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  5.to go beyond 超越

  The rapid development of science and technology goes beyond everyone‘s imagination.


  The Teacher‘s Last Shocking Lesson

  A remarkable woman reasons with her killer - and tapes it

  She used the miniature tape recorder for a graduate-school course she was taking. The device, though, would do much more than capture a lecture. ①It was a microcassette found in Kathleen Weinstein‘s shirt pocket that not only led police to her alleged killer but also revealed the New Jersey teacher to be a woman of extraordinary courage and compassion.②

  1.“do much more than + 动词原形”;,意思为“不仅仅做…”。“做得比…多”。


  2.这是一个强调句,alleged killer 指“被指控的凶手”,即“犯罪嫌疑人”。其中句中“found”是过去分词作定语修饰microcassette.a woman of extraordinary courage and compassion.



  Weinstein, 45, was on her way to an exam at Toms River High School South on March 14 when she got out of her gold 1995 Toyota Camry to buy a sandwich at the busy Toms River Shopping Center. That‘s where her path crossed that of Michael LaSane, who, police say, wanted just such a car to celebrate his 17th birthday.③ Grabbing Weinstein by the jaw, the attacker told her he had a gun and forced her into the Camry. ④The car was then driven to Manitou Park, about two miles from the shopping center. It was there, police believe, that Weinstein was able to activate the recorder she kept in her bag. ⑤According to Ocean County prosecutor Daniel Carluccio, the taped conversation between Weinstein and L.aSane took place as they removed personal items - bags, notebooks, her six-year-old son’s belongings, from the car. “It wasn‘t hysterical,” Carluccio says of the 24-mimue tape. “It wasn’t the kind of thing you would expect of someone who is facing a life-threatening situation. Mrs. Weinstein bravely and persistently used every skill and power she had to convince her attacker to simply take her car and not her life.”

  3.句中第二个“that”指的是“path”。 “who”的后面引导一个定语从句修饰“Michael Lasane”。



  4.grabbing Weinstein by the jaw 是现在分词短语作伴随状语。“grabbing sb. by …”表示“抓住某人…”。类似的用法:seize sb. by the collar (抓住某人的衣领),hit sb. on the nose (揍某人的鼻子),slap sb. on the cheek (煽某人的耳光)等等。译文:这名歹徒猛地抓住温斯坦的下巴,自称有枪并胁迫她上了车。

  5.此句是个强调句,强调的是地点状语there. “she kept in her bag”是定语从句,省略了that,修饰recorder.译文:据警察推测,温斯坦正是在这里才得以打开放在她包里的录音机。

  The excerpts of the talk released by the prosecutor show why Weinstein was a beloved figure at Thorne Middle School in Middletown, where she was a special-education teacher. ⑥“You haven‘t done anything yet,” she tells her attacker. “All you have to do is let me go and take my car. For my life, don’t you think I should be concerned and let you take my car? For my life! Do you really want to have that on your head?”⑦ At another point, the teacher tries to get him to open up. “Why don‘t you just tell me? Of course, it’s important. It‘s determining your whole life and the direction you’re taking.” Weinstein also talks about her son Daniel and her plans to take in a foster child with her husband Paul.⑧ “1 want to give something to somebody, to give something back,” she says.

  6.released by the prosecutor 过去分词短语作定语,修饰excerpts(谈话片断)

  figure 在此表示“人物”

  why 引导宾语从句,where 引导非限制性定语从句


  7.All you have to do 主语从句中有to do ,不定式作表语省略 to .

  动词 let 后面也要省略不定式符号 to ,should 用于加强语气,表示“竟然”


  8.take in 在此表示“接受,吸收”的意思


  Her powers of persuasion were to no avail. Weinstein‘s body, with hands and feet bound, was discovered by a hiker on March 17. ⑨She had been smothered with her coat. But before she died she somehow slipped the microcassette into her pocket without her killer knowing it.⑩ Because Weinstein had asked LaSane about himself and his family, police quickly had their suspect, the son of a local official. “Our impression was that she was very aware she was leaving something behind.” says Carluccio. He will not comment on LaSane’s side of the conversation except to say. “When you hear the tape, it will raise profound questions about what is happening in our world with juveniles and our society. It goes beyond materialism.”

  9.with hands and feet bound 是独立结构,被插在主语和谓语中间,其中bound 是bind 的过去分词。译文:3月17日,一名徒步旅行者发现了温斯坦的尸体,她的手脚被捆绑着。

  10.without her killer knowing it 动名词复合结构,her killer 是动名词的逻辑主语。


  Weinstein also helped leave behind a new program at Thorne Middle School in which students were encouraged to do nice things for others. Every morning Weinstein would announce various good deeds over the p.a. system and she solicited prizes from local merchants and restaurants. Given her fate, the name of the program has a heartbreaking resonance to it: Random Acts of Kindness. ⑾

  11.“given ”是介词,意思是“考虑到”,“在…情况下”。


  例:Given their inexperience, they have done a good job.


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