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  11. One of the longest mountain ranges of the world rises from the floor of the Atlantic.

  本句中的 longest与课文前几段中出现的narrowest,saltiest,deepest一样,都是形容词的最高级形式。因为这几个词是单音节词或是以元音结尾的双音节词,所以,最高级的构成是在词尾加-est.对于大部分两个音节以上的形容词,最高级的构成是在形容词前面加most.请看例句:

  1) He wants to make everybody believe that he is the happiest person in the world.


  2) This is the strongest horse I have ever seen.(这是我所见过的最强壮的马。)

  3) The boss wanted to find the most careful employees.(老板想找最细心的雇工。)

  4) 黄山是我所知道的最美的山之一。

  (Yellow Mountain is one of the most beautiful mountains I have ever known.)

  5) 这条高速公路是中国最长的。(This express way is one of the longest in China. )

  6) 这本书是三本书中最有意思的。(This book is the most interesting of the three.)

  rise 是一个不及物动词,在句子中的意思是“升起;隆起”。例如:

  1) The sun rises in the east.(太阳在东方升起。)

  2) Give the child some medicine, his temperature is rising.  (给孩子服药,他的体温在升高。)

  3) The mountain peak rises above the clouds.(山峰高耸入云。)


  1) rise 不及物动词 (起立;上升,高耸;浮现)

  The old lady rose to her feet when she heard the doorbell.

  The tower rises to a height of 70 feet.

  An idea rises in my mind.

  2) raise 及物动词 (举起;养育;提高;召集)

  If you have any questions, please raise your hands.

  When Father was in the army, Mother had a hard time raising three children.

  The management promised to raise the workers''salary after the negotiation.

  He failed to raise the money for his father''s heart operation.

  3) arise 不及物动词 (升起;出现;由…引起)

  Heavy smoke arose beyond the mountain.

  New problems arise when old ones are solved.

  His illness arose from malnutrition.

  4) arouse 及物动词 (唤醒;激起,引起)

  The noise outside aroused him from sleep.

  The music aroused a feeling of homesickness in him.


  1) He lives on the seventh floor.(他住在7楼。)

  2) The wood floor gives a feeling of warmth in the winter. (冬天时,木地板给我温暖的感觉。)

  3) He was given the floor at the meeting.(他在会上得到了发言权。)

  4)He decided to floor the kitchen with plastic tiles.(他决定用塑料砖铺厨房地面。)

  12. The tops of a few of the mountains reach up above the sea and make island

  top 在句中做名词用,意思是“顶部,山顶”。例如:

  1) He was the first to climb to the top of the hill.(他第一个爬上山顶。)

  2) When we stand on the top of the mountain, the whole city is in sight.(我们站在山顶时,整个城市尽收眼底)


  1) He shouted at the top of his voice.(他放声高叫。)-n.

  2) He is running at the top of his speed.(他正以最快的速度奔跑。)-n.

  3) He is the top student in the class.(他是班上的尖子学生。)-adj.

  4) This is the top news of the week.(这是本周的头条新闻。)-adj.

  5) His father is a top diplomatic advisor.(他父亲是高级外交顾问。)-adj.

  6) Mother is going to top the cake with cream.(妈妈准备在蛋糕上浇奶油。)-v.

  7) He tops his father by half a head.(他比父亲高出半个头。)-v.

  8) She needs a new skirt to match her top.(她需要一条新裙子配她的上衣。)-n.


  come out top(名列前茅) come out on top(出人头地) from top to bottom(从上到下,彻底地) from top to toe(从头到脚;完全) on top of the world(非常幸福;心满意足)

  13. Several hundred miles eastward from Florida there is a part of the ocean called the Sargasso Sea.

  called the Sargasso Sea 是修饰ocean的定语从句,在其前省去了which is.


  1) Opportunities are often thing (that) you have not noticed the first time around.


  2) There is much (that) the little boy can do.(有许多是那小男孩能做。)

  3)He is the right person (that) I want to discuss the problem with.(他正是我想与其讨论这个问题的人。)

  14. In the days of sailing vessels the crew were afraid they would be becalmed here. Sometimes they were.


  1) In his boyhood days, he often went swimming and fishing with his friends.


  2) In the days of Queen Victoria, the British colony expanded rapidly.


  3) He has experienced a lot of hardships in his days.(他一生中吃了许多苦。)

  crew是一个集合名词,指“全体船员”,后面的谓语动词可以用单数也可以用复数,此句中谓语动词用的是复数were,因为从句子中可以推断出是许多vessels(船)上的船员。Sometimes they were.句子中省略becalmed.

  15. The Atlantic furnishes much food for the people on its shores.

  furnish sth. to sb. 意思是“为…提供”,我们同样可以用furnish sb. with sth.来表达这个意思。例如:

  They furnished blankets and food to the refugees.(他们为难民供应毯子和食物。)

  No one expected that he would furnish the information to the opponent.(谁也没有料到他会把消息提供给对手。)

  Luckily, they have furnished us with a car and all the necessary maps.


  16. One of its famous fishing regions, the Grand Banks, is near Newfoundland.

  the Grand Banks在句子中做同位语。请看下面的例句:

  1) This theory was advanced by Einstein, a famous scientist.  (这个理论是由著名科学家爱因斯坦提出的。)

  2) This is Mr. Benjamin, dean of our department.(这是我们系主任本杰明先生。)

  3) Qinghai Lake, the largest inland body of salt water in China, lies 3,198 metres above sea-level.




  1. separate from          2. keep sb. from doing sth.

  3. be unwilling to do sth.    4. between A and B

  5. make sth unusual        6. so…that

  7. dry up              8. on the average

  9. rise from            10. furnish sth for sb.

  11. pile up             12. from…to

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