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  1.Students taking business courses are sometimes a little surprised to find that lectures on business ethics have been included in their syllabuses of study.—(Students taking business courses sometimes wonder why their courses include the topic of business ethics.)选修商业课程的学生多少感到惊讶地发现他们的课程中,还有关于商来道德方面的讲座。

  1)be surprise/pleased/delighted/glad/happy/sorry,etc.to do sth.:对……感到惊讶/高兴/兴奋/抱歉等。

  又如:Henry's friends were delighted to hear of his success.


  I'm very sorry to tell you that you didn't pass the exam.


  2)ethics:(plural)moral principles that control or influence a person's behaviours道德

  business ethics:moral rules or principles governing the behaviour of people involved in the business of selling and buying,which include fair play in conducting business,not operating dishonest practices,such as swindles,fraud,bribery syllabus:a list of the topics,books,etc.that students should study in a particular subject at school or college.商来道德

  2.they may be tempted to bend their principles to get what they want.为了达到目的,他们可能会做出违心的事情。

  1)be tempted to do sth.:受到吸引、诱惑而去做……。

  又如:The boy was tempted to play the computer games after class every afternoon.


  He was tempted to take a well-paid job a big company had offered.


  Nothing would tempt her to leave her aging parents alone in the countryside.


  2)bend one's principles:do things against one's principles rather unwillingly 勉强做违背自己原则的事情。

  Sometimes people will bend their principles to meet their desire for money and power.


  注意以往学过的近似的意思:There would be no powerful will bending hers.


  3)to get what they want 是目的状语,修饰谓语may be tempted to bend their principles.

  3 .……bribery in various forms is on the increase in many countries and,in some,this type of corruption has been a way of life for centuries.—(……bribery in its various forms is increasing/becoming more and more common in many countries;in some this type of corruption has been the typical pattern of behaviour for hundreds of years.)在许多国家,形形色色的贿赂形式在增加;在有些国家里,这类腐败现象几个世纪以来早已成了一种事的模式。

  1)on the increase:increasing增加。

  又如:Crime is on the increase in that country.


  The unemployment in that country is on the increase.


  2)a /one's way of life:一种(或某人的)生活方式,一种正常的办事模式。

  又如:Early to bed and early to rise is his way of life.


  Dinning out,especially on holidays,is a way of life for the people in big cities.


  Spending today what you will earn tomorrow is becoming a way of life for many young city people.


  4.suppose you were head of a major soft-drinks company and you want to break into a certain overseas market where the growth potential for your company is likely to be very great indeed.—(……you want to sell your company's soft-drinks in a foreign country for the first time because you think in future these drinks will sell very well though at the present they may not be popular.)假设你是一家重要软饮料公司的头头,你想打入某个对公司发展前景看好的海外市场。

  1)you were是虚拟语气。

  If you were… head of:头头,…之首

  head of state国家元首;

  head of government政府首脑;

  head of school一校之长;

  head of family一家之长

  2)break into:to become involved in a new business activity打进,侵占;破门;而入;突然… Some foreign companies are trying to break into the Chinese market.一些外国公司想方设法打进中国市场。

  He lost his keys,so he had to break into his house.他丢了钥匙,因此不得不破门而入。

  The thief broke into running when he saw a policeman.这个小偷一看见警察拔腿就跑。

  3)potential (for):the possibility of sth.happening or being developed or used……可能性,有潜力,存在市场 The new product has a great potential for sales (could be sold in large quantities)。这种新产品将来可能会卖得很俏。

  Seeing the potential for nuclear attacks,the family built a shelter.这家人认识到可能会发生核攻击之事,就修建了防空洞。

  They all agree that the potential for conflict between the two parties is great.他们一致同意两个派别发生冲突的可能性相当大。

  4)be likely to do / be:will probably do / be可能会发生(或成为)。

  He is likely to be our new manager.


  5.the Minister of Trade makes it clear to you that……贸易部长明确表示……


  1)make sth.clear,如:I think I've made my intentions very clear.


  2)make oneself clear,如:I wonder if I've made myself clear.




  又如:The doctor made it clear to his family that the patient didn't have more than three days to live.


  6.……you are also likely to avoid“bureaucratic delays”,as he puts it.

  (If you promise to pay this official a large sum of money)……


  (you will probably also manage to get things done smoothly without“bureaucratic delays”,to use his own words.)

  Because of unreasonable complicated official rules and processes before you can get sth.done or approved.For example,if you want to get permission from government officials to do something,you have to go through a lot of complicated processes and are likely to wait for a long time before you get it.

  1)be likely to do / be:will probably do / be可能会发生(或成为)

  2)as he puts it 是方式状语从句。