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  Text A    current attitudes toward physical fitness


  1.fitness n. 适当,合理;健康

  fit v. (使)适合;与…相称;合身;容纳   adj. 合适的;正当的;健康的;合格的

  1) He does morning exercises every day to improve his fitness.(他每天做早操以增加体质。)

  2) He tried every means to make me believe the fitness of his decision.(他尽一切可能使我相信他的决定的合理性。)

  3) I am going to help you choose the fridge that fits your needs.(我将帮你挑选适合你需要的冰箱。)

  4) Try on this jacket and see if it fits you.(试试这件茄克,看看是否合身。)

  5) This shelter can only fit a family of three.(这个防空洞只能容纳一家三口。)

  6) The water in this river is not fit to drink.(这条河里的水不适合饮用。)

  7) She is fit for the job.(她能胜任这项工作。)

  8) The old man looks fit.(那位老人看上去身体很好。)

  2. misuse v. (n.) 误用,滥用;虐待

  mis-是一个常用的前缀,意思是badly or wrongly. 如misunderstand(误解),misdirect(指错方向),misfortune(不幸),misspelling(拼写错误)

  1) He misused a word in his report, which caused much confusion.


  2) He misused his servants.(他苛待仆人。)

  3) You can see for yourself how he misused his powers.(你可以亲眼去看他是如何滥用权力的。)

  3. assure v. 使确信,使放心;向…保证

  assurance n. 保证;信心

  1) He assured me that there was nothing really wrong with my car.(他向我保证我的车实际上并没有什么问题。)

  2) I can assure you of his sincerity.(他的真诚我可以向你保证。)

  3) She was assured a well-paid job after graduation.(有人保证她毕业后有一份待遇优厚的工作。)

  4) The hunter killed the snake and the child's life was assured.(猎人打死了蛇,孩子的生命保证了。)

  5) He assured his property with this company.(他向这家公司保了财产险。)

  6) Her assurance that she would help gave me encouragement.(她会帮忙的保证给了我鼓励。)

  7) He continued his experiment with assurance.(他充满信心地继续他的试验。)

  8) There is an assurance company round the corner.(不远处有一家保险公司。)

  4. career n. 生涯;职业;(事业的)成功

  1)His career as a journalist was about to begin.(他的记者生涯即将开始。)

  2)His political career ended after he left the white House.(离开白宫后,他的政治生涯就告结束了。)

  3)She decided to make teaching her career.(她决定以教书为业。)

  4)He has a career before him.(他前程远大。)

  5. priority n. 优先,重点;…优先考虑的事

  prior adj. 在先的;居先的;优先的

  1) They insist that the right to live should take priority over all other considerations.


  2) Security is a top priority.(安全是应予最优先考虑的事。)

  3) We should place priority on the interest of the public.(我们应优先考虑公众的利益。)

  4) She quitted her job without prior discussion with her parent.(她未经事先与父母商讨就辞了职。)

  5) A week prior to the meeting, he made a phone call to me.(在见面前的一个星期,他给我打了个电话。)

  6. pro adv. 从正面      prep. 赞成      n. 赞成的意见,赞成者

  con adv. 从反面     prep. 反对    n. 反对的意见;反对者

  1) Much has been written on the subject pro and con. (有关这个问题已有很多论著,有正面的,也有反面的。)

  2) The pros and cons of mixed schooling are now under discussion.(男女同校的利弊问题正在讨论之中。)

  3) Are you pro or con nuclear disarmament?(你是赞成还是反对核裁军?)

  7. Involvement n. 卷入,牵连;复杂情况

  involve v. 使卷入,牵涉;包含

  1) He didn't have any direct involvement in this affair. (他未直接卷入这个事件中。)

  2) His parents warned him to avoid involvement with the street-loafers.


  3) My personal involvement with him and his family is deep.(我个人和他以及他的家庭瓜葛很深。)

  4) He was involved in stealing.(他卷进了偷盗事件中。)

  5) The investigation involves a lot innocent people.(这次调查牵扯到许多无辜者。)

  6) Swimming involves long hours of training.(游泳必须进行数小时的训练。)

  8. pursuit n. 追踪,追求,乐趣

  1) I don't know what they are in pursuit of. (我不知道他们在追求什么)

  2) In the pursuit of their goal, they got a lot of help from friends.


  3) They are now engaged in scientific pursuit.(他们在从事科学研究。)

  4) Stamp-collecting is one of his favorite pursuits.(他的爱好之一是集邮。)

  9. limitation n. 限制,局限,缺陷

  1) All railways have weight and height limitations, because of tunnels, bridges and so on.


  2) As the old saying goes, a wise man knows his own limitations.(正如古谚语所说,明智的人有自知之明。)

  3) With all its advantages, the computer is by no means without its limitations.


  10. time-consuming adj. 耗费时间的

  n+v-ing 构成的复合形容词十分常见。如labor-saving (省力的),energy-consuming (耗费能源的)

  1) Doing housework and taking care of little children can be very time-consuming.


  2) Before you take up this project, you must be fully aware that it is really time-consuming.


  11. recreation n. 娱乐活动,消遣

  1) His only recreations are playing chess and working in the garden. (他唯一的消遣活动是下棋和养花种草。)

  2) He always told us that he was too busy for recreation.(他总是对我们说他太忙,没空消遣。)

  12. schedule n. 日程表       v. 安排,排定

  1) He looked at the schedule of postal charges trying to find out how much he would have to pay.


  2) They wanted to plan a tight schedule of travel.(他们想安排一个紧凑的旅行日程。)

  3) The organizer of the conference came to tell them the schedule for the following days.


  4) The train arrived two behind schedule.(火车误点两小时。)

  5) They finished their work ahead of schedule.(他们提前完成了任务。)

  6) The Wilson's are scheduling a visit to China.(威尔逊一家正在安排来中国游览。)

  7) He is scheduled to arrived tomorrow.(他定于明天到达。)

  13. facility n. 设备,设施;便利,容易;技巧

  1) They decided to spend more on educational facilities. (他们决定加大在教育设备上的投入。)

  2) The kitchen is equipped with all the necessary modern facilities.(厨房里装有所有必备的现代化设备。)

  3) The experts are satisfied with the airport facilities.(专家们对机场设施很满意。)

  4) This tool can be used with greater facility than that one.(这个工具使用起来比那个工具方便。)

  5) He has great facility in learning languages.(他很有学习语言的技能。)

  14. commitment n. 承担的责任或义务,承诺,信奉

  1) He seemed to lack the commitment to pursue a difficult task the very end.


  2) I cannot give you any commitment for more leave and better pay.(我不能允诺你更多休假、更高报酬。)

  3) We cannot expect him to carry out his campaign commitments.(我们不能指望他履行竞选诺言。)

  4) The No.1 domestic commitment of the next Administration is to control inflation.


  15. scope n. (活动,影响能力的)范围

  1) He is looking for a job that will give him greater scope for initiative.


  2) Such subjects are not within the scope of my mind.(这些问题不在本书论及的范围之内。)

  3) What you talked about was beyond the scope of my mind.(你所谈的超出了我的理解范围。)

  4) I'd like to have more scope for putting my ideas into practice.(我希望能有更多的机会实施我的新主意。)

  16. comment n.评论,评注       v. 评论

  1) He refused to make any comment on the rumor that he had bribed the officials.


  2) Do you have any comment on this article?(你对这篇文章有什么意见?)

  3) The spokesman commented on the recent development of national economy.


  4) If you comment on his work favorably, he will be very happy.(如果你对他的工作予以好评,他会非常高兴。)


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