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  accident-prone  a.  likely to have accidents 特别易出事故的

  build-up  n.  increase or development; forming steadily  增大;逐步建立

  considerable  a.  fairly large or great in amount, size or degree  很大的,可观的

  controversial  a.  likely to cause or causing much argument or disagreement引起争论的

  crack down    take disciplinary action against  对……采取严厉措施,对……进行制裁

  defective  n.  a.  faulty; imperfect 有缺陷的

  deficiency  n.  state of having none or not enough缺乏,不足

  deteriorate  v.  become worse in quality  变质,恶化

  discharge  v.  send, pour or let out (gas, liquid, etc.)  排出;n.  the action of discharging; sth. discharged  排出;排出物

  disturbing  n.  causing anxiety  扰乱,打扰

  disused  a.  no longer used  不用的,废弃的

  exclusive  a.  published by only one newspaper at first; not shared with others  独家报到的;独占的,专有的

  inadequate  a.  not good enough in quality, ability, size, etc.  不适当的,不充足的

  initiative  n.  the first movement or act which starts sth. happening  首创,发端

  inspectorate  n.  a group of inspectors  视察团

  inspection  n.  official visit to judge the quality of sth. or to see that rules are obeyed  视察

  maintenance  n.  keeping sth. in good condition, by making repairs to it and taking care of it  保养,维修

  mitigate  v.  make less severe  使缓和

  munitions  n.  large arms for war, such as bombs, guns, etc.  军火

  obsolete  a.  no longer used; out of date  已废弃的;过时的

  probe  n.  careful and thorough inquiry or examination  探究radiation  n.  sending out light, heat, etc.  放射,辐射

  renew  v.  give new life and freshness to; repeat  使更新;重复

  restore  v.  give back or bring back; make well or  normal again 使恢复,使回复

  robust  a.  vigorous  强健的

  scrutiny  n.  careful and thorough examination; close study or look.  仔细检查,详尽研究

  Silo  n.  a tall cylindric tower or pit  筒仓

  sprawl  v.  spread; stretch out  伸展开;蔓延

  urgent  a.  very important, esp. which must be done or dealt with quickly or first  紧要的

  ventilation  n.  the passing into and around a room, building, etc. of fresh air  (空气等的)流通

  caesium  n.  铯

  complex  n.  综合企业

  oxy-acetylene  氧乙炔的

  radioactive  a.  放射性的

  strontium  n.  锶

  UNIT 25


  absurd  a. against reason or common sense, clearly false or foolish 不合理,荒谬的,可笑的,愚蠢的

  abundant  a. more than enough  丰富的,充裕的

  ban  v. forbid esp. by law 禁止

  breeding  n. the producing of young by animals, birds, etc. 生育,繁殖

  disregard  v. pay no attention to, ignore 不理,不顾,漠视,无视

  diverse  a. different, various 不一样的,多种多样的

  drastic  a. strong, sudden, and often violent or severe 激烈的,猛烈的

  durable  a. long-lasting  耐用的,持久的

  encroach  v. take more than what is right, usual or natural; invade 侵犯,侵占,吞食

  enforce  v. cause rules or laws to be carried out effectively; make (sth.) happen by force  实施,执行,强制,强迫

  eradicate  v. destroy complete 根除,消灭,歼灭

  eradication  n. extinction, putting an end to (a species) 灭绝,消灭

  exploitation  n. the act of using fully so as to get profit 开发利用

  floe  n. large mass of ice floating on the surface of the sea 大块浮冰

  gigantic  a. usually large in amount or size 巨大的,庞大的

  impose  v. establish officially 正式确立

  indiscriminately  ad. unselectively; randomly; not chosen carefully 无选择地,不加选择地,不分青红皂白的

  invade  v. enter into and spoil; attack and spread into so as to take control of (a country, city, etc.) 侵入,侵略

  lull  n. pause; a period in which activity is less 暂停,间歇,停滞期

  migrate  v. travel regularly from one part to another according to the season; change one‘s place of living, esp. for a limited period 定期移栖,迁移

  proceed  v. continue 继续

  profitable  a. resulting in money gain; money making 有益的,有利可图的,有钱赚的

  protest  n. (statement of) disapproval or objection 抗议,反对

  quota  n. a limit on numbers 定额,限额

  recommend  v. prescribe; speak in favor of  建议,推荐

  revival  n. rebirth or renewal 再生,新生,恢复

  revive  v. come back into use or existence 两次利用,再生

  roam  v. walk or travel without any definite aim or destination over or through (a country )  漫步,漫游

  sanctuary  n.( a place of) protection or safety from harm 避难所,庇护所

  shift  v. move from one place to another; change in position or direction 转移,移动,转变,转向

  slaughter  n. killing of animals 屠宰

  sleek  a. ( of hair or fur) smooth and shining (毛发等)油光发亮的

  suntan  n. browning of the skin from exposure to sunlight 晒黑

  temporary  a. lasting only for a limited time 暂时的,临时的

  transform  v. change completely in form, appearance or nature 彻底改变,改造,改革

  crayon  n.彩色蜡笔

  lotion  n. 护肤液



  adolescence  n.  young teenager of about 13~16岁青春期;青春(通常指13~16岁少年)

  ailment  n.  illness  病;精神不安

  apparently  ad.  clearly, obviously  明显地

  blissful  a.  extremely happy   非常幸福;极乐的

  bonus  n.  anything pleasant in addition to what is expected  意想不到的收获

  cope  v.  handle; deal successfully with sth.  处理

  decline  v.  decrease; move from a better to worse position   减少;下降

  deny  v.  refuse to accept as true  否定;不接受

  divorce  v.  end a marriage between husband and wife  离婚

  efficient  a.  working well and without waste  效率高的

  expectancy  n.  the state of expecting  期待,期望

  foster  v.  help to grow and develop  培养;促进

  guarantee  v.  give a promise of quality, payment or fulfilment  保证;担保

  incidence  n.  the rate of happening  发生率

  infection  n.  the state or result of disease being put into body  传染;感染

  ingenuity  n.  skill and cleverness in making and arranging things  机灵;独创性

  intact  a.  whole, uninjured; healthy  未受损的;完整的

  internist  n.  a doctor who specializes in internal medicine  内科医生

  maturity  n.  the state of being fully grown and developed  成熟

  measure  n.  degree or amount   程度;分量;测量

  neurotic  a.  affected with nervous disorder  神经病的;神经过敏的

  outlive  v.  live longer than  活过…,比…经久

  pessimism  n.  tendency to look at the worst aspect of things  悲观

  predictable  a.  that can be seen or told in advance  可预言的

  prime  n.  the time of greatest perfection, strength or activity  全盛时期

  reassure  v.  comfort and make free from anxiety  使放心

  resistance  n.  opposition, standing against  抵抗,反抗

  share  v.  have in common  分享;分担

  smart  a.  vigorous, quick in thinking, clever 精明的,灵巧的

  statistical  a.  of collected numbers which represent facts or measurement  统计的

  suicide  n.  an act of killing oneself  自杀

  veteran  n.  a person who has had long experience  老手;有经验的人

  anabolism  n.  细胞生长

  arthritis  n.  关节炎

  catabolism  n.  细胞死亡

  nutrient  n.  营养素

  psychologist  n.  心理学家

  rheumatism  n.  风湿病

  sonata  n.  (音乐)奏鸣曲

  UNIT  27


  abscond  v. go away suddenly and secretly because one has done sth. wrong or against the law (为躲避罪责,债务等而)潜逃

  assault  n. unlawful attack with blows against another person 攻击,袭击

  bastard  n. ruthless, insensitive person, illegitimate child 坏种,讨厌鬼,私生子

  bumble  v. speak without making much sense, or so that the words are hard to hear clearly 语无伦次,说话含糊

  burglary  n. the crime of entering a building by force with the intention of stealing 入室盗窃,夜盗行为

  butchery  the trade of killing, cutting and selling animals for food 屠宰业

  cash  n. money in coin or notes 现金

  conviction  n. finding (someone) guilty for a crime 发现有罪,证明有罪

  credit  n. belief of others that a person, business company can pay debt, or will keep a promise to pay 信用

  dismember  v. cut or tear (a body) apart, limb from limb 割下(动物的)肢,肢节

  distressed  a. suffering great pain, discomfort or sorrow 痛苦的,不舒服的,难受的,悲情的

  dump  v. drop carelessly 倾倒,把…砰地一扔

  elope  v. run away from home  私奔,出走

  embark  v. go on board a ship 上船

  environ  n. surrounding 周围,附近地区

  epitaph  n. words commemorating a dead person 纪念死者的诗文,墓志铭

  indecent assault   an attack with blows and some from of sexual violence 强迫猥亵,非礼

  milk  v. get money by clever of dishonest means 以巧妙或虚假方式取得金钱

  monitor  v. observe and watch by means of an electronic receiver (camera) 监视,监控

  pose  v. set oneself up as; claim to be 摆出,使自己成为,自称

  schedule  n. plan for a certain future time 计划表,程序表

  scrap  n. a small piece; bit 小块,少许,一点

  scrawl  n. sth. written awkwardly or fast or carelessly  潦草模糊的字迹

  semi-literate  a. partly able to read and write 半文盲的,能读而不能写的

  serial  a. of or forming a series (set) 连续的,一系列的

  sinner  n. one who has disobeyed God; wrongdoer  (宗教,道德上的)罪人

  squad  n. small group of persons working or being trained together 小组,小队

  traffic  v. trade 交易,买卖

  victim  n. a person (or animal or thing) that suffers death (pain, harm, etc.) as a result of other people‘s actions 受害者,牺牲者,受骗者

  vigil  n. staying awake; remaining watchful for some purpose 彻底清醒,守夜,值夜

  heroin  n. 海洛因

  quarry  n. 采石场



  annoy  v.  cause trouble; make a little angry 打搅;使生气

  arithmetic  n.  calculation by numbers; the science of numbers 算术,代数

  bacteria  n.   very small living things, some of which cause diease 细菌

  brook  n.  a small stream 小溪

  complicated  a.  made up of many parts ;complex  复合的,复杂的

  conquer  v.  defeat; be victorious over  征服

  constant  a.  continuous; without break 持续不断的

  convenient  a.  suited to one‘s needs 方便的

  crumb  n.  small piece of bread 面包屑

  destroy v. tear down or apart; ruin  摧毁,毁坏

  disease  n. (an) illness or disorder caused by infection or unnatural growth, not by an accident   疾病

  favourite  n.  sth. or sb. loved above all others   特别喜爱的人或物

  fertile  a.  (of land) which produces or can produce good crops  肥沃的

  foil  n. metal beaten or rolled into very thin paper like sheets  金属薄片,箔

  harmful  a.  damaging  有害的

  jelly  n.  a sweet soft food substance that shakes when moved, made with gelatin  果冻,肉冻,冻

  lava  n.  rock in a very hot liquid state flowing from an ex ploding mountain (volcano)  熔岩

  magnify  v.  make (sth.) appear larger than in reality  放大

  microbe  n.  a living creature that is so small that it can not be seen without a microscope, and that may cause disease  微生物

  moisture  n.  water, or other liquids, in small quantities in the form of steam or mist  潮气

  moldy  a.  covered with soft woolly growth on bread or cheese, etc.  发霉的

  multiply  v.  breed  繁殖

  pickle  n.  vegetable in a type of liquid (esp. vinegar or salt water )  泡菜

  pinch  n.  an amount that can be picked up between the thumb and a finger  (一)捏,微量

  quantity  n.  a measurable property of something  量,数量

  settle  v.  come to rest, esp. from above  着落,停留

  split  v.  divide into separate parts  分开,劈开,切开

  spoil  v.  (cause to)decay or lose goodness  糟塌,使变坏

  stack  v.  make into or form a neat pile  堆起

  surround  v.  be all around on every side  包围

  volcano n. mountain with a large opening at the top through which melting rock, steam, gases etc. escape from time to time  火山

  aluminum  n.  铝

  corkscrewshape  n.  螺旋体

  marble  n.  儿童游戏用的一种弹珠

  mildew  n.  霉

  penicillin  n.  青霉素

  sauerkraut  n.  泡菜

  streptomycin  n.  链霉素

  vinegar  醋


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