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  1.I wish I________mistake every day.

  A.don‘t make

  B.haven‘t made

  C.wouldn‘t have made

  D.didn‘t make

  2.This book gives a brief ________ of the history of the xastle and details of the art collection in the main hall.

  A.outline reference in the main hall.



  D.artcile research

  3.Peter speaks to me ________ he were my brother.

  A.even if




  4.Mark is very set in his ways,hut john has a more ________ attitude to life.





  5.His teacher recommends that he ________ a regular degree program.

  A.will begin



  D.is beginning

  6.Robin‘s doctor suggested________for a few days.

  A.that he is resting

  B.he rested

  C.him to rest

  D.that he rest

  7.All three TV channels provide extensive________of sporting events.





  8.Rarely________such a silly thing.

  A.have I heard of

  B.I have heard of

  C.have I been heard of

  D.I have heard

  9.________I am aware,there were no problems during the first six months.

  A.As far as

  B.So much as

  C.Much more than

  D.Except that

  10.They appear________in the accident

  A.to be injuring

  B.being unjured

  C.to injure

  D.to have been injured

  11.After the match,a special medal was ________to the winner.





  12.“When will you finish________the book?”

  A.in writing

  B.to write

  C.having written


  13.We don‘t sell foreign newspapers because there is no________ for them.





  14.“________early in winter?”

  A.Do you use to get up

  B.Are you used to getting up

  C.Are you used to get up

  D.Use you to getting up

  15.She didn‘t________doing the ironing,as she hadn’t wanted to go out anyway.



  C.care for


  16.You will never get________all your homework tonight.





  17.No sooner had he left________.

  A.when the police arrived

  B.than the police arrived

  C.then the police arrived

  D.before the police arrived

  18.I wonder why they are so easily taken________by his story.





  19.“You‘d like some coffee,________?”

  A.Wouldn‘t you

  B.didn‘t you

  C.hadn‘t you

  D.shouldn‘t you

  20.I‘m sorry we gave you such short________of our visit.






  1.Although he is now middle-aged,he still looks quite.(youth)

  2.The new au pair girl proved to be quite different from the family‘s.(expect)

  3.He was bound hand and foot and so was quiteto escape.(power)

  4.Theexplanation was too diffcult for me.(science)

  5.Governing a state is a difficult job.It requires a competent.(lead)

  6.Mr.Jones is a very goodbecause he treats his employees evry well.(employ)

  7.He hopes to be a so he works hard at music.(music)

  8.The was not very well-known,but very talented.(art)

  9.Beethoven was a very famour.(compose)

  10.My professor has written many books.He is a well-known.(history)


  The 1)(tradition)American Thanksgiving Day celebration goes back to 1621.In that year a special feast was prepared in Plymouth,Massachusetes.The 2)(colony)who had settled there had left England because they felt denied of religious 3)(free)。

  They came to tha new land and faced 4)(difficult)in coming across the ocean.The were 5)(assistance)in learning to live in the new land by the Indians who inhabited the region.The Puritans,as they were called,had much to be 6)(thank)for.Their religious practices were no longer a source of criticism by the 7)(goven)。They learned to adjust their 8)(farm)habits to the climate and soil.When ehty selected the fourth Thursday of November for their Thanksgiving celebration,They invited their neighbors,to join them in dinner and a 9)(pary)of gratitude for the new life.They recalled the group of 102 men,women and children who left England.They remenmhered their dead who did not live to see the shores of Massachusetts.They reflected on the 65 day‘s journey which tested their 10)(strong)。


  handle remarkale given traditional

  track fraction pace available

  additionally automatic accomplish number

  Computers have caused 1) changes in the financial world in the U.S.Take,for example,the use of the computer in banking and the way banks 2)money.Today banks have maintained their 3)working hours of opration,but money is 4)to customers twenty-four hours a day,seven days a week.Why?It is all because the computer has made possible the 5)teller machines that are placed all over any 6)city,and as a result,dollars are closer to customers and always wasy to withdraw from banks.Banks also keep 7)of the balances and transactions of the customers with the help of computers.In the past this had to be done manually,today the speed of computer can 8)the same thing in a 9)of the time and at a much lower cost.Computers,10),rarely make mathematical errors.and so our shances of being “shortchanged”are less today.


  It is 1)believed that every word has a correct meaning,that we learn these meaning mainly from 2)and grammars,and that dictionaries and grammar books are the highest authority in 3)of meaning and usage.Few people ask 4)what authority the writers of dictionaries and grammars say what they say.I once got into an 5)with an English woman over the pronunciation of a word and 6)to look it up in the dictionary.The English woman said firmly,“What for?I am English.I was born and 7)up in England.The way I speak is English.”Such 8)about one‘sown language is not uncommon among the English.In the United States,however,anyone who is 9)to quarrel with the dictionary is 10)as out of his mind.


  1.Hans Christian Anderson was born in .

  2.Sidney Poitier‘s main problem in reading was that.

  3.The mistake in Night Watch happened because.

  4.In the U.S.those who are willing to quarrel with the dictionary are regarded.

  5.In order to keep alive,the man in love if Life ate some.

  6.Nobody laughed at the twelve jokes bacause.

  7.When the final notes of the song died away,Pappy placed the gun.

  8.What is missing in both self-esteemand money is .

  9.The information leak in the company cost Mr.Grayson as much as .

  10.Mr.Budd was afraid after the newspaper printed his Great Idea because.


  1.Why did the young hans Anderson ask the favor of the Prince of Denmark one day?

  2.Where did the story of Night Watch happen?

  3.What to people widely believe about dictionaries?

  4.What did the relatives who had not spoken for years do at Henry‘s funeral?

  5.Did the man feel worried in Love of Lift when his friend Bill left him alone?

  6.What competition did Henry set his friends?

  7.When and where did the story of Little things Are Big happen?

  8.How did the Special Agent X feel when he took the violin from the wall?way?

  9.What‘s many people’s idea of happiness?

  10.What do you think the business of Mr.Budd will be like in the years ahead of him?


















  Ludwig is a scholar.His father‘s family were from France,and his ,mother’s were German.His parents had net soon after the war in France.They soon decided to emigrate to America,but while they were waiting for their visas they first went on a brief visit to England so as to improve their English.Here young Ludwig had achieved an English birth,and with it the right to British nationality,although before his first birthday he was already in the U.S.A.,he grew up happily enough,normally enough,as an American child,his parents joy.Yet ,in his blood,too,old European things lived and waited,and as he became an adult and an intellectual he found himself an unidentified person.His parents,perfectly hi-lingual in French and German,spoke only English at home,laboriously consersing even when they were alone together,in this language which they never fully mastered.Ludwig learnt his French and German at school.

  When he came at last to Europe,no blood relations awaited him.All had died or scattered.What mainly confronted him was the ghost of Hitler.This and many other things need to be driven out.As a historian wand as a man he needed somehow in thought to go through the whole passion of recent history,but he could not do it.Faced with what he had so significantly missed,his intellect became faint.He remained outside it all and yet burdened by it as by something heavy forever reailing behind him,a part of himself which he could never properly see.In america he felt European,in France he felt German,in Germany american.Only in England,which he found in some ways most American.Only in Engliand,which he found in some ways most alien of all,could he somehow forget or postpone the problem of who he was.The company of other historians suited him,and they just took him for granted and assumed quietly that of sourse he would stay and hecome British.He was so grateful for that.

  1.Ludwig was born in England because his parents had ________.

  A.gone there to get visas

  B.wanted him to be eligible for British nationality

  C.happened to be in England at that time

  D.been requited to go there to learn English

  2.the way Ludwigs parents brought him up made him________.

  A.conscious of his European heritage

  B.content to be an American

  C.secure in his position

  D.an anxious intellectual

  3.Ludwig‘s parents spoke English at home because they________.

  A.were of different nationalities

  B.needed to practise the language

  C.wanted to be thoroughly American

  D.did not want Ludiwig to favor French or German

  4.Ludwig had hoped,in Europe,to be able to________.

  A.look up some of his relatives

  B.see the past in a different light

  C.involve himself passionately in history

  D.make a special study of Hitler

  5.Europe had the effect of making Ludwig feel________.

  A.a loss of identity

  B.conscious of his origin

  C.part of a historical process

  D.burdened with guilt

  6.Ludwig felt the company of other historians________.





  For nearly a century before there was such a thing as a space program,a view of space was possible.People could see detailed views of the Moon,explore Mars,and study the geometric beauty of Saturn‘s rings.All of this was made possible by a small group of artist astronomers who made a career of illustrating how other worlds in space might look.

  Lucien Rudaux,a French artist,was the first to combine his artistic talents with his knowledge of astronomy.His paintings show a mixture of skilled observations,brilliant imagination,and painstaking(煞费苦心的)attention to detail.As a result,many of his works have come surprisingly close to actual conditions on distant planets.His paintings of Mars included moonlike craters (碗形洞)that were first photographed by the Mariner 4 probe(探测卫生)in 1965.His 1930 painting of a dust storm looks remarkably like a photograph of a storm taken by Orbiter 2 in 1976.

  The srtist astronomers,in cluding Rudaux,stimulated interest in outer space by painting what enevtually turned out to be precise portraits(准确的模型)of the planets.

  7.The main idea of the passage is ________.

  A.the amazing accuracy of space artist

  B.the poprlar success of Lucien Rudaux

  C.the imaginations of great artists

  D.the similarities of the Moon to Mars

  8.People were first able to see paintings showing the appearance of other planets in________.

  A.almost one hundred years ago

  B.in the 1930s

  C.in 1965

  D.in 1976

  9.It can be seen that artist-astronomers spent their lives________.

  A.exploring the planets

  B.studying geometry

  C.creating images of space

  D.producing rockets for space travel

  10.according to the passage,the works of Lucien Rudaex represent a combination of ________.

  A.astronomy and mathematics

  B.general and detailed information

  C.photography and pictures

  D.fact and imagination

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