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  第一部分 选择题(共50分)

  I. Vocabulary and Structure (10 points, 1point for each)


  1. ______ the sun, the moon looks the biggest object in the sky.

  A. Except for B. Besides C. Except D. Other than

  2. When they join the work force, their employers and associates alike will soon realize that the behavior of these rude young people is closer to ______ of animals than civilized individuals.

  A. those B. which C. what D. that

  3. Although there is no doubt that _____ people benefit from heart surgery, critics of our health-care systems point out that the emphasis on the surgical treatment of the disease has three clear disadvantages.

  A. a great deal of  B. a great amount of  C. a great number of  D. the number of

  4. If I ______ a little earlier, I would have caught the train.

  A. left B. would leave C. leave D. had left

  5. _______ their common aim may seem good, people probably do not realize that dieting can do harm to their health.

  A. As B. Though C. If D. Since

  6. We should be ______ of the views of others, even if we disagree with them.

  A. kind B. considerate C. tolerant D. capable

  7. Rude people are those whose behavior shows little respect for the rules that the majority _____.

  A. have B. own C. follow D. like

  8. There is great pleasure in watching wildlife in natural or near-natural environments, and tourism can _____ the income of countries.

  A. add to B. take to C. keep to D. see to

  9. He helped me and I hope I can do something for him ______.

  A. in turn B. for return C. by turn D. in return

  10. We can come to the _____ that the more we practice, the more skillful we will be.

  A. tradition B. generation C. conclusion D. fact

  II. Cloze Test (10 points, 1 point for each)


  “Family” – the word had different meanings for different people, and even the dictionary gives us several definitions: “a group of people related __11__ blood or marriage,” “two adults and their children,” “all those people __12__ from a common ancestor,” “a household,” and so on. Some people think of a family __13__ a mother, a father, and their children; others include grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. For __14__ of us, family means the group of relatives __15 __ far away from home. For others, having a __16__ simply means having children. Some families have long histories, __17__ others know very little about their ancestors. No__18__ if it is young or old, large or small, traditional or modern, every family has a sense of what a family is. It is that feeling of __19__, of love and security __20__ comes from living together, helping and sharing.

  11. A. to B. for C. after D. by

  12. A. derived B. separated C. distinguished D. descended

  13. A. by B. as C. from D. for

  14. A. some B. other C. most D. one

  15. A. live B. living C. lived D. to live

  16. A. parent B. relative C. family D. house

  17. A. while B. why C. where D. which

  18. A. problem B. thing C. matter D. question

  19. A. belong B. belonging C. belonged D. having belonged

  20. A. what B. this C. that D. such

  III…… Reading Comprehension (30 points, 2 points for each)

  从下列每篇短文的问题后所给的四个选择项中选出一个最佳答案, 并在答题卡上将相应的字母涂黑。

  Passage One

  Questions 21 to 25 are based on the following passage.

  My generation —— the generation that came of age in the 1950s and 1960s —— may be the last one to know the feeling of being surrounded by millions of words that were the products of years of work by authors famous and obscure. For now we are seeing a subtle but unmistakable turning away from such things. The houses of America, I fear, may soon include no room for libraries. The hardcover book —— that symbol of the permanence of thought, the handing down of wisdom from one age to the next —— may be a new addition to our list of endangered species.

  I have a friend who runs a bookstore in a Midwestern college town. He has found that he can not sell hardcover books; paperback books are his stock in trade, and even those are a disappointment to him. “You know how we used to see people carrying around book bags?” he tells me. “Well, now I look out of the window of my shop, and all I see are students carrying boxes from the record stores. The students aren‘t reading any more. They’re listening to albums(唱片集)。”

  And indeed he may be right. Stories of problems young people have with reading are not new, but the trend seems to be worsening. Recently the president of a university in New York said that 10 percent of the freshmen (大学一年级学生) at this university could read no better than the average eighth grader. There is an even more worrying aspect to it: of those college freshmen whose reading skills were equivalent to the sixth-to-eighth-grade level, the president reported that many had ranked in the top half of their high-school classes.

  21. The underlined word “obscure” (Paragraph 1) most probably means ____.

  A. not well-paid   B. not well-made  C. not well-trained    D. not well-known

  22. The hardcover book may become an endangered species because _______.

  A. hardcover books are scarcer today

  B. people are tired of hardcover books

  C. the habit of reading books is dying out

  D. the permanence of thought is challenged

  23. The writer mentions his friend‘s bookstore to show that _______.

  A. there is a gradual lack of interest in serious reading

  B. there is a subtle increase in the popularity of music

  C. hardcover books greatly affect his friend‘s business

  D. paperback books are a disappointment to his friend

  24. As a result of the worsening trend of turning away from reading ____.

  A. many college students enjoy listening to albums

  B. students fail to read as well as they are required to

  C. many high school students fail to enter universities

  D. high-school students have become the best readers

  25. The passage is mainly about _______.

  A. the changes in people‘s attitude towards reading

  B. the troubles encountered by the owner of a bookstore

  C. the trend of reading in the 1950s and 1960s

  D. the problems that college students have with reading

  Passage Two

  Questions 26 to 30 are based on the following passage.

  The first astronaut (航天员) to walk in space, Leonov, and his companion, Belaiev, began making preparations for the walk as soon as their spaceship was launched. The spaceship was equipped with a double door, which was fitted with a bellows () between the ship and the outside. This made it possible for the astronaut, in his space suit with oxygen supply, to go first from the air-filled ship to the bellows. Then the air was let out of the bellows, and while the man stepped outside, the air inside the ship remained at normal pressure. If the door had opened directly into space, the air in the ship would have rushed out and been lost when the door opened.

  Leonov and Balaiev practiced testing the doors several times after they had begun moving around the earth. When the time came for Leonov to go out, his companion helped him attach the cable that was to keep him from floating away from the ship. Then Leonov entered the bellows, and the door closed behind him. When there was no air left in the bellows, the outer door opened and Leonov could see the blackness of space and the blinding light of the sun.

  If the sky appears blue to us on earth, it is because the earth‘s atmosphere absorbs a certain number of blue rays of sunlight. Out where there is no air, this phenomenon does not take place. On the earth, our atmosphere spreads light so that, when the sun is up, light seems to be everywhere. However, in the airless outer space, strong lights, such as the sun, exist side by side with a dark similar to the blackest night. The absence of air also explains why the stars do not seem to twinkle (闪烁) in space, as they do from the earth.

  26. The spaceship was furnished with a bellows in order to ________.

  A. keep air in the ship when its door was opened

  B. prevent the spaceship from floating in space

  C. make it possible for the astronauts to walk in space

  D. provide the astronauts with air under normal pressure

  27. Immediately before going out of the spaceship, the astronauts have to ______.

  A. check the spaceship doors

  B. walk through the bellows

  C. attach each other with a cable

  D. do some warm-up exercises

  28. When he stepped out of the spaceship, Leonov saw ______.

  A. black space without light

  B. the sun first and then darkness

  C. darkness turning into blinding light

  D. darkness and light at the same time

  29. During the day people can see light everywhere, because when the sun is up ______.

  A. it gives off light

  B. it absorbs light

  C. the earth‘s atmosphere gives off light

  D. the earth‘s atmosphere absorbs sunlight

  30. In outer space, the absence of air is responsible for ______.

  A. the brightness of space

  B. the brightness of stars

  C. the coexistence of stars and stronger lights

  D. the coexistence of brightness and darkness

  Passage Three

  Questions 31 to 35 are based on the following passage.

  Away at medical school, 23-year-old Swati enjoyed herself in her new-found freedom. She drank and experimented with drugs. When her grades got worse, her father immediately hired a private eye to investigate her. Before long, her parents had a detailed report. “I was worried,” says Swati‘s mother. “We’re a modern family but still traditional. We worried about her reputation (名声) – our reputation.”

  More and more Indian parents have begun turning to private detectives (侦探) to follow their children. Indeed, India‘s first MTV generation is taking full advantage of the explosion of parties and bars that have emerged over the past decade as the country has opened up. “We see upper-and middle-class parents increasingly being deceived and cheated by their children,” says Brinda Adige, a researcher at the Child Development Center.

  That‘s good news for India’s private-detective industry. So far, there are about 100 firms throughout the nation, mostly in the big cities. Each firm now handles as many as a dozen cases every month. Detective reports don‘t come cheap; $1,000 a week is standard. “It’s a lot in India,” says a detective. “But when I point out what they spend on their child‘s education and marriage, they accept it’s small price to pay to protect their investment.”

  The choice is a risky one. Most private detectives warn parents against revealing that they have monitored their children. Some kids find out anyway – either from parents unable to contain their rage or through the detectives‘ foolishness. “It’s a very dangerous strategy,” says Adige. “It‘s a permanent damage to trust by the parents. There’s no way back once the child knows their parents have paid someone to follow them.”

  But it can also be surprisingly effective. Swati began behaving better after she was challenged by her anxious parents.

  31. Swati‘s parents hired a private detective because         .

  A. she drank a lot B. she used drugs C. her health was poor D. her studies suffered

  32. We learn from the passage that the children being followed by detectives are mainly from         .

  A. rich families B. small families C. well-known families D. single-parent families

  33. The underlined phrase “their investment” *(Para. 3) refers to the money         .

  A. they hope to get back from their child‘s school

  B. they are going to leave to their child after death

  C. they pay for their child‘s education and marriage

  D. they pay a private detective to follow their child

  34. Hiring a private detective is a risky strategy in that it can do harm to         .

  A. the family investment  B. the family relationship

  C. the child‘s reputation  D. the child’s happiness

  35. The passage is mainly about         .

  A. a successful approach to dealing with dishonest children

  B. a new way of Indian parents to discipline their children

  C. why Indian children behave against their parents‘ wishes

  D. why hiring a private detective is both risky and effective.

  第二部分  非选择题材(共50分)

  IV. Word Spelling (10 points, 1point for two words)


  36. n. 进步  p_ _ _ _ _ _ _

  37. v. 坚持  i_ _ _ _ _

  38. adj. 睡着的  a_ _ _ _ _

  39. n. 镜子  m_ _ _ _ _

  40. adj. 直接的 d_ _ _ _ _

  41. v. 提供 p_ _ _ _ _ _

  42. n. 洪水 f_ _ _ _

  43. v. 探险 e_ _ _ _ _ _

  44. n. 压力 p_ _ _ _ _ _ _

  45. adj. 冷漠的 i_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

  46. n. 话题 t_ _ _ _

  47. v. 争吵 d_ _ _ _ _ _

  48. adj. 相像的 a_ _ _ _

  49. n. 气候 c_ _ _ _ _ _

  50. adj. 无止境的 e_ _ _ _ _ _

  51. n. 欧洲人 E_ _ _ _ _ _ _

  52. n. 享受 e_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

  53. v. 适应 a_ _ _ _

  54. num. 十四 f_ _ _ _ _ _ _

  55. adj. 安全的 s_ _ _

  V. Word Form (10 points, 1point for each)


  56. Americans often protest that the government ________(use) their tax dollars in the wrong way.

  57. Curiously enough, sleepwalkers have an unusual way of _______ (avoid) their own traps when they sleepwalk.

  58. Experiments have to ________ (make) under carefully controlled conditions.

  59. You can build your vocabulary without ________ (use) a dictionary each timel.

  60. On the average, males score ________(high) than females on tests that measure mathematical reasoning, mechanical ability, and problem-solving skills.

  61. Such programmes could teach the local people how to select trees worth exporting and to cut only those trees down while ______ (leave) the rest.

  62. Successful language learners find it easy ________ (practice) using the language regularly because they want to learn with it.

  63. How ______ (surprise) the people who thought tomatoes poisonous would be if they could know that millions of pounds of tomatoes were supplied to soldiers overseas during World War II.

  64. If he accepts the job, he ________ (get) more money right away.

  65. It is reported that there are at least three signs that indicate a person _______ (suffer) from a panic attack rather than a heart attack.

  VI. C-E Translation (15 points, 3 points for each)







  VII. E-C Translation (15 points)


  71. Organization also makes a difference in our ability to remember. How useful would a library be if the books were kept in random order? Material that is organized is better remembered than jumbled information. One example of organization is chunking. Chunking consists of grouping separate bits of information. For example, the number 4671363 is more easily remembered if it is chunked as 467, 13 , 63. Categorizing is another means of organization. Suppose you are asked to remember the following list of words: man, bench, dog, desk, woman, horse, child, cat chair. Many people will group the words into similar categories and remember them as follows: man, woman, child; cat, dog, horse; bench, chair, desk. Needless to say, the second list can be remembered more easily than the first one.


  I. Vocabulary and Structure (本大题共10小题,每小题1分,共10分)

  1.A  2.D  3.C  4.D  5.B  6.C  7.C  8.A  9.D  10.C

  II. Cloze Test  (本大题共10小题,每小题1分,共10分)

  11.D  12.D  13.B  14.A  15.B  16.C  17.A  18.C  19.B  20.C

  III. Reading Comprehension  (本大题共15小题,每小题2分,共30分)

  21.D 22.C 23.A 24.B 25.A 26.A 27.B 28.D 29.C 30.D 31.D 32.A 33.C 34.B 35.B

  IV. Word Spelling  (本大题共20小题,每两小题1分,共10分)

  36. progress 37. insist 38. asleep 39. mirror 40. direct

  41. provide 42. flood 43.explore 44. pressure 45. indifferent

  46. topic 47. dispute 48. alike 49. climate 50. endless

  51. European 52. enjoyment 53. adapt 54. fourteen 55. safe



  V. Word From  (本大题共10小题,每小题1分,共10分)

  56. uses 57. avoiding 58. be made     59. using 60. higher

  61. leaving 62. to practice 63. surprised 64. will get 65. is suffering



  VI. C-E Translation  (本大题共5小题,每小题3分,共15分)

  66. There is so much water in the Atlantic that it is hard to imagine how much there is.

  67. Scientists know that the combination of extreme heat and pressure changes carbon into diamonds.

  68. In the back of their mind buyers always have the hope of finding something of great value for a bargain price.

  69. A large number of examples can be given of the way in which natural environments are being changed.

  70. You must realize that body language is very much tied to culture.






  VII. E-C Translation (本大题共15分)








  (5)3-1分。 仅译对个别句子。





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