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  1.Multiple choice (40 points in all , 1 for each )

  select from the four choices of each item the one that best answers the question or complets the statement . Mark your choice by blackening the corresponding letter A.B.C or D on the answer sheet .

  1. In the medieval period , it is Chaucer alone who , for the first time in English literature , presented to usa comprehensive ___________ picture of the English society of his time and created a whole galery of vivid ___________ from all walks of life in his masterpiece “the Canterbury Tales ”。

  A. visionary / women

  B. romantic /men

  C. realistic / characters

  D. natural / figures

  2. Humanism spmg from the endeavor to restore a medieval reverence for the antique authors and is frequently taken as the beginning of the Renaissance on its conscious , intellectual side ,for the Greek and Roman civilization was based on the conception that man is the __________ of all things .

  A. measure

  B. king

  C. lover

  D. rule

  3. Many people today tend to regard the play “ The Merchant of Venice ” as a satire of the hypocrisy of __________ and their false standards of friendship and love , their cunning ways of pursuing worldliness and their unreasoning prejudice against _________ .

  A. Christians / Jews

  B. Jews / Christians

  C. oppressors / oppressed

  D. people / Jews

  4. In “ Sonnet 18 ” , Shakespeare has a profound meditation on the destructive power of _________ and the eternal __________ brought forth by poetry to the one he loves .

  A. death/ life

  B. death/ love

  C. time / beauty

  D. hate / love

  5. In the 18th century English literature , the representative writer of neo-classicism is __________ .

  A. Pope

  B. Swift

  C. Defoe

  D. Milton

  6. The ______ was a progressive intellectual movement throughout western Europe in the 18th century .

  A. Renaissance

  B. Enlightenmrent

  C. Religious Reformation

  D. Chartist Movement

  7. Blake , Wordsworth , ___________ , Byron , Shelley and __________ are the major Romantic poets .

  A. Coleridage / Southey

  B. Coleridge / Keats

  C. Keats / Scott

  D. Scott / Coleridge

  8. Best of all the well -known lyric pieces written by P.B. Shelley is the poet “________” , for here his rhapsodic and declamatory tendencies find a subject perfectly suited to him .

  A. To a skylark

  B. The Cloud

  C. Ode to the West Wind

  D. Men of England

  9.In his early novels , Charles Dickens attacks one or more specific social evils in each : for example , the dehumanizing workhouse system and the dark , criminal underworld life in “______________” .

  A.The pickwich Paper

  B.David Copperfield

  C.Oliver Twist

  D.A Tale of Two Cities

  10. The title of the novel “ Vanity Fair ” was taken from Bunyan's masterpiece __________.

  A. The pilgrim's Progress

  B. Gulliver's Travels

  C. Hard Times

  D. Wuthering Heights

  11. G.B. Shaw's plays have plots ,but they do not work by plots . It is the vitality of the __________ that takes primacy over mere story .

  A. characterization

  B. depiction

  C. talk

  D. metaphor

  12. The title of the novel “ A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man ” written by James Joyce suggests a character study with strong _________ elements .

  A. autobiographical

  B. sentimental

  C. joyful

  D. bitter

  13. A typical Forsyte , according to John Galsworthy , is a man with a strong sense of __________ , who never pays any attention to human feelings .

  A. property

  B. justice

  C. morality

  D. humor

  14. According to D.H. Lawrence , the __________ is most resposible for the alienation of the human relationships and the perversion of human personality .

  A. pride of the aristocratic class

  B. vanity of the middle class

  C. man's desire for power and money

  D. capitalist mechanical civilization

  15. G.B. Shaw's play , Mrs . Warren's frofession is a grotesquely realistic exposure of the _______________.

  A. slum landlordism

  B. political corruption in England

  C. economic oppression of women

  D. religious corruption in England

  16.In Shaw 's play , Mrs Warren's Profession , Mrs. Warren once said :“ If there is a thing I hate in a woman ,it's want of character. ” The word “want ” here means __________.


  B. lack


  D. need

  17. According to the ideas discussed in Chapter 13 of The Man of Property , the tense relationship between Soames , the husband ,and Irene , the wife , is caused by __________.

  A.Irene's free-minded way of thinking

  B.Irene's love for Bosinney

  C. Soames's love for Irene

  D. Soames's strong desire to possess Irene

  18. Thematically Yeats's poem , “ The Lake Isle of Innisfree ”,__________________.

  A. celebrates the rich and colorful life of the modern people

  B.criticizes the emptiness of the hermit's life in the remote country .

  C. laments the loss of the Irish legendary tradition

  D. laments the emptiness of the urban life and advocates a return to the simple and serene life of nature documentary precision are main features of his writing .

  19. Eliot's poem , The Waste Land , is mainly concerned with the _________ of a modern civilization .

  A. social corruption

  B. spiritual breakup

  C. physical breakup

  D. religious corruption

  20. Eliot 's “ The love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock ” is presented as a (n) __________, suggesting an ironic contrast between a pretended “ love song ” and a confession of his incapability of facing up to love and to life in a sterile upper-class world .

  A. interior monologue

  B. authentic dialogue

  C. lyric song

  D. religious confession

  21. The excerpt from Chapter 10 of Sons and Lovers ends with the conflict between Paul and his mother . The conflict is possibly caused by Paul and his mother's different views towards __________ .

  A. Paul's father

  B. art

  c. life

  D. Paul's brother

  22. The __________ can be regarded as one of the themes of Joyce's story “ Araby ” .

  A. loss of innocence

  B. childish love

  c. awareness of harsh life

  D. false sentimentality

  23. After reading “ Araby ” , one may feel the story has a _________ tone .

  A. joyous

  B. harsh

  c. solemn

  D. painful

  24. In “Araby ” , Joyce's diction evokes a sort of __________ quality that characterizes the boy on his otherwise altogether ordinary shopping trip .

  A. religious

  B. moral

  C. sentimental

  D. vulgar

  25. The major concern of ___________ fiction lies in the tracing of the psycholoical development of his characters and in his energetic criticism of the dehumanizing effect of the capitalist industrialization on human nature .

  A. D. H. Lawrence 's

  B. J. Galsworthy's

  C. W. Thackeray 's

  D. T. Hardy's

  26. The mission of __________ drama was to reveal the moral , political and economic truth from a radical reformist point of view .

  A. T.S. Eliot's

  B. J. Galsworthy's

  C. W. Thackerary 's

  D. T. Hardy 's

  27. Irving was best know for his famous short stories such as ___________ .

  A. Rip Van Winkle

  B. Young Goodman Brown

  C. Life of Goldsmith

  D. Life of Washington

  28. Melville's ___________ is an encycolopedia of everything , history , philosophy , religion , etc .

  A. The Old Man and the Sea

  B.Moby - Dick

  C. White Jacket

  D. Billy Budd

  29 . Mark Twain created , in ____________ , a masterpiece of American realism that is also one of the great books of world literature .

  A. Huckleberry Finn

  B. Tom Sowyer

  C. The Gilded Age

  D. The Mysterious Stranger

  30. American literature produced only one female poet during the ninetheenth century , This was ___________ .

  A. Anne Bradsteet

  B. Jane Austen

  c. Emily Dickinson

  D. T. S. Eliot

  31. The main theme of ___________ The Art of Fiction reveals his literary credo that representation of life should be the main object of the novel .

  A. Henry James'

  B. Mark Twain's

  C. Theodore Dreiser's

  D. William Howells'

  32. In the 1920s, O'Neil established an international reputation with the plays _________.

  A. The Emperor Jones

  B. Anna Christle

  C. The Hairy Ape

  D. all of the above

  33.In 1954 , ___________ was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature for his “ mastery of the art of modern narration . ”

  A. T.S. Eliot

  B. Ernest Hemingway

  C. John Steinbeck

  D.William Faulkner

  34. “The apparition of these faces in the crowd ; Petals on a wet , black bough . ” This is the shortest poem written by _____________.

  A. T.S. Eliot

  B. Robert Frost

  C. Ezra Pound

  D. Emily Dickinson

  35. In Robert Frost 's famous poems “ Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening ”, there are four lines like these :“ The woods are lovely ,dark and deep , /But I have promises to keep , ?And miles to go before I sleep , / And miles to go before I sleep ”。 The second sleep refers to _____________.

  A. die

  B. calm down

  C. fall into sleep

  D. stop walking

  36. Of the following American poets , whose work was first recognized in England and then in America ? ___________.

  A. Robert Frost

  B. Walt Whitman

  C. Emily Dickinson

  D. Wallace Stevens

  37. “ For I have had too much / Of apple-picking: I am overtired / Of the great harvest I myself desired ”。 From these lines we can conclude that the speaker ____________.

  A. is happy about the harvest

  B. is tired of the work of apple-picking

  C. is not tired when seeing the harvest

  D. becomes indifferent of the job

  38. Chinese poetry and philosophy had great influence on _____ .

  A. Robert Frost

  B. Ralph Waldo Emerson

  C. Ezra Pound

  D. Emily Dickinson

  39. The Hemingway code heroes are best remembered for their ________________ .

  A. indestructible spirit

  B. pessimistic view of life

  C. war experiences

  D. masculinity

  40. Lots of people rushed to Gatsby's party at the weekend and they clustered around Castsby 's wealth like ______________ .

  A. gluttons

  B. flies

  C. insects

  D. moths

  1.C 2.A 3.A 4.B 5.A 6.B 7.B 8.C 9.C 10.A 11.C 12.A 13.A 14.D 15.C 16.B 17.D 18.D 19.B 20 A 21.C 22.A 23.D 24.A 25.A 26.C 27.A 28.B 29.A 30. C 31.A 32.D 33.B 34.C 35.A 36.A 37.B 38.C 39.A 40.D


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