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  21.The hero created himself;the celebrity is created by the media

  The hero was admired for what he had hone for society;the celebrity bursts onto the scene through the work of the media.英雄因其成就而名,而名流则因媒体的宣传而出名。(英雄造就自己,媒体造就名流。)

  22.The hero was a big man;the celebrity is a big name.

  the hero was an outstanding man with excellent qualities;the celebrity is an average person with an enviable reputation.英雄是了不起的人物,名流是了不起的名声。

  23.Except for the attention they get from the media,these people are exactly like us.——If the media didn't give them so much attention,they wouldn't be any different from ordinary people.要不是媒体的关注,这些人和我们没什么两样。

  注意except 和except for的区别:

  except for:with the exception of (used to introduce the only thing or a person that prevent a statement from being completely true)


  The essay is excellent except for the conclusion. 这篇文章除结尾之外总体不错。

  Cf.All the essays are good except yours and John's. 除了你和约翰的文章之外,其他人的都不错。

  The whole class passed the test except for John. 全班除了约翰之外都通过了测试。

  Cf.We all passed the test except John. 除约翰之外我们都通过了测试。

  2) 所谈及的名词和除外的名词代表不同的类别时

  The country is not worth seeing,except for its temples. 那个国家除了寺庙之外没有什么值得游览的

  The road was deserted except for a few cars. 路上除了几辆轿车之外杳无人绝迹。

  Cf.All the roads are deserted except one. 除了一条路之外,其他路上行人绝迹

  24.Previously,men like Gould and Harriman,whose names everyone knew,could easily have passed through a crowd without being recognized.——In the past,when famous men like Gould and Harriman walked through a crowd,it was quite possible that people don't recognize them,though everyone knew of them.


  could have done sth.( could have done sth.)。(情态助动词could与完成时形式的动词不定式have done sth.连用)表示过去可能会发生但实际上没有发生的事情:

  You could have got a job last year. 你本来去年就可能会找到工作的。(实际上没有找到)

  Ten people were killed in the accident.They could have been saved.


  pass through:to go through a town,etc,stopping there for a short time but not staying

  25.The reproduction of photos in newspapers turned famous people into celebrities whose dress,appearance ,and personal habits were widely commented upon.——When famous people's photos appeared in newspapers,their outward features-their appearance,their clothes,and the way they carried themselves-began to attract public attention and get talked about,In this way these famous people gradually became celebrities.


  Turn…into…:to cause sth./sb.to become…使——成为;把——变成

  Her bitter experience has turned her into a strong woman. 痛苦的经历使她成了一个坚强的女人。

  The mobile medical team turned an old temple into a first-aid station.流动医疗队把一座古庙改造成了急救站。

  Comment on/upon:to give/express opinions about评论;议论

  The U.S.2000 presidential election has been much commented upon.


  I don't think it right to comment on people's private affairs. 我觉得议论别人的私事是不对的。

  26.Slowly,the focus of public attention began to shift away from knowing what such people did to knowing what they looked like.公众的注意力逐渐由了解这些人做了些什么转移到了了解他们长得是什么样子。

  Shift(away)from…to…:to change in emphasis,direction or focus:转移

  When the wind shifted from south to north,it began to get cold. 风向由南转北,天气变冷了。

  In the early 1960s,the emphasis of our country's economy shifted from heavy industry to light industry and agriculture.20世纪60年代初期,我国经济的重点工业转向轻工业和农业。

  look like:to have the appearance of看起来像

  The restaurant looks like a ship. 这家餐馆的外形像条船。

  From the way they treat each other they look like sisters. 她们亲昵的样子看起来像是姐儿俩。

  like 常与其他表示感官功能(如视觉、触觉、味觉、听觉等look like;feel like;smell like;sound like)的动词连用。

  In the middle of the night we were woken up by some noise.It sounded like a fight.


  The dish sells like fish,but tastes like beef. 这道菜闻起来像鱼,尝起来像牛肉。

  The material feels like silk. 这块料子摸起来像丝绸。

  27.With the arrival of television…

  Because we now have television…由于电视的出现

  with:because of having

  With a large family to support,he cannot afford a new coat this year


  With John away,we've got more room.


  With all the homework to do,I cannot go out this weekend.


  28.…than we did about most of the people we know personally.

  …than we know about most of the people we actually know.

  29.Less than seventy years after the appearance of the first moving pictures,the shift from hero-worship to celebrity-worship was complete.



  moving picture 的其他名称为:picture,motion picture,film,movie等。