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    chapter 13 geography 地理位置

    1.Alaska and Hawaii are the two newest states in American.Alaska northwestern Canada,and Hawaii lies in the central Pacific.


    2.The U.S has a land area of 9.3 million square kilometres.It is the fourth largest country in the world in size after Russia,Canada and China.


    3.Of all states of American,Alaska is the lagest in area and Rhode Island the smallest.But on the mainland Texas is the largest sate of the country.


    4.The Rockies,the backbone of the North American Continent,is also known as the Continental Divide.


    5.The two main mountain ranges in American are the Appalachian mountains and the Rocky mountains. The Appalachians run slightly from the northeast to southwest and the Rocky mountains run slightly from the northwest to southeast.


    6.The Mississippi River is the largest river in American,over 6000 kilometers.The Mississippi has been called "father of waters"or "old man river"


    7.The Ohio river has been called the American Ruhr,As in Germany, the area along the river is rich in valuable deposits of high-grade coking coal and is well known for its steel industry.The river provides cheap water transportation for raw materials.


    8.On the Pacific side there are two great rivers:the Colorado in the south and the Columbia ,which rises in Canada.


    9.The Rio Grande River forms a natural boundary between Mexico and the United States.


    10.the most important lakes in the United States are the Great Lakes. They are Lake Superior,which is the largest fresh water lake in the world, Lake Michigan ,the only entirely in the U.S.,Lake Huron,Lake Eire and Lake Ontario.They are located between Canada and the United States except Lake Michigan.



    1) A humid continental climate(湿润的大陆性气候) is found in the north-eastern part of the country.

    2) In the south-eastern United States you can find a humid subtropical climate.(湿润的亚热带气候——东南部)

    3)The Pacific northwest is favored with a maritime climate海洋性气候——太平洋西北岸)

    4)The southern part of the Pacific coast in California(加州太平洋沿岸南部) has a Mediterranean climate (地中海式气候)with warm,dry summers and moist winters.

    12.Many factors besides latitude influence the climate in the United States.Perhaps the most important forces are the Atlantic and Pacific oceans,the Gulf of Mexick ,and the Great Lakes.


    13.Traditionally from the east to the west the United States can be divided into seven geographical regions.美国从东到西可分为七个地理区。

    14.New English is made up of six states of the Northeast .Becaust of its stony soil it is not noted for its agriculture .Dairying is the most inportant farm activity,New English is also well-known for its position in education,Many famous universities and colleges such as Yale,Harvard,thd Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) are located here.


    15.New Englanders were originally knows as Yankees,which came to stand for alll American.新英格兰人最初曾被称作“美国佬:这一名称,后来渐渐指所有的美国人。(选择)

    16.The Middle Atlantic States have about one fifth of the total population of the united states.大西洋中部各州的人口占美国总人口的1/5.

    17.The soil is rich,the rain usually pientiful and the growing season long,These factors make the Midwest America's most important agricultural area .It is also a major manufacturing region and the nation's leading center of heavy industry.


    18.Chicago,the largest and busiest port on the Great Lakes, is the largest industral and commercial center of the area.芝加哥是五大湖最大最忙的港口,也是该地区最大的工商业中心。

    19.Detroit is known as the automobile capital of the world.Omaha is known as the agricultural capital of the United states.底特律被称作“汽车之都,奥马哈被称作农业之都。

    20.Dry farming ,irrigation farming,and the cattle and sheep herding are the main cativities of the Great Plains of the American West.


    21.Colorado has been called the steel city of the west ,Denver is the largest city of the Great Plains.科罗拉多市被称作“西部钢城”,丹佛市是大平原地区最大的城市。

    22.the largest groups of Native Americans are found on the Colorado Plateau.


    23.Mmauna Loa,the world's largest volcano,is located on Haiwaii and erupts from time to time,Suger cane and pineapples anr Haiwaii's main crops.Tourism is Haiwaii's most important industry.莫纳洛阿火山是世界最大和活火山,甘蔗和菠罗是夏威夷的两大作物,旅游业是夏威夷最重要的产业。

    24.Honolulu is the capital of Haiwaii and Juneau is the capital of Alaska.



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