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  In return 作为(对某物)的付款或回报

  What do we give them in return.

  Conceive of 想像、认为

  I laughed to myself at the men and the ladies. Who never conceived of us billion-dollar Babies(俚语:人)。


  Scores of 很多

  Scores of young people.

  Strike sb. as … 给某人留下印象

  These conclusion strike me as reasonable.


  Drop out 脱离传统社会

  Ever since 自从

  In hopes of 怀着…希望

  Every since civilization began, certain individuals(人) have tried to run away from it in hopes of finding a simpler, more pastoral, and more peaceful life

  Support oneself 自食其力

  Run out of 没有,用完,耗尽

  Our planet is running out of noble savages and unsullied landscapes.


  the other way (round) 相反

  come off 成功

  These are the ones whose revolutions did not come off.

  In need of 需要

  It dawns on a familiar, workaday place, still in need of groceries and sewage disposal.


  In short supply 供应不足,短缺

  Break down 瓦解,崩溃

  Broke down our resolve. 丧失了我们的决心

  Out of work 失业

  dawn on sb. 逐渐明白

  It dawned on us rather suddenly that the number of passengers on the small spaceship we inhabit is doubling about every forty years.

  Come down (from…) (to…)从一处来到另一处

  Eat sth. up 吃光

  In profusion 大量地

  She had magnificent blonde hair, in profusion.

  Take a shot 猜测

  As a point of departure 起点

  As doctors often do I take a trial shot at it as a point of departure.


  as yet 到现在为止

  As yet, no man has set foot on Mars.


  Get somewhere 有进展,取得一些成就

  If only 只要

  If only they wouldn‘t use the word “hurt” I might be able to get somewhere.

  Up to sb. 取决于某人

  So long as 只要

  Fall in love with 爱上

  After all, I had already fallen in love with the savage brat, the parents were contemptible to me.

  Let out 发出(叫喊)

  She let out a scream of terror.


  Hold sb. down 控制住某人,压制某人

  I tried to hold myself down but I couldn‘t.

  Open up 张开

  She open up for an instant but before I could see anything she came down again and gripped the wooden blade between her molars.

  Reduce sth. to 将…化为(变成)

  She reduced spatula to splinters before I could get it out

  Through with sb. 结束

  We are going to through with this.

  Go at sth. 努力做某事

  He went at the job with a lot of energy. 他工作卖力

  Tear sb/sth apart 严厉地批评…,彻底毁灭…

  I could have torn the child apart in my own fury and enjoyed it.

  Bred of … 由…造成

  But a blind fury, a feeling of adult shame, bred of a longing for muscular release are the operative.


  On the defensive 采取守势

  She had been on the defensive before but now she attacked.

  Fly at 冲上去攻击某人

  Tried to get off her father‘s lap and fly at me while tears of defeat blinded her eyes.

  Come to light 为人所知

  New evidence has recently come to light

  At one‘s request 应某人之请求

  An anonymous doctor claimed to have killed a 20-year-old cancer patient at her own request.

  Rumble on 继续下去

  This started a debate that will rumble on into the autumn.

  Hardly any 几乎没有

  Get sth. over with 把不得不做的事做完(表示一种耐烦)

  She‘ll be glad to get the exam over with.


  Far gone 病重

  The injured man was fairly far gone by the time the ambulance arrived.

  Hold out 持续

  How long can the distinction between killing and letting die hold out?

  Stand to gain 以职谋权

  A man stands to gain from the death of a certain child.

  On request 一经要求

  Only squeamishness demands a difference between passive and active euthanasia on request……

  Intrude on 干涉,介入

  It is not clear why the religious objections of others should intrude on his death.

  Usher in 预示

  By refusing to discuss euthanasia, they usher in something worse.


  Be supposed to 应该

  Her role is supposed to be to vote the way her male chairman votes.


  Break out of 改变生活方式

  Run for … seat 竞选…职位

  When I tried to break out of that role in 1963 and run for the New York State Assembly seat from brooklyn‘s Bedford [5bedfEd] [5bruklin]

  Build up 捧某人

  Why invest time and effort to build the girl up?

  Drop out 退出

  Have kids 生孩子

  You know she‘ll only drop out of the game to have a couple of kids just about the time we’re ready torun her for mayor.

  All the time 一直

  Be in for 就要体验到

  I‘m just telling you that you are in for a disappointment.

  Leave sth. along 不干涉Why don‘t you just leave it alone now?

  Break in 插话

  “No, he isn‘t,” she broke in.

  Let it go 不再(多说、多做)

  I thought she was hinting at something but I let it go.


  Get into trouble 被捕、陷入困境

  Even an experienced climber can get into trouble.

  Get away 逃离

  But Salina wouldn‘t let him get away so noncommittally.

  Hide out 躲藏,到一个没有人能找得到的地方

  The gangsters hid out in a remote cabin until it was safe to return to the city. 暴徒们在一个偏僻的小屋中藏了起来,直到能够安全回城

  Go for 想要取得

  You think he might go for the scholarship?

  Check up 检查

  Magpie needs some relief from this constant surveillance, constant checking up.

  Just about 几乎

  Just around 大约

  Pick sb. up 逮捕某人

  They picked him up for breaking the condition of his parole.

  Now and again 偶尔,不时

  I like to go to the opera now and again.

  Shake out 抖开、抖出

  She had taken it out of its box that afternoon, shaken out the moth-powder, given it a good brush.

  Snap at 厉声地对某人说

  How sweet it was to see them snap at her again from the red eiderdown.

  Feel like 想要

  Take sth. off 取掉

  He sat on the bed to take his boots off.

  Go on about 长时间谈论某事

  I got tired of him going on about all his problems.

  Keep sth. on 继续穿戴某物

  You don‘t need to keep your hat on indoors.


  Dress up 打扮

  It was the old offer dressed up as something new.

  Rush/come to the/sb‘s rescue 帮助某人

  Carol's brother rushes to the rescue and sent her $1000

  Come along 出现

  Run after 追逐某人

  A beautiful woan came along and dropped her bunch of violets, and a little boy ran after to hand them to her.

  Flick sth away (轻轻地)弹掉…

  Flick the match away

  Over and over (again) 多次

  Knock over sb 撞倒某人

  Trot on 小跑而来

  Trot off 小跑而去

  off (with sb) (对某人)不礼貌,不友好

  He was a bit off with me this moring.


  Get to know 认识

  But then 不过,然而

  Let alone 更不必说

  Her skin was a rich black that would have peeled like a plum if snagged, but then no one would have thought of getting close enough to Mrs. Flowers to ruffle her dress, let alone snag her skin.

  她的皮肤黝黑,如果被尖锐的东西弄破,就会像李子一样剥落下来,然而从来没有人会想到走近Mrs. Flowers, 去弄皱她的衣服,更不用说去碰她的皮肤了。

  Fresh in one‘s memory 记忆犹新

  One summer afternoon, sweet-milk fresh in my memory, she stopped at the Store to buy provisions.


  Hang back犹豫

  I hung back in the separate unasked an unanswerable questions.


  Bear in mind 记住

  But bear in mind, language is man‘s way of communicating with his fellow man and it is language alone which separates him from the lower animals.

  Set down 写下、记下

  Words mean more than what is set down on paper.

  Boggle at 吃惊

  Imagination boggle at 难以想象

  My imagination boggled at the punishment I would deserve if in fac-t I did abuse a book of Mrs. Flower‘。

  我无法想象如果我真的没好好读Mrs. Flower借给我的书,应当受到什么样的处罚。

  Try one‘s hand at 尝试

  She warned that she hadn‘t tried her hand at baking sweets for some time.


  Brush off 刷掉,拂去

  When I finished the cookies she brushed off the table and brought a thick, small book from the bookcase.

  Exchange A for B with sb. 用A和B作交换

  He exchanged the black jacket for a blue one with salesman.

  Single out 挑选出

  I didn‘t question why Mrs. Flowers had singled me out for attention.

  Do one‘s heart good 使人感到鼓舞,欢欣

  Take to 对…产生好感

  That do my heart good to see settled people take to you all.

  Trailed off 声音逐渐弱到不出声

  Her voice trailed off.

  On the order of 大约

  equipment costing on the order of a million dollars.


  in sb‘s place 处于谁的情况

  Try to put yourself in my place and think how you would feel.

  Get to sb. 影响某人

  I has become fashionable to think that, like fast food, fast ideas are the way to get to a fast-moving, impatient public.

  Feed on sth 受到…滋养

  Hatred feeds on envy. 因妒生恨。

  Think up 想出

  She was trying to think up an excuse

  In the shape of 以…的形式

  This one was very young, with inexperience even in the shape of his mustache which he had shaved too much on the left side.


  Number off 报数

  Go away 走开

  Draw lots 抽签,抓阄

  Go by 遵照

  We must draw lots, unless it is thought that we should go by ages.

  Get off (with sth.) 免受处罚

  got off scot-free. 逍遥法外

  picture sth to oneself 想象或设想某事物

  This isn‘t the last draw we shall have, and picture to yourselves what it will be like in this cell if we have a privileged class.

  Leave sb/sth out of sth 排除在外

  Kidd has been left out of the team.

  Have it/things/everything one‘s own way

  Have it your own way. 按你的意思办吧

  Scrap of paper 纸片

  Feel for 摸索,寻找

  In one‘s favor 占优势

  an error in our favor. 对我方有益的错误

  force on sb 勉强某人接受某事物

  let sth drop 不再做或提某事(人)

  Some men drew the first slip which touched their fingers, others seemed to suspect that fate was trying to force on them a particular slip and when thety had drawn one little way from the shoe would let it drop again an choose another.

  Break up 结束

  Like a game of cards which has gone on too long, he only wanted someone to make a move and break up the table(game)。

  Go over (from… ) (to… )从一处到另一处

  Draw out 抽出

  He went over to his roll of bedding and drew out a writing pad.


  Saving grace 长处,可取之处

  Humor is the saving grace of us.

  Depend upon 确信

  You may depend upon it that before I have gone very far I fell an overpowering desire for sleep. 我敢说不管一天的什么时候,写不了多少就很想睡觉

  A kind of 表示一种不确定性

  Just a kind of dream. 可能就是一个梦吧。

  Make for 有助于

  I am making for myself a better reputation there than I am in this place.


  At once 同时

  Plunge … into … 进入某种状态

  Once in bed, when it is time to close the five ports(五官) of knowledge, most folks I know seem to find no difficulty in plunging their earthly parts into oblivion.

  Be given to (sth./doing sth.) 有做某事的习惯

  He's given to taking long walks.


  Thanks to 由于

  Some ski resorts opened early, thanks to a late-October snowstorm.

  Take sth to heart 把…放在心上

  Take these fables to heart. 用心记住这些故事。

  Cast up 计算

  …,no casting up the balance of the day‘s pleasure and pain.

  Sink into 陷入

  leave to (one's) own device 让某人独立处理问题,不支配某人

  They sink , at once, into stupid, heavy slumber, leaving you to your own mental devices.


  serve turn 适用

  The famous old plan of counting sheep jumping over a stile have never serve my turn. (p158)

  Come up 偶遇

  Make up 捏造,虚构

  I have the lonely child‘s habit of making up story and holding conversations with imaginary persons.

  Get back恢复

  Things will soon get back to normal.


  At a time 每次

  In so far as 在…范围内

  So it is clear what kid of books I wanted to write, in so far as I could be said to want to write books at that time.

  Get stuck 卡住,不能动弹

  They got stuck in a traffic jam.

  Put aside 抛开

  At any rate 无论如何,至少

  Put aside the need to earn a living, I think there are four great motives for writing, at any rate for writing prose.


  Get one‘s own back on 报复

  She wanted to get her own back on Liz for ruining her party.

  Store sth. up 储备或储存

  A squirrel storing up food for the winter.

  Strive after 奋斗

  Desire to push the world in a certain direction, to alter other people‘s idea of the kind of society that they should strive after.

  Once again 再一次

  Free form 没有

  Have nothing to do with 与…无关

  Once again, no book is genuinely free from political bias. The opinion that art should have nothing to do with politics is itself a political attitude.

  Turn the scale 扭转局面,改变形式

  The Spanish war and other events in 1936-1937 turned the scale and thereafter I knew where I stood.

  Take side 支持、领袖

  It is simply(仅仅、不过)a question of which side one takes and what approach on follow.

  In any case 无论如何

  In itself 就其本身而言

  Most of the work that most people have to do is not in itself interesting.

  At a loss 茫然,困惑

  Most people are at a loss to think of anything sufficiently pleasant to be worth doing.

  At time 有时

  First and foremost 首先

  In comparison with 相比之下,比较起来

  In comparison to other recent video games, this one isn't very exciting.

  At large 整个,总的

  In the long run 最后,从长远看

  Continuity of purpose is one of the most essential ingredients of happiness in the long run.

  Well-to-do 富裕的

  Kill time 消磨时间

  (As) a matter of course 理所应当的事

  We will contact your former employer as a matter of course.

  At one‘s best 处于最佳状态

  It seems that men are at their best between sixty and seventy.

  Not a few 相当多

  With/without one‘s knowledge 告知(未告知)某人

  He sold the car without his wife‘s knowledge.


  Get by 离开,通过

  He said it would never get by his desk because the Army would rescind the magazine‘s accreditation to cover the war.

  Sink in 完全理解

  The message begins to sink in.

  Not give a damn 毫不在乎

  And the mass of people in this country literally don‘t give a damn.

  Put on = switch sth on

  After all, you can switch off the TV news and put on Dick Van Dyke.

  毕竟你可以关掉电视新闻,换上Dick Van Dyke的节目。

  So what 就算是我也不在乎

  He‘s fifteen years younger than me.

  So what if he is?

  In the form of 以…的形式

  Deal in 沉溺于

  But what this country doesn‘t know is that America has created a monster in the form of millions of fighting men who have been taught to deal in violence.

  In no way 决不

  Stand up for 为某人说话、工作

  In a way 在某种程度上

  It‘s a distortion because we in no way considered ourselves the “best men” in this country, because those he called misfits were standing up for up in a way nobody else in this country dared to

  Tear sth apart 彻底毁灭

  Tear this country apart.

  Want of 缺乏,不足

  We found that too often American men were dying in those rice paddies(稻田) from want of support from out so-called allies.

  Blame sth on sb / blame sb for sth

  America blamed it all on the Viet Cong.

  Hand out 分配某物,分发

  Relief workers were handing out emergency rations to the survivors.

  Call for 要求

  The situation call for prompt action.


  Part and parcel of 重要部分,不可缺少的一部分

  Badly off 潦倒,穷困

  The diffusion of wealth now permits those of the poor who are less badly off than their father to do the same.

  Long since 很久以前

  I've long since forgiven her for what she did.



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