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  11. random adj. 胡乱的,任意的,随意的  n. 无目的或目标

  The way the books were arranged seemed completely random.(图书排列的方式似乎很随意。)

  This is just a random selection of all the complaints we have received about our after service.


  He opened the books at random.(他胡乱地打开了书。)

  When his wife was away, he piled the soiled dishes in the kitchen at random.


  12. categorize v. 分类

  category n. 种类;范畴;部门

  If you categorize the information you need to remember, you will find it much easier.


  They categorized 200 songs as folk songs.(他们把两百首歌归为民歌类歌曲。)

  These books fall into the category of reference books.(这些书属参考书类。)

  His research does not belong to the category of natural science.(他的研究不属于自然科学范畴。)

  13. following adj. 接着的,下述的  prep. 在…之后

  the following 如下

  He promised the old man that he would come and see him again the following day.(他答应老人第二天再来看他。)

  After the meeting the following teachers will stay.(会后,以下的老师请留下。)

  The following examples will prove my point.(下面的例子将证实我的观点。)

  Following the discussion a decision was made.(讨论之后便做出了决定。)

  Following the concert he went home.(音乐会后,他就回了家。)

  The following are worthy of your attention.(以下几点值得你们注意。)

  The winners of the competition are the following: …(竞赛获胜者如下:…)

  14. needless adj. 不需要的,不必要的

  Needless to say, I don't think much of the proposal he put forward at the meeting.


  You don't have to take such a needless risk.(你不用去冒这种不必要的险。)

  Don't you think it is a waste of time to give him so much needless are?


  15. refer v. ( to ) 提到,涉及;参考,查阅;把…归到…上;使向…请教;有关联

  reference n. 参考;提及;关联

  The whole thing is finished now, please don't refer to it.(整个事情都结束了,不要再提了。)

  He often refers to a dictionary for the spelling and meaning of a word.


  He referred to her former classmates for her character.(他向她以前的同学询问她的品行。)

  He referred his defeat to poor health.(他把自己的失败归因于身体不好。)

  She referred me to Prof. Wang for detailed information.(他叫我去王教授那儿询问详情。)

  The doctor referred her to a heart specialist.(医生嘱咐她转诊于一位心脏病专家。)

  These answers are for reference only.(这些答案仅供参考。)

  His play is full of references to the political events of those days.(他的剧本涉及当时的许多政治事件。)

  16. relate v. ( to ) 有关联;叙述,讲述

  related adj. 有关的,相关的

  relation n. 关系,联系

  He related the story vividly to the whole class.(他向全班同学生动地讲述了那个故事。)

  I don't understand how the result related to / with the cause.(我不理解结果和原因如何关联。)

  If you want me to do this, you have to give me all the related material.


  Don't worry too much about them, they have very good relations.(别太为他们担心,他们的关系很好。)

  The two countries have established trade relations.(两国建立了贸易关系。)

  17. accurately adv. 准确地,精确地

  accurate adj. 准确的,精确的

  accuracy n. 准确,精确

  Remember that you have to do this work carefully and accurately.(记住,这项工作得做得细心而准确。)

  Right now I cannot give you a very accurate estimate.(现在我不能给你一个非常准确的估计。)

  He required that the typing should be done with great accuracy.(他要求打字必须十分准确。)

  18. memorize v. 熟记,记住

  Our English teacher asked us to memorize the words we learned today.


  It is no easy thing for me to memorize all these telephone numbers.


  19. repeat v. 重复  repetition n. 重复

  I didn't quite catch what you said just now. Will you please repeat it?


  We cannot repeat our mistakes.(我们不能重复自己的错误。)

  Repetition is necessary in language teaching and learning.(重复在语言教学中是必要的。)

  He memorized his lines after many repetitions.(经过多次重复他终于熟记了台词。)

  20. preserve v. 保护,维持;保存

  You will soon be near-sighted if you don't preserve your eyesight from now.


  What do you think the United Nations can do in preserving world peace?


  Deep freezing is the simplest way of preserving food.(深冻是保藏食品最简便的方法。)


  1. 名词后缀 -ation; tion; sion



  2. 动词后缀 -ize


  3. 名词后缀 -ence


  4. 名词后缀 -ity





  1. Psychological research has focused on a number of basic principles that helps memory.

  research 在本句中做名词,这个词也可以做动词用。请看下面的例句,注意research的词类和用法:

  1) An excellent piece of research won him the international prize.


  2) Research shows that the potential of man's brain is limitless.(研究表明人脑的潜力是无限的。)

  3) Much research has been done on / into diseases of blood.(在血液病方面人们做了很多的研究。)

  4) Scientists have been researching on / into the causes of brain damage.


  5) They felt very much disappointed as they had been researching for three years but with no result.



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