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  2. 从句


  1.It was there, the police believe, _____ she was able to activate the recorder she kept in her bag.

  A. until B. which C. that D. when

  2.It is not yet known _____ computers will one day have vision as good as human vision.

  A. whether B. if C. that D. how

  3.Such attitudes amount to a belief _____ leisure can and should be put to good use.

  A. which B. if C. whether D. that

  4. Many of us visited the industrial exhibition, , to our disappointment, we saw very few high-tech (高技术) products.

  A. where B. which C. as D. that

  5. On the other hand concern is also growing about the possibility of a new economic order _____ resource-rich nations of the Third World would combine to set high commodity prices.

  A. which B. what C. that D. in that

  6.Studies have shown _____ teenagers often suffer from depression.

  A. that B. which C .in which D. in that

  7. It is becoming increasingly clear to policy-makers schools cannot solve all the problems of the larger community.

  A. that B. what C. when D. who

  9. There is no doubt _____ a large number of people have benefited from heart surgery.

  A. what B. of C. if D. that

  10. Such people _____ you describe are nowadays.

  A. as B. that C. who D. which

  11. Was it in that school _____ he developed his interest in physics?

  A. which B. from which C. where D. that

  12. Why do you blame him for his poor judgment on the matter _____ he really needs is encouragement?

  A. when that B. since that C. when what D. now that

  13. _____, I couldn‘t get a job in this company.

  A. Try as I might B. As I might try C. Try though I might D. I might try

  14. It is a well-known fact ____ a person will move in a circle when he cannot use his eyes to control his direction.

  A. that B. if C. when D. whether

  15. Very few people understood this contract, _____was very obscure.

  A. the language B. the language of which C. all it said D. which it had said

  16. Management often works hard to set up a situation _____work is done in series.

  A. that B. where C. which D. what

  17. Although Tom is satisfied with his academic achievement, he wonders ____will happen to his family life.

  A. it B. that C. what D. this

  18. We cannot leave this tough job to a person _____.

  A. who nobody has confidence B. in whom nobody has confidence

  C. for whom nobody has confidence D. who everyone has confidence of

  19. Six out of every ten prisoners in chains are black, which is _____ the chain gangs call up images of slavery in centuries gone by.

  A. where B. when C. what D. why

  20.Robots differ from automatic machines _____ after completion of one specific task, they can be reprogrammed by a computer to do another one.

  A. so that B. in which C. given that D. in that

  21. His name will be crossed out from the list _____ he makes the same mistake again.

  A. if B. unless C. because D. though

  22. Five minutes earlier, _____we may have caught the gunman.

  A. and B. but C. or D. so

  23. _____ I‘m supposed to work by myself, there are other people who I can interact with.

  A. If only B. So long as C. Even if D. As far as

  24. We hope that all the measures against sandstorms, _____ was put forward by the committee, will be considered seriously at the meeting .

  A. while B. after C. since D. as

  25. You are the best for the job _____ you apply your mind to it.

  A. until B. if only C. in case D. unless

  26. Einstein claimed that matter and energy are interchangeable, _____ there is no “absolute” time and space.

  A. so that B. even if C. in case D. in order

  27. In a sense, men of this kind begin not so much with a musical theme _____ with a completed composition.

  A. but B. than C. as D. that

  28. You must push away the many temptations that are always present _____ your schedule is useless.

  A. and B. but C. or D. for

  3. 比较级和最高级

  1. The more time you waste, the _____(easy)it is to continue wasting time.

  2.The _____ (far)away we get from the earth, the thinner the air becomes.

  3.The greenest and _____ (plentiful) leaves are the leaves of grasses living all over the world.

  4.We know that we are getting even older, and that the nearer a society approximates to zero population growth, the _____ (old) its population is likely to be.

  5.Large or fat people who want to look _____(small)than they are usually wear dark clothes.

  6. As Jane was the _____ (old), she looked after the other children in the family.

  7. The effect of rapid travel on the body is actually far _____ (disturb) than we realize.

  8. The _____ (far) away we get from the earth, the thinner the air becomes.

  9.He was unable to sit still for _____ (long) than a few minutes.

  10.The more stress you are under, _____ (likely) you are to catch a cold.

  11. Is this because pupils from Britain‘s private schools are more intelligent than those from state schools, or are they simply _____ (well) prepared?

  12. They are too easily regarded as evaluated certainties rather than as _____ (raw) of raw materials crying to be processed into the texture of logic.

  13. The _______ (good) he feels, the more work he will do.

  4. 词形转换

  1.The continuing professional education of _____ (high) educated adults will become a third level in addition to undergraduate and professional or graduate work.

  2.The explorers were puzzled over what to do next because they were in a _____ (trick) situation.

  3.These electric appliances are all similar in construction but each one is _____ (specialize) in its function.

  4. The child was playing _____ (danger) near the edge of the swimming pool.

  5.We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere _____(appreciate)of your help.

  6.Robots, becoming ___(increase)prevalent in factories, are programmed and engineered to do more jobs.

  7.The author of the text expresses a strong _____(disapprove)of working on and off frequently.

  8. The government has taken measures to reduce the total energy ______(consume)。

  5. 词汇和短语

  1.Almost everything a manager does _____ decisions; indeed, some suggest that the management process is decision making.

  A. imposes B. improvises C. involves D. indicates

  2.Astronomers and scientists think that a black hole is a region of space _____which matter has fallen and _____ which nothing can escape.

  A. towards … towards B. into … from

  C. out of … from D. through … through

  3.American men don‘t cry because it is considered not _____ of men to do so.

  A. characteristic B. tolerant C. symbolic D. independent

  4.At the end of 1994 the British Government introduced new measures to help _____ domestic workers from abuse by their employers.

  A. protect B. suspect C. expect D. inspect

  5.The specific use of leisure _____ from individual to individual.

  A. ranges B. distinguishes C. varies D. covers

  6.Nations are _____ as “aged” when they have 7 per cent or more of their people aged 65 or above.

  A. limited B. classified C. originated D. processed

  7.It is touching to see how a cat or dog - especially a dog - _____ itself to family and wants to share in all its goings and comings.

  A. attributes B. applies C. assigned D. attaches

  8.She was more _____ than frightened.

  A. surprising B. interested C. hated D. surprised

  9.The attention of the public was continually _____ to new possibilities in scientific fields and the discovery of new knowledge.

  A. applied B. drawn C. referred D. thrown

  10.Few, _____ any,live their lives without some degree of unhappiness and suffering.

  A. like B. except C. if D. when

  11.Many women are too concerned _____ staying thin and they believe that vitamins are some kind of magic cure to replace food.

  A. of B. by C. with D. on

  12.In education, there should be a good balance among the branches of knowledge that contribute _____ effective thinking and wise judgment.

  A. at B. in C. for D. to

  13. _____ the numbers in employment, the hotel industry was the second largest industry in this country last year.

  A. In line with B. In terms of C. In accordance with D. In proportion to

  14.Air travel is so quick nowadays that we can leave London after breakfast and arrive in New York ____ eight hours.

  A. in B. for C. after D. until

  15.It is also true that the effect of a drug is much _____ upon youngsters than adults.

  A. bigger B. fewer C. greater D. little

  16.Because the reading _____ in most college courses are very heavy, students should plan to read every day.

  A. assignments B. schedules C. activities D. programs

  17.For long-time efficiency and happiness it is best to observe the _____ of health and sound working conditions.

  A. principles B. ideas C. elements D. factors

  18. _____ their differences, they fell passionately in love with each other.

  A. As for B. Owing to C. Despite D. Through

  19. _____ yourself to the job in hand, and you‘ll soon finish it.

  A. Reply B. Imply C. Apply D. Supply


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