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  11.You don't mean to say you talked to him about her?你不会真的跟他谈起了劳拉吧?


  eg:You are a writer?你是个作家吧?(问话人认为对方是作家,想得到确认。)

  eg:You are not going to Dalian with the rest of you family?


  mean to say:admit readily愿意承认(一般用于疑问句)

  eg:You don't mean to say I am unfair?你是说我不公平吗?

  eg:Do you mean to say you've given up your job?


  eg:You don't mean to say you hit her?


  12.That old beggar,as you call him is one of the richest men in Europe.


  as you call him:插入主句中的定语从句,as是关系代词,代表old beggar,在从句中作宾语him的补足语。as作关系代词往往表示整个主句。

  eg:The situation in the country,as the president has pointed out,is improving.


  eg:The earth,as we all know,moves around the sun.正如我们知道的那样,地球绕着太阳转。

  eg:The environmental problems,as our government has promised,have been improved a lot.


  13.What on earth do you mean?你到底是什么意思?

  how/why/where/who,etc+ on earth/in the world表示强调/加强语气

  eg:What on earth are you doing?


  eg:How on earth did she manage that?


  eg:Where in the world have you been?


  14.He is a great friend of mine,buys all my pictures and that sort of thing 


  that sort/kind of thing:类似的其他事情

  eg:In the summer camp,the children go swimming ,play games,that sort of thing.


  eg:Participants in the short-term course attend lectures,have discussions,that sort of thing.


  15……gave me a commission a month ago to paint him as a beggar.一个月之前他给了我一笔佣金,叫我把他画成个乞丐。

  —— ……a month ago he told me to paint a picture of him as a beggar.

  commission:a formal request to sb.to design or make a piece of work such as a building or a painting 佣金

  16.It is the whimof a millionaire.You know these rich men.—— Millionaires often suddenly want to do such unusual things.这当然是百万富翁一时心血来潮的怪念头,你知道这帮阔老爷是会做这种事的。

  whim:a sudden feeling that you would like to do or have esp.

  eg :When there is on particularly important and good reason. 


  eg:We decided,on a whim,to fly to Hainan. 


  eg:Lately,the president has been firing and picking new ministers at whim.


  17.…he sank in an arm-chair the picture of dismay.他跌坐进一把扶手椅,一幅惊恐的模样。

  the picture of dismay在句中作主语he的补足语。

  the picture of一幅……样子/模样

  the picture of health/ innocence/ despair,etc.:look very healthy,etc.看起来很健康/无辜/绝望等

  eg:Wearing rags and holding out his hat for money,the old model was the picture of misery.


  eg:With flowers in his hands and dozens of former students around him,the old man is the very picture of happiness and content.手捧鲜花,被几十个以前教过的学生簇拥着,那位老人简直是幸福和满足的化身。

  18.…he burst into a roar of laughter.他放声大笑起来。 burst into:(突然)放声(大笑、高唱、痛哭)

  eg:He burst into tears when he heard the news.  


  eg:As soon as Mr.Adams entered,his Chinese colleagues burst into singing:“Happy birthday to you!”


  eg:He burst into tears.  


  eg:He burst into running.  


  19.“……you'll never see it again.His business is with other men’s money.”—— He invests other men's.(Most likely he is a broker-a person who buys and sells things,for example,shares in a business,for other people.Maybe he is a banker or he runs an investment company,or that sort of thing.) .你的那一英镑是拿不回来了,他做的是别人的钱的生意。(前一句话是开开 玩笑,后一句指他是银行家或是经营投资公司。)

  business 生意,商业

  bushiness school商学院

  business hours营业时间

  go into business从事商业,下海经商

  20.“I think you ought to have toldme,Alan,” said Hughie in a bad temper,“and have let me make such a fool of myself”


  ought to have done sth.:should have done表示过去应该做而没有做的事(有责备的含义)。

  eg:You should have handed in your paper last week. 


  eg:He ought to have finished his work yesterday. 


  make a fool of oneself:因干愚蠢的事而丑

  eg:At the party,he drank too much,and made a fool of himself.在聚会时,他喝酒太多,闹出不少笑话。

  eg:If you go to the funeral in this dress,you'll make a fool of yourself.