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  1.He could________ his father that he was telling the truth.





  2.He________on this essay for twenty minutes but he has written only a hundred words.

  A.will be working


  C.nas een working

  D.will have worked

  3.It was difficult to guess whar her________to the news would be.





  4.You ________yesterday if you were really serious about the job.

  A.ought to come

  B.ought to have come

  C.ought come

  D.ought have come

  5.In order to buy his house he had to obtain a large________from his bank.





  6.I wish I________you hetter.



  C.will know

  D.have known

  7.My passport________last month,so I will have to get a new one.





  8.The Department is also deeply________in various improvement schemes.





  9.His proposal was rejected that the meeting________in Geneva.

  A.would be held

  B.should be held

  C.were to be held

  D.had been held

  10.His answer was so confused that I could hardly make any________of it at all.





  11.I________you the book as soon as possible,I promise you.

  A.would send


  C.shall be sending

  D.will send

  12.The main attraction of the job was that it offered the ________to do research.





  13.Makea note of it ________ you should forget it.





  14.They always kept on good________with their next-door neighbors for the children‘t sake.





  15.It is time that we________our work.



  C.will finish

  D.have finished

  16.Old Mr.Brown‘t condition looks serious and it is doubtful if he will________.

  A.pull through

  B.pull up

  C.pull back

  D.pull out

  17.Jack would have flown to Chicago________ to get a plane reservation.

  A.if he would be able

  B.if he had been able

  C.if he was able

  D.if he were able

  18.he was completely________by the thief‘s disguise.

  A.taken away

  B.taken down

  C.taken in

  D.taken through

  19.The storm________.

  A.prevented me to go out

  B.prevented me to have gone out

  C.prevented me go out

  D.prevented me from going out

  20.________but be also proved himself a good athlete.

  A.He showed himself not only a good student

  B.He showed not only himself a good student

  C.He did not show himself only a good student

  D.Not only did he show simself g good student


  1.He asked if geology was Jack‘scareer.(choice)

  2.I was to know how much a ckal miner earned.(curiously)

  3.I could see that Jack disagreed by his expression.(face)

  4.The sixth formers paid an visit to a coal-mine.(educa-tion)

  5.The miner‘s demands for better conditions are not ;

  6.People under arrest have to make an in a court of law.(appear)

  7.Do you know the of St.Paul‘s Cathedral?(high)

  8.He is very anxious about the of his passport.(lose)

  9.There was loud as the clown fell off the ladder.(laugh)

  10.We had an day sailing our new boat.(enjoy)


  Looking at the clock next to his bed he noticed that it was 1)(short)past eight o‘clock.Another day had dawned.He 2)(wonder)if it would bring any change.It had now been 5 months since he was dismissed from his job and despite greatest effort he and not been able to find other occupation.At this moment he was glad he had no family to look after because it would 3)(obvious)bring great financial 4)(hard)upon them.He just about managed with the 5)(Nation)Assistance he was allowed to draw every week.With these 6)(think)going through his mind he 7)(slow)got out of bed and walked over to the window.It was a nice day,so at least he would be able to spend several hours outside.8)(rain)days were worse when he had to stay inside and could not help thinking about his 9)(situated)and if he would ever find another job.He was not the youngest any nore and this seemed to make his job hunt even more 10)(difficulty)。


  role with relax heavy problems big spirits brighten tension deal favorite handle

  Music plays a very important 1)________in my life.When my children or I need a pick-me-up,music lifts our 2)________.When I am feeling sad,a 3)________song will 4)________my day.When my children get bored,I turn on the radio and dance while we all clap hands and sing along.When I feel the need to 5)________,I always turn to music.If find myself in 6)________traffic,soothing music from the car radio always helps to ease the 7)________,I like to play the same relaxing music on my radio at the office hecause it helps to keep the frustration level low.Music can also provide me 8)________an escape when I have had a busy day.Once my school or work day is finished,I go home,kick off my shoes,lie hack in the sofa,and close my eyes.The next morning I know,I am floationg far above the world of people and their 9)________.My love for music makes it easier to 10)________the little ups amd downs of everyday life.












  Once upon a time,there was a poor boy 1)________lived in Denmark.His father,a shoemaker,had died,and is mother had 2)________again.

  Once day the boy went to ask a 3)________of the Prine of Denmark.When the Prince asked him what he wandted,the boy said,“I want to write ”4)________in poetry and to act at the Royal Theatre.“The Prince looked at the boy,at his big hands and feet,at his big nose and large 5)________eyes,and gave a 6)________answer.”It is one thing to act in plays,another to write them.I tell you this for your own 7)________;learn a useful trade like shoemaking.

  So the boy,who was not 8)________at all,went home.There he took what little money he had,said good-bye to his mother and his step-father and started out to seek his 9)________,He was sure that some day the name Hands Christian Anderson would be 10)________all over Denmark.












  1.Time is tricky because________________.

  2.Anderson‘s genius lies in his ability to ________________.

  3.The director asks Sidney Poitier to get off the stage because ________________.

  4.The task of writing a dictonary begins with________________.

  5.The secret to happiness lies in the contribution towards________________.

  6.Mr.Budd‘s great idea was________________.

  7.In order to be a civilized human being,one has to ________________.

  8.The large woman made some cocoa out of ________and heated some________for the boy and herself to eat and then cut the boy a half of her________.

  9.Over the years people have asked if Stedhen R.Covey had one simple idea that would help others cope with problems seize opportunities and make their lives successful,he answered________.

  10.Jim Morelock decided not to undergo chemical treatment because________.

  1.it is difficult control and easy to waste

  2.put so much of everyday life into the wonder of his fairy tales

  3.he can‘t read the script

  4.reading huge amounts of the literature of the period or subject that the dictionary is to cover

  5.the happiness of others

  6.to dye the man‘s hair dark brown which would turn bright green over the night,and that would make it impossible for any murderer to escape being noticed.

  7.keep in touch what the bests human minds have thought/maintain some hasic contact with the great continuity of civilized intellect

  8.some canned milk

  beans and ham

  ten-cent cake

  9.“make and keep promises”

  10.he didn‘t want to prolong his life he couldn’t really live fully


  1.Why didn‘t the Marine tell the nurse that the dying man was not his father?


  2.How do the English feel about their pronunciation?


  3.Why didn‘t Bill stop and help his friend when hie friend hurt his foot?


  4.Why did Agent X decide to play the violin?


  5.Why don‘t many highly-paid managers and entertainers feel happy?


  6.Why did Henry Ground,the joker once go door to door telling people‘s forunes?


  7.How does the man feel after the incident in the subway station in Little Things Are Big?


  8.How did David‘s sife,Polly feel when David and Cory said good-bye?


  9.What was Mr.Budd thinking when he was combing the large man‘s hair?


  10.What was Louise thinking when she stopped crying in her own room?


  Because the Marine realized the old man didn‘t know he was not his son and he really needed him at the moment so he stayed.

  They are quite confident aboout the correctness of their pronunciation.

  Because he was a very selfish person.He felt his friend would be a burden to him if he took him along with him.

  Because he wanted to find a breakthrough towards getting the dangerous killer Cal Richards.

  Because they know they are contributing very little of real value to the society and all the time they live in fear of being exposed cheats.

  Because he wanted to have fun.

  He regrets that he didn‘t help the white woman.

  She was very much moved,and she wasn‘t sure whether Cory was saying hello or goodbye.

  He was thinking whether it was possible for him to arrest the man at that time.

  She thinks of the unhappy marriage and the years of free life in front of her.
































  1.Unfortunately they hadn‘t allowed for the heavy traffic and got to the airport too late to catch their flight.

  2.Watching news broadcast on TV can keep you up date on the situation both home and abroad.

  3.He hopes to catch up on the lessons he missed during the weekend.

  4.Once you have worked out a studay plan,you should put it into practice.

  5.Many people lent a helping hand to that poor child.

  6.He collected much money from his friends and posted it to the people in the earthquake area.

  7.He looked a new word up in a dictionary whenever he runs across it.

  8.It is the first time he has ever been in China.

  9.He is a scientist who has made great contributions to the society.

  10.She is no star.

  11.It is reported in the newspaper today that a boy has helped the police to catch a robber.

  12.Some Londen newspapers are full of personal advertise ments.

  13.We were almost breathless when we climbed to the top of the mountain.

  14.The headline of the newspaper caught my eye this morning.

  15.Some burglars broke into Mr.Smith‘s house when they were away on holiday.


  Standing alone at the Browns‘party,Anna Mackintosh thought about her houband Edward,establishing him clearly in her mind’s eye.He was a thin man,forty-one years of age,with fair hair that was often untidy.In the seventeen years they‘d been married he had changed very little:he was still nervous with other people,and smiled in the same abashed(不自然的)way,and his face was still almost boyish.

  She believed she had failed him because he bad wished for children and she had not been able to supply any.She had.over the years,become neurotic about this fact and in the end,quite some time ago now,she had consulted a psychiatrist,a Dr.Abbat,at Edward‘s request.

  In the Brown‘s rich drawing room,its walls and ceiling gleaming with a metallic surface of imitation gold,Anna listened to dance music coming from a tape recorder and continued to think about her husband.

  In a moment he would be at the party too,since they had agreed to meet there,although by now it was three-quarters of an hour later than the time he had stated.

  The Browns were people he knew in a business way,and he had said he thought it wise that he and Anna should attend this gathering of theirs.She had never met them before,which made it more difficult for her,having to wait about,not knowing a soul in the room.

  When she thought about it she felt hard done by,for although Edward was kind to her and always had been,it was far from considerate to be as late as this.Because of her nervous condition she felt afraid and had developed a sichness in her stomach.She looked at her watch and signed.

  1.Anna feels awkward at the party because________.

  A.her husband‘s nervousness affects her

  B.she doesn‘t like the Browns

  C.her husband isn‘t coming

  D.she doesn‘t know anybody

  2.________makes Anna feel inadequate.

  A.Her bad relationship with her husband

  B.Her husband‘s youthful appearance

  C.Her inability to have children

  D.Her lack of success at parties

  3.Anna starts to get angry because________.

  A.she resents the Brown‘s wealth

  B.she isn‘t feeling very well

  C.her husband is not as thoughtful as he should be

  D.the Browns are only business acquaintances

  4.Edward wanted Anna to attend the party hecause________.

  A.he was going to be late

  B.he wanted her to have more of a social life

  C.he needed her support

  D.he thought she would impress the Browns

  Pronouncing a language is a skill.Every normal person is expert in the skill of pronouncing his own laguage;but few people are even moderately proficient at pronouncing foreign languages.Now there are many reasons for this,some obvious.But I suggest that the fundamental reason why people in general do not speak foreign languages very much better than they do is that they fail to grasp the true nature of the problem of learning to pronounce,and consequently never set about dealing with it in the right way.Far too many people fail to realize that pronouncing a foreign language in a skill-one that needs careful training of a special kind,and one that cannot be acquired by just leaving it to take care of itself.I think even teachers of language ,while recognizing the importance of a good accent,tend to neglect,in their practical teaching,the branch of study concerned with wpeaking the language.So the first point I want to make is that English pronunciation must tbe taught;the teacher should be prepared to devote some of the lesson time to this,and by his whole attitude to the subjuct he should get the student to feel that here is a matter worthy of receiving his close attention.So,there should be occasions when other aspects of English,such as grammar or speling,are allowed for the ,moment to take second place.

  Apart from this question of the time given to proninciation,there are two other requirements for the teacher:the first,knowledge,te second,


  It is important that the teacher should be in possession of the necessayr information.This can generally be obtained from books.It is possible to get from books some idea of the mechanics of speech,and of want we call general phonetic theory.It is also possible in this way to get a clear mental picture of the relationship between the sounds of different languages,between the speech habits and English people and those,say,of your strdents.Unless the teacher has such a picture,any comments he may make on his students‘pronunciation are unlikely to be of much use,and lesson time spent on pronunciation may well be time wasted.

  But it doesn‘t follow that you can teach pronunciation successfully

  as soon as you have read the nucessary books.It depends after that what use you make of your knowledge;adn this is a matter of technique.

  5.According to the author,________pronouncing foreign languages.

  A.only a few people are really proficient in

  B.no one is really an expert in the skill of

  C.there aren‘t many people who are even fairly good at

  D.there are even some people who are moderately proficient in

  6.The author argues that going about the problem of pronunciation in the wrong way is ________.

  A.an obvious cause of not grasping the problem correctly

  B.a fundamental result of not speaking well

  C.a result of not grasping the problem correctly

  D.not an obvious cause of speaking poorly

  7.The best way of learning to speak a foreign language is by________.

  A.picking it up natrallly as a child

  B.learning from a native speaker

  C.not concentrating on pronunciation as such

  D.undertaking systematic work

  8.Teachers tend to forget________.

  A.the practical teaching of languages

  B.the importance of a good accent

  C.the principles of phonetic theory

  D.the teaching of prounciation in the classroom

  9.The value stedents put on correct speech habits depends on________.

  A.how closely he attends to the matter

  B.whether it is English that is being taught

  C.his teacher‘s approach to pronunciation

  D.the importance normally given to grammar and spelling

  10.A teacher might waste his time by________.

  A.spending lesson time on pronunciation

  B.making ill-informed comments on pronunciation

  C.not using books on phonetics in the classroom

  D.not giving students a clear mental picture of the difference between sounds

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