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  15.To take just one example,the Chrysler Corporation,third largest of the U.S.motor manufacturers,disclosed that it made questionable payments of more than $ 2.5 million between 1971 and 1976.仅以美国第三汽车制造商克莱斯勒公司为例,该公司透露说从1971至1976年他们就支付了超过250万美元的不正当的款项。

  1)to take just one example:不定式短语,在句中是独立成分,又如:To tell the truth,I don't like the idea.说老实话,我觉得这怎么样。

  To be frank,I was thirsty like everyone else.坦白说,我和其他人一样渴。

  2)disclose 透露,揭露

  He wrote a letter to the Public Security Organ to disclose the mayor's scandal of taking bribes.他写了一封信给公安部门来揭露这个市长的受贿丑闻。

  16.By making this revelation,it joined more than 300 U.S.companies that had admitted to the U.S.Securities and Exchange Commission that they had made dubious payments of one kind or another—bribes,facilitating payments,extra discounts,etc.—in recent years.透露了这一秘密之后,该公司也加入了向美国证券交易署承认近年来曾经支付过各种不正当的款项—行贿、疏通费以及附加折扣等—的三百多家公司的行列。


  2)the U.S.Securities and Exchange Commission:美国证券交易署。

  3)……of one kind or another:不同类的……,不是这种就是那种的……。

  4)facilitating payments:为了事顺利而支付的款项。

  5)extra discounts:超额折扣。

  17.For discussion purposes,we can divide these payments into three broad categories.为了讨论便利起见,我们把这种款项分为三大类。


  又如:In oral classes,we divide the class into two groups.


  According to their political attitude,the faculty can be divided into three categories:the radical,the conservative,and the middle-of-the-roader.


  18.The first category consists of substantial payments made for political purposes or to secure major contracts.—(The first type of bribery involves large amounts of money paid for political reasons,i.e.,to a candidate who is running for political office or for obtaining major contracts.)为了政治目的,或是为了获得重大项目合同而付的巨款属第一类。

  1)consist of:由……组成。

  又如:Their diet chiefly consists of rice and vegetables.


  The delegation consists of students from all corners of the country.


  2)made for……major contracts 是分词短语,作定语修饰substantial payments,介词短语for political purposes和不定式短语to secure major contracts都是目的状语,修饰made.

  19.For example,the U.S.conglomerate ITT(International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation)offered a large sum of money in support of a U.S.presidential candidate at a time when it was under investigation for possible violation of the U.S.anti-trust law.—(The U.S.conglomerate ITT,for example,once gave a U.S.presidential candidate a lot of money when it was in danger of being prosecuted for breaking the U.S.anti-trust law.)例如,在调查美国ITT(国际电话电报公司)是否违反美国反托拉斯法案之际,该集团为支持一位美国总统候选人提供了大量资金。

  1)conglomerate:a large corporation formed by different firms/companies joining together集团

  2)in support of sb./sth.:supporting/in favour of sb./sth.支持,赞成。

  又如:He voted in support of an anti-dumping bill.


  She spoke in support of anti-smuggling measures.


  3)at a time when:正当……的时刻。

  又如:She returned at a time when she thought she could best serve her country.


  How can we call ourselves his friends if we stand by at a time when he desperately needs help?


  4)under investigation:being investigated在调查之中,正受到调查。此处under表示“处于某种状况”,常见的短语有buildings under repair/construction(建筑物)正在修复或施工之中(matters)under consideration/discussion(事情或事件)正在考虑或讨论之中

  The case is still under investigation.案件仍在调查之中。

  5)anti-trust law:an American law intended to prevent companies form monopolizing certain products and unfairly controlling prices反托拉斯法

  20.Was ready to finance efforts to overthrow the Marxist government of Chile whose President was Salvadore Allende.愿意资助推翻以萨尔瓦多?阿连德为总统的智利马克思主义政府的种种尝试。

  1)ready to do sth.:willing and eager to do sth.愿意并很迫切做……。

  又如:They're always ready to lend a helping hand.


  Laura loved him and he was ready to kiss her shoestrings.


  2)Salvadore Allende:萨尔瓦多·阿连德(1908-1973),智利社会党创建人和领袖,1970-1973年任智利总统,1973年9月在军事政变中殉职。他执政期间做了不少有利于人民的事情。西方反动势力惯于把推行诸如土地改革、注重人民卫生健康等政策的左派政府称为马克思主义政府。此处不定式to overthrow……Salvadore Allende作定语,修饰efforts.

  21.In this category,we may also include large payments made to ruling families or their close advisers in order to secure arms or major petrochemical and construction contracts.——(One type/form of bribery in the second category includes large payments made to important and influential people such as ruling families or their close advisers in order to get contracts involving large amounts of money.)

  ruling family:the family that has control over a country,e.g.,a king in a kingdom,Sheik in some Arab countries统治/执政家族

  22.In a court case involving an arms deal with Iran,a witness claimed that £1 million had been paid by a British company to a“go-between”who helped clinch a deal for supply of tanks to that country.—(In a court case,a witness said that in selling weapons to Iran,a British company paid £1 million to someone who helped it make the sale of tanks to that country.)在涉及与伊朗进行武器交易的案件中,一位证人声称一家英国公司向助其达成供应伊朗坦克的买卖的“中间人”支付了100万英镑。

  1)to make/conclude/finalize a deal with sb.与某人做成一笔交易 此处分词短语involving an arms deal with Iran作定语,修饰a court case.

  2)claim that:(未经证实或证明)声称,断言,又如:Some scientist claims that he has found an effective cure for AIDS.某位科学家声称他已经找到了治疗艾滋病的有效办法。

  3)这里“go-between”一词用了引号表示并不是真正的中间人,而是统治该国的家庭的成员或是他们的高参(即本段开始提到的ruling families or their close advisers)。

  4)clinch a deal:to conclude a deal successfully:(口语)达成交易。deal:an agreement,esp.in business,on certain terms for buying or doing交易