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  UNIT  29


  acquire  v. gain or come into possession of 获得

  acquisition  n. the act of acquiring  获得,得到

  adverse  a. not in favor of; opposing 不利的,相反的

  avoid  v. miss or keep away from, esp. on purpose 避免,躲开

  bond  n. a paper in which a government or an industrial firm promises to pay back with interest money that has been lent  债券,公债

  bilateral  a. between or concerning 2 parties 双边的

  cheque  n. a written order in a band to pay a certain sum of money from one‘s bank account 支票

  commerce  n. the buying and selling of goods, esp. between different counties; trade 商业,贸易

  distinction  n. difference 区别,差别

  execute  v. carry out, to perform or do completely 执行,实施

  hedge  v. make a fence round a field; protect 围护,保护

  in convertible  a. that can not be freely exchanged for other types of money 不能兑换(外币)的,不能转换的

  license  n. an official paper card, etc. showing that permission has been given to do sth. 许可,执照

  medium  n. substance, surrounding, in which sth. exists or through which sth. moves 中间,媒介

  obligation  n. a duty 职责,义务

  pension  n. an amount of money paid regularly to sb. who can no longer earn money by working, esp. because of old age or illness 抚恤金,养老金

  prevent  v. keep (sth.) from happening or existing 防止,阻止

  principal  a. most important; main 主要的,首要的

  quota  n. a stated number or amount, or a limit on a number  定额

  quote  v. give a price 报价,开价

  remit  v. send (money) by post 汇寄

  repatriation  n. bringing or sending (sb.) back to his own country, or to the country of which he is a citizen 遣返回国

  resort  v. sort again 再分开,再分类

  restrict  v. keep within limits  限定,约束

  terminology  n. specialized words and expressions used in a particular science, profession, activity etc. 术语,专门用语

  standpoint  n. a position from which things are seen and opinions formed  立场,观点

  utilize  v. make (good) use of 利用

  term  n.条款

  commercial bank  商业银行

  coupon  n. (附在证券上的)息票

  letter of credit  信用证(卡)

  traveler‘s cheque  旅行支票



  accrue  v.  become bigger or more by addition  自然增长

  analysis  n.  an examination of something together with thoughts and judgements about it  分析

  anticipate  v.  expect  期望,预期

  assess  v.  calculate the value of or the amount of for tax purposes  对(财产等)进行估价

  benefit  v.  be useful, profitable, or helpful to  受益

  boundless  a.  without limits  无限的

  commodity  n.  a thing of use or advantage, esp. sth. sold for profit  商品

  component  n.  any of the parts that make up or are needed for a whole (esp. for a machine or system)  组成部分

  compound  v.  put together to form a whole  使复合,使合成

  constraint  n.  the threat or use of force to direct the action of others  强逼,强制

  contribute  v.  help in bringing about  出一份力,贡献出

  control  v.  have power over; rule  控制,统治

  data  n.  facts; information   资料

  detect  v.  find out; notice  发现,注意,觉察

  essentially  ad.  basically  基本上

  establish  v.  set up (an organization)  建立

  esteem  v.  believe; respect and admire  信任;尊重

  fragment  v.  cause to be made up of incomplete parts  使成碎片

  frustrate  v.  cause (sb.) to have feelings of annoyed disappointment  使受挫

  gauge  n.  a standard measure of weight, size, etc., to which objects can be compared  标准尺寸,标准规格

  impact  n.  the force of an idea, invention, system, etc.  影响

  intelligence  n.  information gathered esp. about the rival party, etc; ability to learn and understand  谍报;智力

  intrinsic  a.  being part of thenature or character of someone or something  固有的;内在的

  luxury  n.  great comfort, as provided without worry about the cost  奢侈

  magnitude  n.  greatness of size or importance  大小,重要性

  monitor  n.  监控

  moot  a.  uncertain, undecided  争论未决的

  obvious  a.  easy to understand; clear  显而易见的

  pose  v.  state; offer for consideration  提出,形成

  potential  a.  existing in possibility  潜在的

  precise  a.  exact in form, detail, measurements, time, etc.  精确的,确切的

  preferable  a.  better (esp. because more suitable)  更可取的,更好的

  prevent  v.  keep (sth.) from happening or existing  防止

  propose  v.  suggest  建议

  reduce  v.  make smaller, cheaper, etc  减小,削价

  regulation  n.  an official rule or order  制度,法规

  resource  n.  the part of possessions in the form of wealth and goods that help one to do what one wants  资源,财力

  restrict  v.  limit; keep within limits  限制,限定

  scan  v.  examine closely, esp. in search  细看,审视

  sheer  a.  mere; unmixed with anything else  纯粹的,不掺杂的

  solution  n.  an act or way of finding an answer to a difficulty or problem  解决办法

  strategic  a.  skillful planning generally; a particular plan for winning success in a particular activity  战略(上)的

  survey  v.  examine the general condition of  概括地观察

  technique  n.  skill in art or some specialist activity  技术,技巧

  threat  n.  statement of an intention to punish or hurt sb., if he does not do as one wishes  威胁

  trend  n.  a general direction or course of development; tendency  趋势

  variation  n.  difference; the qualities that are not the same as each other  变化,不同

  verify  v.  make sure that sth. is correct or true  证实,确证

  vie  v.  compete  竞争

  foreign exchange rate  外汇汇率

  interest rate  利率

  UNIT  31


  accumulative  a. tending to make or become greater in number or quantity; heap up 积累的,积聚的

  activate  v. make active 使活跃起来

  anonymous  a. without a name; with name unknown 无名的;匿名的

  apprehension  n. (legal) seizing 逮捕

  authorize  v. allow; permit 许可

  asset  n. anything owned that has money value 财产

  attributable  a. that can be considered to be result of; accessible to 可归属的;可归因的

  compromise  v. make (someone or sth.) open to dishonour, danger, etc. 损害,损坏

  confidential  a. secret 秘密的

  corporate  a. of or belonging to a corporation 社团的,法人的

  cumulative  a. increasing steadily in amount 累积的,渐增的

  debug  v. search for and remove possible causes of trouble, faults, errors, etc. from a computer programme  移去(程序)中的错误

  deliberate  a. intentional; done on purpose 蓄意的,故意的

  detect  v. discover  发现

  erase  v. rube or scrape out; remove all traces of 擦去,消去痕迹

  erasure  n. rubbing out; scraping out 删去,消除

  espionage  n. practice of spying or using spies 谍报,间谍活动

  extortion  n. the act of obtaining by violence, threats, etc. 敲诈,勒索

  generate  v. produce 产生

  incorporate  v. include; make sth. a part of a group 收编,使结成社团

  inevitably  ad. always unfailingly 照例必有的,老一套的

  install  v. place fix (apparatus) in position for use 安装

  installation  n installing or being installed  安置,安装

  intimidate  v. make sb. fearful enough to do what one wants 恫吓,威胁

  log  v. record; enter facts in a log-book 记录

  lucrative  a. profitable 有利的

  misappropriation  n. taking and using wrongly; application of sb. else‘s money to a wrong use 滥用,盗用

  package  n. parcel, bale, bundle of things;packed together 包裹

  paralyse  v. make helpless 使瘫痪;使麻痹

  paramount  a. supreme; highest in rank 至上的

  payroll  n. list of person to be paid and the amounts due to each total amount of wages, salaries, etc. to be paid to them 工资名单,发放的工资额

  permeate  v. pass, flow or spread into every part of 渗入,弥漫

  sabotage  n. purposeful and secretly carried-out damage 蓄意破坏

  stereotype  n. a fixed pattern representing a type of person, things or events 陈规;老套

  substantial  a. large, considerable  大的,多的

  terminate  v. bring to an end; come to an end 使终止

  time-bomb  a bomb designed to explode at some time after being dropped, placed in position, etc. 定时炸弹

  trigger  n. the small tongue of metal pressed by the finger to five a gun 报机,触发器

  virtually  ad. almost, nearly 实际上

  vulnerable  a. that is liable to be damaged; not protected against attack 易受损害的

  hardware  n. 硬件

  software  n. 软件

  vault  n. (银行等的)保管库



  allegation  n.  statement esp. one made without proof  断言,主张;辩解(尤指提不出证明的);空言

  appeal (to)  v.  call on a higher court to change the decision of a lower court  上诉

  bemused  a.  confused, bewildered  困惑的,茫然的

  betrayal  n.  the act of being unfaithful  背叛;出卖

  breach  n.  an act of breaking a law, promise, etc.  违法;违约;不履行

  capacity  n.  position, character, ability, power  职位,资格;能力;能量

  capture  n.  the act of being taken by force  捕获,俘虏

  confidence  n.  full trust; secret  信任;吐露的秘密

  confidential  a.  spoken or written in secret  秘密的,机密的

  confidentiality  n.  the quality of keeping secret  秘密性,保密性

  convict  v.  (of a judge )declare in a law court sb. is guilty (of crime)  宣布…有罪

  count  n.  (legal) one of a number of crimes of which a person has been accused  (控告的一条)罪状

  criminal  n.  a person who is guilty of crime  罪犯,犯人

  deduct  v.  take away (an amount, a part) from a total  扣除,减去

  defendant  n.  a person in a law trial against whom a charge is brought  被告

  depress  v.  make sad, low in spirits  使沮丧,使消沉

  dismiss  v.  (of a judge ) stop a court case; send away from employment  驳回,对……不予受理

  enshrine  v.  put or keep (as if in a holy place)  珍藏

  extinguish  v.  end the existence of (sth.); put out ( a light or fire)  消灭;熄灭

  fidelity  n.  faithfulness, loyalty  忠诚,忠实

  gross  a.  clearly wrong in law; inexcusable  罪恶昭彰的;不可原谅的

  guilty  a.  having broken a law  犯罪的,有罪的

  impart  v.  give (qualities, knowledge, etc.)  给予;传授;传递

  inquiry  n.  actions and meetings which are to find out how something happened  侦察;审讯

  intelligence  n.  information gathered esp. about an enemy country  情报;谍报

  interference  n.  breaking in upon (other‘s affairs) without right or invitation  干涉,干预;干扰

  jail  n.  public prison  监狱

  layman  n.  non-professional person, not expert (esp. with reference to the law and medicine)  门外汉,外行

  lodge  v.  make (a statement ) officially; stay, usu. for a short time  正式提出,正式发表;(暂)住

  memoir  n.  a story of someone‘s life, esp. personal life  传记,传略

  obligation  n.  duty  义务;职责,责任

  plead  v.  speak or argue in support of  为…辩护

  preside  v.  be in charge; lead  负责;指挥;主管

  profit  v.  be benefited  得益

  recover  v.  get back (sth. lost )  重新获得;重新找到

  royalty  n.  sum paid to the owner of a copyright  版税

  rule  v.  decide officially  作出裁决,作出裁定

  safeguard  v.  protect  保护;捍卫;维护

  signal  n.  a sound, image, or message sent by waves as in radio or television  信号

  solicitor  n.  lawyer who prepares legal documents, advises clients on legal matters and speak on their behalf in lower courts  (初级)律师

  spy  n.  a person employed to find out secret information as from an enemy  间谍;侦探

  surpass  v.  go beyond in amount or degree  超过,胜过undertake  v.  affirm, promise; take up (a position )  肯定地说,保证,许诺;从事

  the Attorney-General  首席检察官,检察长

  fiduciary  a.  信托的;信用的;n. 受信托人



  adjust  v. change slightly to make suitable for new conditions 调整,调节

  bet  n. risk of money on the result of a future event  打赌的钱,赌注

  bindery  n. place where books are bound 装订所

  boom  v. grow rapidly  迅速成长,迅速发展

  bracket  n. a group of people who share some quality 一类人,等级

  breadwinner  n. person who works to support a family 养家活口的人

  bureaucrat  n. government officer who is appointed rather than elected 官僚

  capital  n. money that may be used for the production of more wealth 资本,资金

  compassion  n. feeling for the sufferings of others, sympathy  同情,怜悯

  contract  v. become smaller in size 收缩,缩小

  credit  n. honour, approval; trust; public attention 荣誉,赞成,相信,信任,瞩目,注目

  decently  ad. not causing shame or shock to others 不使别人感到害羞地;不使别人感到震惊地

  deduction  n. amount taken away 扣除量,扣除

  efficiency  n. the state or quality of working well and without waste 有能力,效力,效率

  enterprise  n. the courage that is needed to do sth. daring or difficult; an organization esp. a business firm  事业心;事业,企业

  equivalent  n. sth. that is equal in value, amount, meaning 相等物,等值物,等量物,对应词(语)

  expand  v.( cause to) grow large 扩大,增长,膨胀

  maze  n. state of confusion or bewilderment; network of lines, paths, etc.  混乱,迷惑

  net  n. a remaining amount after tax is paid  净值,净利

  physical  a. concerning material things 物质的

  primal  a. first in importance 主要的,首要的

  proxy  n. an example (of what others are like) 示例,代表

  reckon  v. calculate without counting exactly 估算,估计

  regulator  n. person who causes to obey a rule or standard  管理者,调整者

  scale  n. arrangement in steps or degrees 阶段,等级

  sluggish   a. slow moving, not very active or quick 缓慢的,懒惰的

  stink  v. give a strong bad smell 发恶臭

  sustain  v. keep strong; maintain 支撑,撑住,维持,保持

  trounce  v. defeat completely; beat or publish severely 打败;痛打;严厉惩罚

  tuition  n. fee for teaching  学费

  upscale  a. better than ordinary things, belonging to first-class 质优的;(商品)质优价高的,迎合高层次消费者的

  warp  n. a twist out of straight line 弯曲,歪斜

  yield  v. provide, give, produce  提供,给予,出产

  inflated  a.(物价)上涨的,通货膨胀的

  principal  n.本金

  UNIT  34



  assailant  n.  attacker  攻击者,进攻者

  confine  v.  keep within limits  限制

  crawl  v.  move slowly, pulling the body along the ground  爬,爬行;匍匐前进

  cripple  v.  weaken seriously  严重削弱

  decline  v.  refuse politely  谢绝

  dodge  v.  move quickly to escape or avoid sth.  躲闪,躲避,躲藏

  extremist  n.  a person who holds extreme views  极端主义者;过激分子

  file  v.  walk in line  排成纵队行进

  flight  n.  the aircraft making a journey  班机

  frail  a.  weak, fragile  虚弱的;脆弱的

  grief  n.  deep or violent sorrow  悲痛,悲伤

  herd  v.  drive people together as a herd  使集在一起,把…赶在一起

  holy  a.  of God and religion  神的;神圣的

  intact  a.  undamaged  未受损的;完整的

  lobby  n.  a hall or passage, which leads from the entrance to the rooms inside a building  门廊;门厅

  martyr  n.  a person who by his death or sufferings proves the strength of his beliefs  烈士;殉难者

  miracle  n.  remarkable and surprising event  奇迹;非凡的事例;令人惊奇的事情

  pilgrim  n.  a person who travels to a holy place as an act of religious love and respect  香客,朝山进香的人,朝拜圣地者

  pilgrimage  n.  a journey made by a pilgrim  朝圣,朝觐

  radical  a.  (of a person or his opinions) in favour of thorough and complete political change  激进的;激进派的

  riddle (with)  make many holes in (sth.)  把…打得布满窟窿

  riot  n.  a lot of violent actions, noisy behaviour by a number of people in a public place  暴乱,骚动

  score  n.  twenty, set of twenty  二十

  secular  a.  not religious  世俗的;非宗教(或教会)的

  shatter  v.  break suddenly and violently into pieces  粉碎,破碎

  shield  n.  a broad piece of metal, wood, plastic carried by soldiers, police as protection from blows  盾;防护物;护罩

  slaughter  v.  kill many people cruelly or wrongly  屠杀;残杀

  smear  v.  cover with sth. sticky  涂,抹;敷

  spate  n.  a large number coming together in time  大量;许多

  stun  v.  shock, confuse the mind of  震惊,使大吃一惊;使不知所措

  suspicion  n.  belief about someone‘s guilt  怀疑,猜疑;嫌疑

  van  n.  covered or roofed motor vehicle for carrying or delivering goods  大篷货车

  wage  v.  carry on, engage in (war, a compaign)  开展,进行

  witness  n.  a person who is present when something happens  证人;目击者

  plastic  a.  合成树脂做成的,塑胶做成的

  pyramid  n.  (古埃圾)金字塔

  shrapnel  n.  榴霰弹


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