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  21.There was a crash that made all the most violent crashes of his past life seem like the sound of falling dust. 那头牛坠地时发出了震耳欲聋的巨响,与之相比,他以往生活中所听到 的 最剧烈的轰响只不过是灰尘落地。

  Compared with sound of crash when the cow hit the ground,all the most violent crashes he had heard in his past life seemed like the sound of falling dust.

  make sth seem/look like sth. else:to make sth appear to be a particular thing or have a particular quality ,是一种比喻的方式

  The surrounding skyscrapers make our 5-storey house look like a dwarf among giants.


  His tall and heavy body made me look lik e a 5-year old boy.

  他的又高又壮使我看上去像个 5 岁的孩子。

  22. A vast wind roared throughout earth and heaven,so that he could scarcely lift his head to look. 一股飓风呼啸 于 天地之间,使他根本无法抬头环顾四周。

  so that… 在这儿是表示结果的状语。

  lift one's head/voice/ arm… 抬起头 / 提高嗓门 / 举起胳膊

  23.Mr. Fotheringay struggled to get to his feet in vain and remained on all fours ,holding on.佛泽林盖先生使出全身的劲也没法能站起来,Mr. Fotheringay tried,made great effort to stand on his feet,but failed,and had to stay on the ground on his hands and knees.

  struggle to do sth:to try very hard to do sth. that is difficult 费劲地做 ……

  get to one's feet:/ rise to one's feet 站起来

  The wounded soldier struggled to get to his feet ,but failed.


  He found it difficult to get to his feel on the slippery surface.


  in vain:without success 徒然地,徒劳无益地

  I tried in vain to open the locked door. 我试图把锁的门打开,但没成功。

  All our efforts to persuade the old man to leave the dangerous house were in vain.


  on all fours:on hands and knees 四肢伏地 / 跪在地上; 爬着

  Bill's father got down on all fours and gave the baby a ride. 比尔的父亲趴在地上,让孩子骑着玩。

  The traitor was on all fours ,begging for mercy. 那叛徒跪在地上乞求宽恕。

  hold on 抓牢,坚持,忍受住

  The climber held on till the rescuers reached him.


  Our soldiers held on in that isolated position for more than 3 hours.

  我们的战士在那个孤立无援的阵地坚持了 3 个小时。

  24.Far and wide nothing was visible through the dust that flew in the wind except masses of earth and heaps of ruins. 在风沙中,周围除了一片片的土地和成堆的瓦砾之外,什么也看不见。

  Through the dust that was flying in the air,one could see nothing except heaps of dust and ruins over a vast area

  far and wide/near:over a large area 到处,四面八方

  People came far and wide to watch the parade. 人们从四面八方赶来观看游行 .

  My old classmates are now scattered far and wide across the country.


  masses:a large number or amount 一大片,许多,大量

  25.…only a wildness of disorder and a rising storm… 他能看到的只是一片乱糟糟的景象和越刮越猛的狂风。

  a wildness of ……:一片杂乱

  There was a wildness of disorder there after the collapse of the building. 房屋倒塌后那儿是一片杂乱

  26.When Mr. Fotheringay stopped the rotation of the solid globe,he said nothing about the movables upon its surface. 当佛泽林盖先生停止了坚固地球的转动时,地面上的那些能动的东西是否也要停止运动,他只字未提。

  All the movables on its surface did not stop rotating,and they continued to move at a great speed,causing great damage.

  27.…much more violently than if they had been fired out of a cannon……… 即便它们是从大炮里发射出来也没有这么大的力量。… everything had been thrown off the ground and pushed forward much more forcibly than if they had been launched from a big gun.

  28.These things Mr. Fotheringay did not fully appreciate.这些情况佛泽林盖先生并不完全理解。

  Mr. Fotheringay could not fully understand these things.

  29.But he perceived that his miracles had miscarried,and with that a great disgust of miracles came upon him. 但是他发觉自己的奇迹出轨了,随之,对奇迹深恶痛绝的心情涌上心头。

  But he realized that his miraculous powers had been used wrongly and had brought about results he did not expect,so he began to hate miracles.


  perceive:表示“察觉出外在的事物” I didn't perceive him go out of the room.


  conceive:表示“在心中构想出一种新的想法 ”

  Scientists first conceived the idea of the atomic bomb in the 1930s.

  科学家在 20 世纪 30 年代首先有了原子弹的构想。

  come upon/on/over *******:seize or have an effect on ********. (情绪、感情等)袭击、影响 ……。

  When I heard how the man treated his old mother,a disgust of him came upon me .

  当我听到他如何对待他的老母亲 时,一种对他的厌恶感涌上心头。

  A great longing of seeing her came upon him when he learnt that she had returned home from the United States. They had not seen each other for 20 years.

  当他得知她从美国回来了,他突然感到很想见到她。他们已经 20年没见面了。

  30.He remained on all fours leaning against the wind,intent to have everything right.他还是四肢伏地,后背顶着狂风,决心要让一切恢复正常。

  He was intent on getting to the office in time. 他一心一意要按时赶到办公室。

  He is intent on improving his manner. 他决意要改进自己的举止。

  To have/put/set sth right:to correct sth./******.; to fix sth. 纠正,使正常

  The tap is leaking. Could you get someone to put it right? 水龙头漏水了。你能否找个人来修一修?

  Whenever we find anything wrong,we do our best to put it right.