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  bounty  n.  money given (by government ) for reward (政府给的)奖励金

  carrion  n.  dead and decaying flesh  腐尸

  decompose  v.  break up and separate into simple parts; decay  分解

  departure  n.  leaving a place  离别

  endanger  v.  put in danger; cause danger to   危害;危及

  expansion  n.  making or becoming larger  扩张,膨胀

  exterminate  v.  make an end of ; destroy  completely  根除,灭绝

  fatal  a.  causing or ending in death or disaster  致命的

  habitat  n.  the natural home of a plant or animal  动植物产地

  hemisphere  n.  a half of the earth; half a sphere  半球

  injurious  a. causing harm  致伤的,有害的

  millennium  n.  a period of 1000 years . pl. millennia  一千年

  persecution  n.  cruel treatment  残害,迫害

  predator  n.  wild animal living by killing and eating other amimals  捕食其它动物的野生动物

  preserve  n.  stretch of land or water where animals, birds and fish are kept safe from harm or danger.  禁猎地

  prospect   n.  reasonable hope; sth. which is expected  前程;盼望的事物

  refuge  n.  shelter or protection from danger  避难所

  remnant  n.  a part that remains  剩余部分

  roam  wander with no clear aim  漫步,漫游

  scavenger  n.  a bird or an animal that feeds on wastes or decaying flesh  食腐动物

  splendid  a.  grand in appearance; glorious; very fine; excellent  优异的,壮丽的

  subtle  a.  delicate, hardly noticeable; difficult to perceive or  describe  微妙的;难以捉摸的

  superstition  n.  false belief not based on scientific knowledge  迷信

  toll  n.  the cost in health, life, etc. from illness, an accident, etc.  重大的代价;伤亡人数

  transition  n.  changing from one condition to another  变迁,转变

  unprecedented  a.  never done or known before  无前例的

  unrelenting  a.  not becoming less in intensity  不松懈的

  wilderness  n.  an area of land with little life  荒野

  bobcat  n.  (北美东部最常见的一种)野猫

  bighorn sheep  大角羊

  boll weevil  棉铃象虫

  buffalo  n.  水牛;野牛

  calcium  n.  钙

  coyote  n.  (产于北美西部草原的)郊狼,小狼

  Department of the Interior  内务部

  elk  n.  麋

  grizzly bear  灰熊

  passenger pigeon  旅鸽


  pelican  n.  鹈鹕

  potato beetle  马铃薯甲虫

  prairie dog  草原犬鼠(产于北美,鸣声似狗的一种土拨鼠)

  pronghorn antelope  叉角羚

  subspecies  亚种

  the Atlantic  大西洋

  the Pacific  太平洋

  timber wolf  (北美北部产的)林狼

  whooping crane  鸣鹤

  UNIT 21


  adjust  v. change slightly in order to make suitable for a particular condition 调整;停顿

  animate  v. give lift to; enliven 使有生命;使活泼,激励

  animated  a. active and lively 活跃的;生气勃勃的

  anxiety  n. uneasiness or fear caused by uncertainty about sth.  忧虑;担心;热望

  approval  n. (official) agreement 批准;同意

  armor  n. strong protective metal covering on fighting vehicles 盔甲;防护物

  benevolent  a. having the desire to do good 仁慈的;乐善好施的

  bounce  v. jump or spring up and down like a boll 跳跃;弹起

  conduct  v. direct; guide 引导;带领

  contract  v. become smaller in size 缩小

  convey  v. make (idea, feeling, etc.) known 传播;转达

  deflect  v. turn from a straight course or fixed direction 转向;偏斜

  exhalation  n. breathing out 呼气

  focus  v. fix a point on, concentrate on 使聚集;集中

  fright  n. feeling or experience of fear  惊吓;恐怖

  grilling  n. tough question 严厉盘问

  hostility  n. the state of being unfriendly, showing strong dislike 敌意;敌视

  inhale  v. breathe in 吸气;吸入

  inspiration  n. an urge to produce good and beautiful things 鼓励;鼓舞

  inventory  n. a list or a survey 清单;概览

  lunge  v. make a sudden forceful forward movement 冲刺;猛向前冲

  nervous  a. excited and anxious, worried  紧张不安的;胆怯的

  polish  v. make as perfect as possible 磨光;使精炼;使优美

  positive  a. active and certain 积极的;肯定的;确定的

  presentation  n. the act in which sth. is offered, shown or explained 呈现;展示;提出;描述

  quiver  v. slightly tremble 颤抖;抖动

  resonance  n. deep, full, clear and continuous sounding 回声;共鸣

  scan  v. look at quickly 浏览;粗略地看

  screech  v. make a very high, sharp sound 发出尖锐刺耳的叫声

  seduce  v. cause or persuade sb. to do sth. by making it seem attractive  诱惑;勾引

  splay  v. spread out, become large at one end 展开;向外张开

  survey  n. a general view 概观;调查

  tack  n. course of action  行动步骤;方针

  vibes  n. slight continuous shaky movement  摇摆;激动

  wrestle  v. fight by holding and throwing body; (with) try one‘s best to do 搏斗;全力以赴;深思

  momentum  n. 动量;势力;推进力



  advocate  n.  a person who speaks for or supports an idea, way of life, etc.  拥护者

  boundary  n.  the limiting or dividing line of surfaces or spaces  分界线,边界

  compassionate  a.  sympathetic  有同情心的

  devastate  v.  destroy completely  摧毁;破坏

  disruption  n.  bringing or throwing into disorder  扰乱

  dramatically  ad.  excitingly  惊人地;显著地

  epidemic  a.  very common in one place for a time  流行性的;传染的 n.  a large number of cases of the same infectious disease during a single period of time   流行病,时疫

  evaluate  v.  calculate the value or degree of 估…价,评价

  explore  v.  examine thoroughly in order to test or learn  探究;考查

  heed  v.  give attention to  注意,留意

  impact  n.  influence  影响

  implement  n.  a tool or instrument  工具,器具v.  carry out or put into practice  贯彻;履行

  infectious  a.  (of a disease ) which can be spread by infection  传染的;传染性的

  intervene  v.  interrupt sth., esp. to prevent a bad result  干涉;干预

  jeopardize  v.  endanger  使受危险;危害

  mitigate  v.  lessen the seriousness of ( wrong or harmful action )  减轻

  mortality  n.  the number of deaths from a certain cause  死亡数

  multilateral  a.  concerning or including more that 2 groups of people esp. who have different interests and needs but come together in an agreement  多边的;涉及多方的

  pledge  v.  make a solemn promise or agreement  发誓;保证

  prevalence  n.  existing commonly, generally, or widely  流行,盛行;普遍

  promote  v.  support; help in the growth of  促进;

  soar  v.  fly; go fast or high  高飞;猛增,剧增

  sustain  v.  bear (difficulty)  忍受;经受住

  transmit  v.  send or pass from one person, place, or thing to another  传送;传达

  virus  n.  a living thing even smaller than bacteria which causes infections disease in the body, in plants, etc.  病毒

  vulnerable  a.  weak; not well protected; easily attacked  脆弱的;易受伤害的

  AIDS  n.  获得性免疫缺损综合症,艾滋病

  HIV  人类免疫缺乏病毒

  microbicide  n.  杀菌剂


  vaccine  n.  疫苗 痘苗

  UNIT  23


  absolute  a. complete, perfect 完全的,纯粹的

  accelerate  v. (cause to) move faster, increase speed 加速,增加速度

  ambitious  a. having a strong desire for success, power, riches, etc. 有雄心的

  balmy  a. (of air) soft and warm, mild 温和的,柔和的

  benign  a. not dangerous to life 有益于健康的

  bionic  a. having powers that are greater than those of ordinary human beings 有超人力量的

  brittle  a. easily damaged, or destroyed 易破碎的,易损坏的

  candidate  n. a person or thing who wants, or whom others want, to be chosen for position 侯选人,被选择的东西

  ceramic  a. of a connected with the art or practice of making bricks, pots, etc. by shaping bits of clay and baking until hard 制陶的,陶器的

  crumbly  a. easy to break into very small pieces 易碎的

  dexterous  a. skillful, having or showing the quality of ability, cleverness, and skill, esp. in the use of the hands (身,手)灵巧的

  explode  v. blow up or burst  爆炸

  extraction  n. the act of pulling or taking out often with difficulty 抽出,榨取

  far-fetched  a. improbable or forced 未必确定的,牵强的

  feasible  a. able to be carried out or done possible 行得通的

  flexible  a. that can change or be changed to be suitable for new needs, changed conditions etc.  可变通的,灵活的

  focus  n. the central point, place of greatest activity  中心点,焦点

  foul  v. become dirty, impure, or blocked with waste matter 弄脏,使壅塞

  genius  n. a person with great and special ability 天才

  glimmer  n. a small sign, a faint unsteady light 模糊的感觉,微光

  immune  a. unable to be harmed because of special powers in oneself, free from 有免疫力的,免除的

  incredible  a. too strange to be believed, unbelievable  难以置信的

  ingenuity  n. skill and cleverness in making or arranging things 独出心裁;独创性

  manipulate  vt. handle or control (esp. a machine) skillfully 熟练地操作

  membrane  n. soft thin skin in the body, covering or connecting parts of it (生物体)薄膜

  millennium  n. a period of 1,000 years 一千周年

  option  n. the freedom to choose 选择自由

  orbit  n. the path of one heavenly body round another 行星轨道

  v. move in an orbit 沿轨道运行

  phenomenon  n. a fact or event in nature as it appears or experiences by the senses, esp. one that is unusual and/or of scientific interest  现象;有科学意义的;可感知的自然现象

  potential  a. existing in possibility 潜在的

  predict  v. see or describe (a future happening) in advance as a result of knowledge, experience, reason, etc 预言;预告

  semipermeable  a. that can not be completely spread or passed through or into every part of 半渗透的

  soar  v. fly, go fast or high (as) on wings 高飞,翱翔

  trumpet  v. declare or shout loudly 鼓吹

  verge  n. the edge or border 边沿,界限

  cochlea  n.(医)耳蜗

  camcorder  n. 摄像放像机

  formula  n. (赛车)级(方程式)

  helium  n. 氦

  hydrogen  n. 氢

  impulse  n. 脉冲

  nitrogen  n. 氮

  space shuttle 航天飞机

  superconductor  n. 超导体

  zeppelin  齐柏林飞船,飞艇


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