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  67. Would you mind      _____ (rephrase) the question, please.

  68. They used to      _____ (work) twelve or fourteen hours a day at that time.

  69. An organization is a group of people, and a decision    __ (make) today may have consequences far into the future.

  70. For managers, every decision has constraints      _____ (base) on policies, procedures and laws.

  71. As I'll be away for a year, I'd appreciate      _____ (hear) from you now and then.

  72. What developed was a music readily      _____ (take) on various forms and capable of an almost limitless range of expression.

  73. Many other new techniques are available that enable more research      _____ (do) in the test tube.

  74.       _____ (not, get)enough hands, she had great difficulty in accomplishing the task.

  75. A Filipino maid was executed in Singapore after      _____ (convict) of murder.

  76. With apples at 25 cents a pound, we couldn't resist      _____ (take) four pounds.

  77. When      _____ (give) the chance, it is quite possible for him to fulfill the task within ten days.

  78. I'll be only too pleased      _____ (help) out those who are in difficulty.

  79. Television is another major instrument of communication,  _____ (permit) us to see as well as to hear the performer.

  80.There are several means      _____ (measure) the length and width of the gap.

  81.     _____ (seize) Jane by the collar, they dragged her out of the vehicle and locked her up in the dark room.

  82.I couldn't help but      _____ (feel) this is a very strange life.

  83.     _____ (use ) economically, one tin of oil will last at least three months.

  84.It seems reasonable to assume that, other things     _____ (be) equal, they would prefer single to shared rooms.

  85. With the strike      _____ (settle), the work on the new assembly line went ahead like wildfire.

  86.  People appreciate      _____ (talk) with him because he is knowledgeable and humorous.

  87.  Since the author did not stick to the topic, I found his article very      _____ (confuse) and hard to follow.

  88. You may find yourself      _____ (face) one interviewer or panel.

  89.     _____ (understand) the effects of apartheid it is necessary to think of the daily lives of the people.

  90. The domestics can have their passports removed,      _____ (make) leaving or “escaping” virtually impossible.

  91. Miss Hannah Arent was the first person      _____ (define) the difference between work and labor.

  92. I would rather he      _____(buy)the house next year.

  93.They demanded that the right to vote      _____(give)to every adult person.

  94.The manager told us to be friendly to the visitors as if we      _____ (meet) them before.

  95.If it hadn't been for your help, we      _____ (be) in real trouble.

  96.If you had come earlier, you      _____ (not miss) the first act of the play.

  97.He would have given you more help, if he      _____ (not be) so busy.

  98. I would recommend that you      _____ (think) about doing something similar for yourself.

  99. She treats me as if I      _____ (be) a stranger.

  100. It's time something      _____ (do) about the traffic problem downtown.

  101. It was imperative that students      _____ (finish) their papers before July 1st.

  102. It is high time that we      _____ (take) firm measures to protect our environment.

  103. Had he been treated well, he      _____ (get over) this disease.

  104. If only the board      _____ (approve) the proposal and put it into effect.

  105. If thalidomide      _____ (invent) today, it would never be released for human use because new tests on pregnant animals would reveal the dangers.

  106. He _________(write) her 10 letters since he met her last years.

  107. I think it necessary for him ________ (finish) the work in time.

  108. The house is ______ (complete) before his brother's wedding ceremony.

  109. You had better ________ (bring) enough money with you.

  110. If I hadn't listened to you, I would _______ (make) such a silly mistake.

  111. The three players repeatedly denied ________ (take) any drug.

  112. People who are entitled to ________ (vote) should be over eighteen.

  113. If she ______(catch) the 10 O'clock train, she can get there by lunch time.

  2. 从句


  1.It was there, the police believe,      _____ she was able to activate the recorder she kept in her bag.

  A. until     B. which    C. that     D. when

  2.It is not yet known      _____ computers will one day have vision as good as human vision.

  A. whether    B. if     C. that     D. how

  3.Such attitudes amount to a belief      _____ leisure can and should be put to good use.

  A. which    B. if     C. whether    D. that

  4. Many of us visited the industrial exhibition,____, to our disappointment, we saw very few high-tech (高技术) products.

  A. where    B. which    C. as     D. that

  5. On the other hand concern is also growing about the possibility of a new economic order                     _____ resource-rich nations of the Third World would combine to set high commodity prices.

  A. which    B. what    C. that     D. in that

  6.Studies have shown      _____ teenagers often suffer from depression.

  A. that    B. which   C .in which   D. in that

  7. It is becoming increasingly clear to policy-makers    schools cannot solve all the problems of the larger community.

  A. that        B. what         C. when         D. who

  9. There is no doubt      _____ a large number of people have benefited from heart surgery.

  A. what         B. of           C. if            D. that

  10. Such people      _____ you describe are nowadays.

  A. as           B. that          C. who            D. which

  11. Was it in that school      _____ he developed his interest in physics?

  A. which   B. from which   C. where    D. that

  12. Why do you blame him for his poor judgment on the matter      _____ he really needs is encouragement?

  A. when that   B. since that   C. when what   D. now that

  13.     _____, I couldn't get a job in this company.

  A. Try as I might  B. As I might try  C. Try though I might D. I might try

  14. It is a well-known fact    ____ a person will move in a circle when he cannot use his eyes to control his direction.

  A. that    B. if    C. when    D. whether

  15. Very few people understood this contract,      _____was very obscure.

  A. the language    B. the language of which C. all it said     D. which it had said

  16. Management often works hard to set up a situation      _____work is done in series.

  A. that    B. where    C. which    D. what

  17. Although Tom is satisfied with his academic achievement, he wonders    ____will happen to his family life.

  A. it              B. that            C. what            D. this

  18. We cannot leave this tough job to a person      _____.

  A. who nobody has confidence           B. in whom nobody has confidence

  C. for whom nobody has confidence       D. who everyone has confidence of

  19. Six out of every ten prisoners in chains are black, which is      _____ the chain gangs call up images of slavery in centuries gone by.

  A. where     B. when    C. what    D. why

  20.Robots differ from automatic machines      _____ after completion of one specific task, they can be reprogrammed by a computer to do another one.

  A. so that   B. in which   C. given that   D. in that

  21. His name will be crossed out from the list      _____ he makes the same mistake again.

  A. if     B. unless    C. because    D. though

  22. Five minutes earlier,     _____we may have caught the gunman.

  A. and           B. but             C. or             D. so


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