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  8.Consequently,bereft of cultural heroes,we have latched onto cultural icons…

  As a result,when we no long have national heroes to admire and worship,we have become crazy about cultural icons…因此,缺少了民族英雄,我们就迷上了通俗文化偶像。

  Consequently:As a result因此,于是

  bereft of:失去;缺少bereft(bereave的过去式、过去分词)

  The boy is bereft of hope.这孩子失去了希望。

  latch onto/on to sb./sth.:(informal) to become very interested in sb./sth.,often finding them so useful that we don't want to let them go


  9.… who are simply famous for being famous.

  …who are well-known just because they are frequently seen in public,so that a lot of people know them or know about them (not because they possess unusually fine qualities or because they have made great contributions to society)。仅仅因为有名而成名的人。

  be famous for:be known for

  10.They are people who manage to transcend celebrity,who are legendary,who somehow manage to become mythic.——Cultural icons make themselves more famous than celebrities;they inspire great admiration;and to a certain degree,they become important people.他们超越了名流,成为传奇式人物,甚至在某种程度上已是神话式的人物。

  注意:此句此句用三个由Who引导出的并列的定语从句来修饰 people,界定“文化偶像”的三个特点:比名流名气更大,受到崇拜,成为重要人物。

  11.In part,their lives have the quality of a story.——Part of the reason is that their lives are unusual,full of ups and downs like people in legends or myths.部分的原因是由于他们的生平带有传奇故事的色彩。

  In part:partly;to a certain extent 在一定程度上,部分地

  He failed in the exams in part because he was careless.他没通过考试在一定程度上是由于他粗心。

  12.Good looks certainly help.漂亮的长相当然有用。

  Attractive appearance is surely very useful in the making of an icon.

  help:to improve a situation or to make sth.happen起作用

  Wisdom,not strength helps in the matter. 在这方面智慧起作用,力量无济无事。

  To be young and single definitely help when you're looking for a job  年轻又单身在找工作时是有得的条件。

  Material incentives alone won't help(to) increase production. 光凭物质刺激无助于提高生产。

  13.So does a special indefinable charisma,with the help of the media.——

  A particular great charm that is hard to define also proves useful.The media help to impress people with it.在媒体的抄作下某种难以描述的、特殊的个人魅力也起作用。

  这是个倒装句,A special indefinable charisma 是主语,does 是谓语,代表helps,介词短语 with the help of the media作状语。

  14.But nothing becomes an icon more than a tragic and early death然而悲剧性地过早离开这个世界,却是造成偶像最重要的因素。


  Purple becomes her.紫色很适合她

  Don't be rude,it doesn't become you.别动粗,这同你的身份不相称。

  more than:Nothing could satisfy him more than money.没有比钱更能满足他的东西了。

  15.Being Somebody《当名人》

  somebody:an important person名人;重要人物

  It is said that his father is somebody in the show business. 据说他的父亲是演艺界的大腕人物。

  He spoke as if he was somebody in the department. 他说话的样子好像他是系里了不起的人物似的。

  Cf.something:a thing or a person that thought to be important or worth noting有见地;有道理;了不起

  There's something in what the boy says. 那男孩子的话还真有道理。

  Christy has learned to write with his left foot.It's really something.克里斯蒂学会用左脚写字了,真了不起。

  You've done it,Chris.You're really something. 克里斯,你成功了。你可真了不起。

  17.Their accomplishments are still evident in our own day.

  Today we still see or feel what they achieved in the past.

  18.Today's celebrities,however,often do not become known for any enduring achievement.——But,today,people often do not become famous because they've achieved something (a great book,an invention,a discovery,a way of thinking,etc.) that will last or influence people for a long time.然而,当今的名人往往并不是由于他们所取得的成就而闻名。

  Be/become known for:to be/become famous because of

  Suzhou is known for its beautiful gardens. 苏州因其美丽的园林而闻名。

  He became known for a book he wrote when he was 17.他因17岁时写的一本书而出名。

  Cf.be known as:to be called,regarded as,looked upon as以——而著称

  In China,Suzhou and Hangzhou are known as “paradises on earth” 在中国,苏州和杭州被称为“人间天堂”。

  The girl has an unusually large vocabulary and is known as a “walking dictionary”。


  Singapore is known as a garden city.新加坡以花园城而闻名。

  19.The year before,that distinction went to President Carter's wife,Rosalynn.——The year before,the title / honour was given to President Carter's wife,Rosalynn./The year before,President Carter's wife,Rosalynn,won the honour.前一年,这个称号又送给了卡特总统夫人,罗萨琳。

  (prize,title,honour,property,etc.) go to sb./sth.:to be given to,awarded to,or inherited by sb.赠送给,授予

  The money they raised from the concert all went to the flooded area.举办音乐会所得款项全部捐赠给水灾地区。

  The title “The Best Woman Football Player of the Millenium” went to a Chinese,Sun Wen.


  The house was left to his son,and all the paintings went to his daughter.


  The 2000 Nobel Prize for Peace went to Kim Dae Chong. 2000年诺贝尔和平奖授予了金大中。

  20.The hero was distinguished by his accomplishment;the celebrity by his image or trademark.

  The hero was different from ordinary people because of what he had achieved;the celebrity differs from ordinary people merely because he is well-known.英雄因其成就而出众,而名流则因其形象或其特征而出名。