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  advocate  n. a person who speaks for or supports an idea, way of life, etc. 鼓吹者;提倡者

  affluent  a. having plenty of money or other possessions  丰富的;富裕的

  agenda  n. a list of the business or subjects to be considered at a meeting  议事日程表

  appropriate  a. correct or suitable 适当的;合适的

  ban   v. forbid, esp. by law 禁止

  cessation  n. a short pause or a stop 停止

  dramatic  a. sudden or exciting 戏剧般的;激动人心的

  encourage  v. give courage or hope to (sb.) 鼓励;促进

  enthusiasm  n. a strong feeling of interest and admiration 热情;热心

  environment  n. all the surrounding conditions which influence growth and development 环境

  epidemic  n. a very common infectious disease in a place for a time 流行病;时疫

  escalate  v. rise one after the other 逐渐上升

  estimate  v. calculate; form an opinion as to the degree 估计;估量

  expose  v. make known ( a secretly guilty person or action) 揭露;暴露

  glamorous  a. having or causing the power of attraction 有魅力的

  hazard  n. (of activity) which contains risk or danger  危险;冒险

  identify  v. power or show who or what a particular person or thing is 认出;识别;验明

  impact  n. the force of an idea, invention, system, etc 效果;影响;冲击

  increasingly  ad. more and more all the time 日益

  induce  v. lead (sb.) (into an act) often by persuading 引诱;劝使

  involuntary  a. acting or done unwillingly  非自愿的

  legislate  v. make laws 立法

  mortality  n. the number of deaths from a certain cause  死亡数

  pollute  v. make (air, water, soil, etc.) dangerously impure or unfit to use 污染

  predicate  v. state firmly 断言;声明

  respiratory  v. connected with breathing 呼吸(作用)的

  responsible  a. morally liable for the carrying out of some duty 有责任的;尽责的

  restrict  v. keep within limits 限制;约束

  revenue  n. in come, esp. that which the government receives as taxes (国家的)税收

  reverse  v. change to the opposite 反向;颠倒

  statistics  n. collected numbers which represent facts or measurements 统计数字;统计资料

  subtle  a. delicate, hardly noticeable, and esp. pleasant 精巧的;敏感的

  tackle  v. deal with (a matter) 处理;解决

  toll  n. the cost in health, life, etc. from illness, an accident  重大的代价,损失;(事故的)伤亡人数

  cardiovascular  a. 心血管(性)的

  lethal stroke  由于中风而引起的死亡



  accessible  a.  able to be reached  可接近的,能进去的

  alter  v.  change in character, appearance, etc.  改变

  bleach  v.  make or become white  漂白

  condense  v.  (of a gas ) change to liquid  冷凝

  dam   n.  a wall or bank built to keep back water  水坝,水堤

  dense  a. Crowded together in great numbers  密集的;稠密的

  deposit  n.  layer of matter left  沉淀,淤积

  derive  v. obtain, get  取得,得到

  devise  v.  think out (plans)  想出(计划)

  dye  v.  color, usu. by dipping in a liquid  染,把…染上颜色

  evaporate  v.  change into steam and disappear  蒸发;挥发

  exert  v.  put forth产生

  exploit  v.  develop fully so as to get profit  开发,利用

  extract  v.  take out with a machine or instrument or by chemical means  取出;提取

  extraction  n.  the act of extracting  提取

  fraction   n.  small part  小部分;一点儿

  hydroelectric  a.  of electricity produced by water power  水力发电的

  inaccessible  a.  that cannot be reached  达不到的;难接近的

  inexhaustible  a.  that cannot be used up completely  用不完的;无穷无尽的

  initial  a.  of or at the beginning  最初的,开始的

  moisture  n.  water or other liquids in the form of steam or mist潮气,湿气

  process  n.  method,esp.  one used in manufacture of industry  工序;制作法

  regulate  v.  fix or control  控制,操纵

  source  n.  place from which sth. comes or is got  来源地;来源

  ultimately  ad.  basically; finally  基本地;最终

  utilize  v.  make use of   利用

  vital  a.  very necessary  必不可少的,极其重要的

  calcium  n.  钙

  carbonate  n.  碳酸盐

  dissolved  a.  溶于液体中的

  gravity  n.  万有引力

  ingot  n.  (金属)铸块,锭



  absolutely  ad. completely 绝对地;完全地

  allocation  n. the giving of shares 分配;配给

  appreciably  ad. noticeably; enough to be fact, or considered important 可估计地;足以感到地

  at random aimlessly  without any plan 无目的;无计划

  categorization  n. putting in a class or category  分类

  category  n. kind; class; type 种类;类目

  certainty  n. freedom of doubt  无疑问;确实

  deviation  n. the difference (between a measure and the average of all the measures 偏差

  diagonal  a. slanting 斜的

  estimate  v. calculate; form an opinion as to the degree of sth. 估计;评价

  extrapolate  v. guess from known facts 推知;推断

  fluke  n. a lucky accident 侥幸

  freak  n. a living creature of unnatural form; a person with father strange habits or ideas  畸形的人

  lopsided  a. having one side heavier or lower than the other; not balanced 倾斜的;不平衡的

  observations  n. saying or writings about things noticed  观察材料(或报告)

  potential  a. existing in possibility 潜在的;有可能性的

  probability  n. likelihood; the chance of an event happening 可能性

  provided  conj. on condition that; if us  …为条件;假如

  questionnaire  a piece of paper showing a set of questions to be answered 问题表;调查表

  representative  a. typical 代表性的;典型的

  rogue  n. a very dishonest person, esp. a man  流氓;无赖

  sampling  n. calculating by taking and examining a small part representing the whole 取样检验

  skew  a. not straight; sloping or twisted 斜的;歪的;偏的

  stroke  n. a line made by a single movement of a pen or brush in writing 一笔;一划

  subdivision  smaller group or class produced by further dividing 由再分分出的部份;细分

  sympathetic  a. having or slowing the ability to share the feelings of others 同情的;有同情心的

  tally  n. mark to register a fixed number of objects or units 计数的签;筹码;记录

  throw up  v. produce 产生

  tolerance  n. margin of error; the amount by which the measure of a value can vary from the amount intended  容限;容许量

  tolerate  vt. allow; permit 容忍;默许

  cross-section  横断面;截面

  formular  n. 公式

  histogram  n. 直方图;矩形图

  gradient  n. 斜度;变化率

  margin  n. 差数;幅度;余地;界限

  polling  n. 民意测验

  proportional   a. 成正比例的;相称的

  statistician  n. 统计员;统计学家

  statistics  n. 统计;统计学;统计资料



  affordable  a.  able to be bought  买得起

  anguish  n.  severe suffering  极度的痛苦

  apparent  a.  easily seen or understood; plain  显而易见的

  available  a. that can be obtained  能得到的

  axiom  n.  statement accepted as true without proof or argument  公理;格言

  boom  n.  rapid growth or increase  激增,暴涨

  commodity  n.  a thing of use sold for profit  商品

  consequently  ad.  as a result  结果

  corrupt  a.  immoral; depraved; dishonest  不道德的;腐败的;不诚实的

  delay  v. & n.  put off until later; stop for a time or cause to be late; the act of delaying or the state of being delayed  推迟,耽搁,延误

  denote  v.  indicate  表示,指示

  detail v.  describe fully  详述

  diverse  a.  of different kinds  多种多样的

  entrepreneur  n.  a person who organises and manages a commercial undertaking  企业家

  forethought  n.  wise planning for future needs  深谋远虑

  illustrate  vt.  explain by examples  (用例子)阐明

  inextricably  a.  inseparably  无法摆脱的

  main  n. principal pipe bringing water or gas  (水或煤气等的)总管道

  marked  a.  clear; readily seen  清楚的,显而易见的

  portion  n.  part  部分

  precise  a.  exact in form, detail, time, measurements, etc.  精确的

  primarily  ad.  mainly; chiefly  主要的,首要的

  programming  n.  supplying a computer with a plan of the operations to be performed  程序输入

  rage  v.  be very violent  大怒

  sizable  a.  rather large (=sizeable)  相当大的

  specimen  n.  one as an example of a class 抽样,标本

  startlingly ad.  surprisingly; shockingly  惊人地

  tangible  a.  that can be felt by touch  可触知的

  vague  a.  not clear in meaning  含糊的

  variation  n.  difference or alternation  变化,变更

  wary  a.  careful 小心翼翼的

  wreak havoc  cause widespread damage  浩劫;造成严重破坏

  adaptor  n.  接合器;接头

  desktop  a.  台式的

  ledger  n.  分类帐


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