy sole , but on thy soul , harsh Jew , / Thou mak'st thy knife keen ” , Gratiano ( a character in The Merchant of Venice ) uses a rhetorical device called ____.

  A. hyperbole

  B. homonym

  C. paradox

  D. pun

  11. In The Faerie Queene Spenser impresses us with his skillful blending of religious and historical ________ with chivalric _________ .

  A. symbolism …… lyricism

  B. allegory …… romance

  C. elegy …… narrative

  D. personification …… irony

  12. Milton's paradise Lost took its material from ______ .

  A. the Bible

  B. Greek myth

  C. Roman myth

  D. French romance

  13. Christopher Marlowe wrote all the following plays except _______ .

  A. Tamburlaine the Great

  B. The Jew or Malta

  C. Cymbeline

  D. The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus

  14. Which of the following plays by Shakespeare is NOT a comedy ?

  A. The Merchant of Venice

  B. A Midsummer Night's Dream

  C. As you like It

  D. Romeo and Juliet

  15. _______ is the most common foot in English poetry .

  A. The iamb

  B. The anapest

  C. The trochee

  D. The dactyl

  16. “ In a dream vision , Arthur witnessed the loveliness of Gloriana , and upon awakening resolves to seek her . ” The two literary figures “ Arthur ” and “ Gloriana ” are from ____ .

  A. The Fairie Queene

  B. Romeo and Juliet

  C. Dr. Faustus

  D. Paradise Lost

  17. In “ Sonnet 18 ” , William Shakespeare _______ .

  A. meditates on man's mortality

  B. eulogizes the power of artistic creation

  C. satirizes human vanity

  D. presents a dream vision

  18. The 18th century witnessed that in England there appeared two political parties ____, which were satirized by Swift in his “ Gulliver's Travels . ”

  A. the whigs and Tories

  B. the Senate and the House of Representative

  C. the upper House and lower House

  D. the House of Lords and the House of Commons

  19 . __________ compiled the “ the Dictionary of the English language ” which became the foundation of all the subsequent English dictionaries .

  A. Ben Johnson

  B. Samuel Johnson

  C. Alexander Pope

  D. John Dryden

  20. The publication of “___________” marked the beginning of Romantic Age .

  A. Don Juan

  B. the Rime of the Ancient Mariner

  C. The Lyrical Ballads

  D. Queen Mab

  21. In 1850 , Wordsworth completed a long autobiographical poem entitled “________” .

  A. Biographic literaria

  B. The Prelude

  C. Lucy poems

  D. The Lyrical Ballads

  22. Which is Shelley's masterpiece ?

  A. Queen Mab

  B. Prometheus Unbound

  C. Prometheus Bound

  D. The Revolt of Isiam

  23. Which is Shelley's work of literary criticism ?

  A. An Essay on criticism

  B. A Defence of Poetry

  C. On the Necessity of Atheism

  D. Of Studies

  24. In the 19th century English literature , a new literary trend _____ appeared And it flourished in the forties and in the early fifties .


  B. naturalism

  C. realism

  D. critical realism

  25. The greatest English critical realist novelist was _____ , who criticized the bourgeois civilization and showed the misery of the common people .

  A. william Makepeace Thackeray

  B. Charles Dickens

  C. charlotte Bronte

  D. Emily Dickinson

  26. ______ was a critical realist and also a severe exposer of contemporary society . His novels , such as “ Vanity Fair ” , are mainly a satirical portrayal of the upper strata of society .

  A. George Eliot

  B. Elizabeth Gaskell

  C. William Makepeace Thackeray

  D. John Bunyan

  27. Dickens takes the French Revolution as the background of the novel “_______” .

  A. A Tale of Two Cities

  B. Great Expectations

  C. Hard Times

  D. David Copperfield

  28. “________ ” is often regarded as the semiautobiography of the author Dickens in which the early life of the hero is largely based on the author's early life .

  A. Tom Jones

  B. David Copperfiels

  C. Oliver Twist

  D. Great Expectation

  29. Which is Thackeray's masterpiece ?

  A. The virginians

  B. Vanity Fair

  C. The Books of Snobs

  D. The Newcomes

  30.The title of the novel “ Vanity Fair” was taken from Bunyan's masterpiece “_________”。

  A. The Dilgrim's Progress

  B. Child Harold's Pilgrimage

  C. Gulliver's Travels

  D. The Canterbury Tales

  31. Of all the following issues , ______ is definitely NOT the focus of the Romantic writers in the American literary history .

  A. Puritan morality

  B. human bestiality

  C. noble savages

  D. divinity of man

  32. Henry David Thoreau's work , ______ , has always been regarded as a masterpiece of the New England Transcendental Movement .

  A. Walden

  B. The pioneers

  C. Nature

  D. “ Song of Myself ”

  33. “ Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind ” is a famous quote from ______'s writings .

  A. Walt Whitman

  B. Henry David Thoreau

  C. Herman Melville

  D. Ralph Waldo Emerson

  34. The famous 20 -year sleep in “ Rip Van Winkle ” helps to construct the story in such a way that we are greatly affected by Irving's _______ .

  A. involvement with the passage of time

  B. transient beauty

  C. laziness and corruptibility of human beings .

  D. supernatural manipulation of man's life

  35. According to Emerson , man's capacity is _______ .

  A. ambiguous

  B. limited

  C. infinite

  D. subsidiary to god

  36. Moby Dick , the big white whale , is possibly read as symbolic of all the following EXCEPT _________ .

  A. malignancy

  B. beauty


  D. God

  37.According to Nathaniel Hawthorne , romance should be _______ .

  A. both imaginative and creative

  B. full of adventures

  C. a true record of human life

  D. a mixture of facts and fancy

  38. Which of the following is NOT emphasized by the New England Transcendentalism ?

  A. Nature is not purely of matter , but alive with God's overwhelming presence .

  B. Individual human beings are depraved , hence they should be improved .

  C. Material economy is good for spiritual wealth .

  D. In every single human being there dwells the divine spirit .

  39. The pink ribbon appears three times in respectively three places in “ Young Goodman Brown”, which might possibly suggest that ______ .

  A. Goodman Brown's night trial in the forest might be an illusion .

  B. Faith is seen to be there with Brown at the witch meeting .

  C. Hawthorne uses it as an indication of Brown's physical pressence in the forest .

  D. the pink ribbon is not Faith's

  40. Walt Whitman was a founding figure of American poetry . His innovation first of all lies in his use of _____ , poetry without a fixed beat or regular rhyme scheme .

  A. blank verse

  B. heroic couplet

  C. free verse

  D. iambic pentameter


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