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  81. I hope my boy friend will be handsome, strong and ______ kind.

  A. above all B. in all C. at all D. after all


  1. 状语从句

  1) 如果你坚持不听我的话,我就是要惩罚你。

  If you persist in ignoring what I (have) said, I will punish you.

  2) 如果你不努力学习,你就没有可能在竞赛中取胜。

  If you do not study hard/work hard at your studied,you will stand no chance of winning / it will not be possible/it will be impossible for you to win in the contest.

  3) 如果他被迫去做他不乐意做的事,他不可能高兴。

  If he is compelled to do what he does not enjoy doing, he cannot be happy.

  4) 不论他怎么说,我也不相信他。

  Whatever he says, I won‘t believe him.

  5) 有些星辰的密度(density)达到某一点就会爆炸。

  Some stars explode when their density increases to a certain point.

  6) 直到最近我才意识到语言与文化密切相关。

  I didn‘t realize that language was closely related to culture until (quite) recently that language and culture were so closely related to each other.

  Not until (quite) recently did I realize that language was closely related to culture.

  7) 我工作了一整天,所以你来看我时,我很疲倦。

  I was very tired / exhausted when you came to see me, for I had been working the whole day.

  8) 随着研究技术变得更加先进,用于实验的动物数量将会大大减少。

  As research techniques become more advanced, the number of animals used in experiments will greatly decrease / decline / reduce / lower.

  9) 虽然管理者不能预测未来,但他们的许多决策还是要求他们考虑到未来可能发生的事情。Although managers cannot predict the future, many of their decisions require that they consider/take into account possible future events.

  10) 爱因斯坦声称物质和能量是可以相互转化的,因此没有绝对的时间和空间。

  Einstein claimed that matter and energy are interchangeable, so there is no absolute time and space/so time and space are not absolute.

  11) 我因打破了眼镜,所以看不清当时发生了什么事。

  I had broken my glasses (,) so I couldn‘t see what was happening.

  I couldn‘t see what was happening because I had broken my glasses. / because of my broken glasses.

  Because I had broken my glasses, I couldn‘t see what was happening.

  12) 我更喜欢住在乡村,因为那里空气污染不太严重。

  I prefer to live in the country in that the air pollution there is less serious.

  2. 名词从句

  2) 不用说,我们现在已不是生活在传统社会。

  It goes without saying that we are not living in a traditional society.

  3) 你是否把所有的钱都从银行里取出来由你自己决定。

  It‘s up to you whether you will withdraw all your money form the bank.

  4) 他们是怎样按计划完成这项工程的仍然是个谜。

  How they had completed the construction in time / as planned remained / is still a mystery.

  5) 他能否按时到达,现在还不得而知。

  It is not yet known/It is hard to say whether/if he will arrive/come on time.

  6) 人们认为饭后散步有助消化。

  It is believed that taking a walk after meals promotes digestion / is good to your stomach.

  7) 他说的与事实完全相反。

  What he said was totally opposed to the facts.

  8) 科学家正在研究为什么白日梦(daydreaming)会有益于人们的健康。

  Scientists are studying why daydreaming is beneficial/conducive to people‘s health.

  9) 他的肤色与他是否是个好教授没有关系。

  The color of his skin is irrelevant to whether he is a good professor or not.

  10) 那位生物学家相信某些动物物种正受到灭绝的威胁。

  The biologist is convinced / believes that some animal species are faced with the danger of extinction.

  11) 我不知道他是否能够提供有力的证据。

  I wonder if he can provide positive proof.

  12) 爱因斯坦声称物质和能量是可以相互转化的,因此没有绝对的时间和空间。

  Einstein claimed that matter and energy are interchangeable, so there is no absolute time and space/so time and space are not absolute.

  13) 最新的研究成果表明,白日做梦是日常生活的一部分。

  Recent research indicates that daydreaming is part of daily life.


  What you said has nothing to do/has no relevance with what we are discussing.

  3. 定语从句

  1) 一个具有文学艺术欣赏力的人能胜任这项工作。

  A person who appreciates / A person with appreciation of art and literature is qualified for the job.

  2) 处理这项事务的政府部门没有做统计。

  The government department that deals with this does not keep statistics.

  3) 短缺并未严重到你报道的那种程度。

  The shortage do not exist to the extent that you report.

  4. 比较级和最高级

  1) 快速旅行对人体的影响比我们意识到的要大得多。

  The effects of rapid travel on the human body are much greater than we realize.

  2) 一个社会的人口增长率越接近零,其人口便越老龄化。

  The nearer a society approximates to zero population growth, the older its population is.

  3) 近年来,计算机在各个领域的应用越来越广泛。

  In recent years, the computer is finding wider and wider application in all fields.

  4) 时间是世界上最容易浪费也是最难以把握的东西。

  Time is the easiest thing in the world to waste and the most difficult thing to control.


  On the average, men are higher than women by several inches/several inches higher than women.


  The test was much more difficult than we had expected.

  5. 动词

  1) 众所周知,即使同样的休闲活动,不同的人可能使用的方式也不相同。

  It is well known that even the same leisure activity may be used differently by different individuals.

  2) 据说那个病人曾要求医生助他一死。

  The patient is said to have asked the doctor to help him die.

  3) 几年前被认为不可能实施的手术现在医院都能做。

  Operations that were considered impossible a few years ago can now be performed in many hospitals.

  4) 绝大多数医学上的重大进步都是建立在动物研究基础上的。

  Most of the major medical advances are based on animal research.

  5) 演唱者是由他的学生担任钢琴伴奏的。

  The singer was accompanied on the piano by his pupil.

  6) 我们匆匆忙忙地赶回学校,生怕天会下雨。

  We hurried back to school lest it should rain.

  7) 三年前她曾在伦敦一家茶厂工作,工资很低。

  Three years age she used to work for a very low wage at a tea factory in London.

  8) 将来还会有脑力劳动和体力劳动的区别吗?

  Will there be any difference between the mental and the manual labor in the future?

  9) 警察已着手对这个案子进行细致、全面的调查。

  The police have taken a detailed and comprehensive investigation into the case.

  10) 人们对于如何达到这个目标有不同的看法。

  People have different ideas/views about how to attain the goal.

  11) 现在的问题不是读什么书而是怎样读书。

  The problem now is not what to read,but how to read.

  6. 强调句


  At that time it was folk music that was popular among college students.


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