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  20.This will not only keep the study habit alive but also keep you up to ___ on your class assignments and projects.

  A. day B. date C. number D. time

  21.I can‘t _____ the meaning of his poem because it’s too vague.

  A. turn out B. put out C. figure out D. look out

  22.Some people think that animal research is irrelevant _ our health and that it can often produce misleading results.

  A. with B. at C. on D. to

  23. These networks are on the _____ for warning signs that show the weakening of rock layers that can precede an earthquake.

  A. eagerness B. alarm C. alert D. guard

  24. _____ it was raining, many international tourists were having picnics in the woods.

  A. In spite B. In spite of

  C. In spite of that D. In spite of the fact that

  25. The students would not have made so much progress under less _____conditions.

  A. popular B. welcome C. favorable D. prosperous

  26.The party has failed to _____ the majority of voters that it is capable of governing the country.

  A. trust B. credit C. convince D. believe

  27. _____ driving around all day looking for somewhere to park,why don‘t you take a bus to town?

  A. In spite of B. Rather than C. In place of D. Other than

  28.The kids are _____ be hungry when they get home-they always are.

  A. obliged to B. bound to C. desired to D. motivated to

  29.All the characteristics that distinguish birds _____ other animals can be traced to prehistoric times.

  A. to B. between C. for D. from

  30.When the city was _____, everyone knew that total defeat was certain.

  A. cut off B. cut down C. cut across D. cut out

  31.In his composition there were no other errors _____ a few misspelled words.

  A. beside B. except C. then D. than

  32. Is a phone conversation a good substitute _____a face-to-face talk?

  A. for B. to C. of D. by

  33. When we play a game, we enjoy what we are doing, _____ we should not play it.

  A. instead B. otherwise C. nevertheless D. either

  34. He asked Julia to marry him but she _____ his proposal.

  A. turned up B. turned on C. turned over D. turned down

  35. He said he wouldn‘t _____what would happen next.

  A. guarantee B. speculate C. oppose D. promise

  36. The literary critics should be as _________ as possible in analysis and judgment.

  A. positive B. negative C. subjective D. objective

  37. It took a long time for her to _____ the fact that her husband was dismissed.

  A. come up against B. come up to C. come up with D. come to terms with

  38. As activity carried _____ as one thinks fit in one‘s spare time, leisure has several functions.

  A. on B. out C. off D. over

  39. The other timing system belongs in our internal clocks, which, left ___ would tie the body to a 25-hour rhythm.

  A. behind B. alone C. out D. aside

  40. It has been years _____I returned home.

  A. after B. that C. since D. when

  41. We‘ ll keep you _____ any news.

  A. up to date with B. in step with C. in line with D. in terms of

  42. I‘d like to go to the cinema, but I’ m _____to.

  A. enable B. disable C. unable D. able

  43. I‘m wondering why he hasn’t turned _____ at the meeting.

  A. down B. up C. out D. over

  44. Contrary _____popular belief, moderate exercise actually decreases your appetite.

  A. on B. at C. against D. to

  45. _____ the storm, we have to postpone the flight.

  A. Owing to B. Thanks to C. Because D. As

  46. By using both ears one can tell the direction _____ a sound comes.

  A. in which B. from which C. over which D. with which

  47. When she worked with the government, she _____ the difficult task of monitoring elections.

  A. overworked B. overtook C. underwent D. undertook

  48. Apparently, it wasn‘t an accident. Someone must have done it on _____.

  A. intention B. determination C. purpose D. reason

  49. _____ conclusion, walking is a cheap, safe and enjoyable form of exercise.

  A. In B. On C. By D. As

  50. Julie went to the _____ to buy a pair of shoes.

  A. shoes store B. shoe‘s store C. shoe store D. shoes’ store

  51. He has called a meeting of all parties with a _____ to form a new government.

  A. purpose B. reason C. view D. goal

  52. Gazing into his eyes, she seemed to have _____ all he said.

  A. taken up B. taken over C. taken off D. taken in

  53. In every major city there are more _____apartments than there are homeless people.

  A. blank B. vacant C. empty D. bare

  54. They claim that _____$150 million is to be spent on improvement.

  A. sufficiently B. approximately C. considerably D. properly

  55. These two areas are similar _____that they both have a high rainfall during summer.

  A. except B. so C. now D. in

  56. It offers us a fuller sense of being intensely alive from _____ to moment.

  A. time B. moment C. period D. instant

  57. It may be worth remembering that _____ John Major didn‘t himself go to Oxford, most of his ministers did.

  A. after B. since C. while D. if

  58. The effects of rapid travel _____ the body are far more disturbing than we realize.

  A. on B. in C. for D. to

  59. Her powers of persuasion were _____ no avail.

  A. for B. by C. with D. to

  60. There is little likelihood that a panel of five wants to go through the _____of all shaking hands with you.

  A. process B. prospect C. precedent D. presence

  61. It is the right to change employers which _____employment from slavery.

  A. distinguishes B. derives C. releases D. relieves

  62. It is touching to see how a cat or dog _____ itself to a family and wants to share in all its goings and comings.

  A. sacrifices B. opposes C. exposes D. attaches

  63. A healthy self-esteem is a resource for coping when difficulties _____.

  A. rise B. raise C. arise D. arouse

  64. The challenge is not one of expansion _____. the rapid growth in enrollment over the last 40 years has come to an end.

  A. As a result B. By all means C. In contrast D. On the contrary

  65.Hey, leave _____!I hate people touching my hair.

  A. behind B. out C. off D. over

  66.I thought the problem of water shortage would _____ at the meeting but nobody mentioned it.

  A. come up B. come up to C. come over D. come to

  67.There is a deadlock (僵局) in the discussion when neither side gives _____ to the over .

  A. a way B. way C. the way D. its way

  68. This type of desk and chair can be adjusted _____ the height of students at different ages.

  A. with B. for C. to D. in

  69. The next generation of robots will have a sense of _____.

  A. feel B. touch C. contact D. grasp

  70. Scientists believe that you usually _____ to one idea at a time.

  A. attend B. tend C. pretend D. extend

  71. From a systems point of _____, problems have multiple causes.

  A. sight B. idea C. perspective D. view

  72. To these now familiar facts a number of further facts may be _____, some of them only recently recognized.

  A. shown B. proposed C. derived D. added

  73. He argues that euthanasia doesn‘t take into _____ that there are ways of caring for the dying.

  A. opinion B. thought C. mind D. account

  74. Two-thirds of the nation‘s voters still identify themselves _____ Democrats of Republicans.

  A. for B. as C. by D. over

  75.Since we have a focused subject, we should not talk _____.

  A. at once B. at hand C. at intervals D. at random

  76. It would be better to make a decision now, ______ leave it until next week.

  A. other than B. rather than C. less than D. more than

  77. We‘ll inform you as soon as tickets become ______.

  A. valuable B. capable C. acceptable D. available

  78. The foreign company has been______ running this factory for decades.

  A. enormously B. effectively C. infinitely D. extremely

  79. The two sisters are _____ in many ways, not only in appearance but also in temperament.

  A. like B. likely C. alike D. lively

  80. The purpose of the program is to provide training for employees so that they can work ______.

  A. late B. later C. lately D. latest


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